Friday, September 26, 2008

Trigger points, Janet Travell and JFK

presidents physician
who is Janet Travell?
what is a trigger point?
why do you care?


because *everyone* experiences pain

Friday, September 05, 2008

satanists in South Africa

recently South Africa has been rocked by two criminals - one a serial rapist, Tsediso Letsoenya and the other, a schoolboy, murdering people with a sword. reading these stories - what struck me is that satanism emerged in both. Have a read...

The father and daughter story ends with just a scare - so if you feel hesitant to read - know that the outcome was not too tragic. Notice how he says he is working for a satanist. Also note the severe crime against nature that was attempted

Most people rationalise satanism away and perhaps it is used as an excuse; but let us ignore it at our own peril - afterall the NW0 is allegedly a satanic organisation.


satanism in SA

And so it begins....???

cheney lauds georgia
US aid for Georgia