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Russian Scientists: ‘We Could Face Cooling Period For 200-250 Years’

I’m Awake – Now What Do I Do?

The Dream of Seperation ...

Baby Dies after Routine Vaccination for Hep B, Polio, and DPT

Madeleine McCann: questions, questions, questions

The Biggest Atrocity

Hard to believe ... some advertisements that you won't see again (thank goodness)

Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)


John McCain: If We Don’t Invade Syria, They’ll Hate Us For Not Invading Them

Never Regret ...

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Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever


Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game. We found this out in recent months, when a series of related corruption stories spilled out of the financial sector, suggesting the world's largest banks may be fixing the prices of, well, just about everything.
You may have heard of the Libor scandal, in which at least three – and perhaps as many as 16 – of the name-brand too-big-to-fail banks have been manipulating global interest rates, in the process messing around with the prices of upward of $500 trillion (that's trillion, with a "t") worth of financial instruments. When that sprawling con burst into public view last year, it was easily the biggest financial scandal in history – MIT professor Andrew Lo even said it "dwarfs by orders of magnitude any financial scam in the history of markets."
That was bad enough, but now Libor may have a twin brother. Word has leaked out that the London-based firm ICAP, the world's largest broker of interest-rate swaps, is being investigated by American authorities for behavior that sounds eerily reminiscent of the Libor mess. Regulators are looking into whether or not a small group of brokers at ICAP may have worked with up to 15 of the world's largest banks to manipulate ISDAfix, a benchmark number used around the world to calculate the prices of interest-rate swaps

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DEMING: The real deniers of climate change


The Northern Hemisphere is experiencing unusually cold weather. Snow cover last December was the greatest since satellite monitoring began in 1966. The United Kingdom had the coldest March weather in 50 years, and there were more than a thousand record low temperatures in the United States. The Irish meteorological office reported that March “temperatures were the lowest on record nearly everywhere.” Spring snowfall in Europe was also high. In Moscow, the snow depth was the highest in 134 years of observation. In Kiev, authorities had to bring in military vehicles to clear snow from the streets.
Cold-weather extremes are a natural climatic variation, and this is exactly the point. If the world were experiencing a climate crisis owing to global warming, there shouldn’t be a single record low temperature anywhere in the world. The Associated Press has assured us, though, that this cold spell is not only consistent with a warming globe, it is actually caused by global warming. The proffered explanation is that cold weather in Europe is a result of melting sea ice in the Arctic. If this special pleading strikes you as unusually tendentious, it is all in the best tradition of explaining away ex post facto any weather event that appears to contradict the ruling paradigm.

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Fossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas, Swedish Researchers Find


What would happen if it were proven that "fossil fuels" weren't the result of decaying plant and animal matter, were actually created within the Earth due to simple chemistry and you could not be scared into believing that we were "running out" of oil and natural gas? Estimates of how much crude oil we have extracted from the planet vary wildly. As late as May of 2009 a report published in the International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology suggested that we may have used more than we think. The idea that we are running out of oil is not a new one. Scientists have told us that oil is a limited resource which was formed millions of years ago by the decaying vegetation and biomass of extinct species of plants and animals. With an estimated 1- trillion barrels of oil already extracted from deep wells since commercial drilling began around 1870, many predict that we are nearing the mid-point of remaining oil on the planet. But there have always been those who claim that oil is a natural substance that forms automatically in the Earth's mantle. They say that it is virtually everywhere, if you can drill deep enough to tap it.

17 Unanswered Questions About The Boston Marathon Bombing The Media Is Afraid To Ask

Forget Scientology, celebrities are now falling for an even more sinister 'religion': The Satanic sex cult that's snared Peaches

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Archie quotes



Taken from: sydney Daily Telegraph, Australia. 25/4/98

By Naomi Toy - Court Reporter

A father accused of killing his baby daughter by violently shaking her was yesterday found not guilty of manslaughter.

Scott Warren Walters, 28, was acquitted of the manslaughter of three-month-old Rikki-Lee after a Supreme Court Judge found that her death could have been caused by factors other than "shaking baby syndrome".

Acting Justice James Black said he was not satisfied that the evidence of two doctors who put forward other possibilities on the cause of Rikki Lee’s death should be rejected or was unreliable.

Mr. Walters, who was tried by Justice Black sitting without a jury, pleaded not guilty to manslaughter by an unlawful and dangerous act.

He maintained that when he put his baby down to sleep at his Bidwell home about 6pm on April 22, 1995, she was happy and healthy.

He told the court that he fell asleep and when he woke about four hours later Rikki-Lee was dead.

He tried to resuscitate her and cook her to a neighbour to call an ambulance but she could not be revived.

The court heard evidence from Mr. Walters’ friends and relatives, including the baby’s mother Karen Hoenstok, that he was "an excellent dad", "a mother and father all in one" and adored Rikki-Lee.

A post-mortem examination revealed that Rikki-Lee died as a result of a brain haemorrhage which the forensic pathologist said "the most likely cause in this case is due to shaking of the child".

Another doctor told the court that the range of injuries within the brain was "consistent with violent shaking way out ahead of any other possibility; in terms of percentages something like 99 per cent, something like that". But other medical evidence raised the possibility that the brain haemorrhage could have been caused by factors other than violent shaking.

Dr. Archivides Kalokerinos said a possible cause of Rikki-Lee’s death was "scurvy haemorrhages precipitated by pertussis [whooping cough) vaccine".

Another doctor Mark Donohoe said Rikki-Lee may have been suffering from a bleeding disorder which combined with other factors could have caused the haemorrhaging.

Also, an Australian TV channel covered this case. It reported that Scott Walters was cleared after Dr Kalakerinos and Dr Donohoe’s evidence convinced the judge that perhaps the obvious answer (shaking baby syndrome) was not the right one.

Dr Donohoe said: "The baby had an undiagnosed liver complaint. This liver disease was sitting like a time-bomb below the surface. One day this child was going to bleed and bruise very easily At some stage this was going to go off and the circumstances around this time were that we have a child that was somewhat sick, was vaccinated, and the vaccination placed one load on it’s immune system."

Dr Kalokerinos, who was also featured, echoed Dr Donohoe’s words:"So here we have a bottle-fed baby that was not really 100% since it was born, given antibiotics early in life. A baby that was vaccinated 3 days before it’s death and suffered a severe reaction to the vaccine."

US to double aid to Syria opposition

Five dead in Seattle shooting


Interview---- International Vaccine Newsletter June 1995

It is hardly necessary to introduce Dr. Kalokerinos. He is well known worldwide as the doctor who spent much of his time fighting for the wellbeing of the Aboriginal inhabitants of Australia. He is so much appreciated for his work and for his engagements that many, lovingly, call him ‘Archie’ He wrote down his experiences in the masterpiece "Every Second Child". Instead of being rewarded for doing so, he was harrassed and his methods were disregarded by the authorities, probably because they were too simple, too cheap and too efficacious to fit modem medical standards. And, besides, they were meant to protect a population which, in its own native county, is regarded by some as not worth taking the trouble for anyway. Dr. Kalokerinos thought differently. He pinpointed the increase in vaccination campaigns as the reason why, at a certain point, up to half of the vaccinated Aboriginal infants died, obviously from an acute vitamin C deficiency provoked by the vaccination.

Dr. Kalokerinos you started off as a convinced vaccinator when you were working with the Aboriginees, but then things happened. What have been your experiences with vaccinations?

At first it was just a simple clinical observation. I observed that many infants, after they received routine vaccines like tetanus, diptheria, polio, whooping cough or whatever, became ill. Some became extremely ill, and in fact some died. It was an observation, It was not a theory. So my first reaction was to look at the reasons why this happened. Of course I found it was more likely to happen in infants who were ill at the time of receiving a vaccine, or infants who had been ill recently, or infants who were incubating an infection. Of course in the early stages of incubation there is no way whatsoever that anyone can detect the disease. They turn up later on. Furthermore, some of the reactions to the vaccines were not those that were listed in the standard literature.

They were very strange reactions indeed. A third observation was that with some of these reactions which normally resulted in death I found that I could reverse them by giving large amounts of vitamin C intramuscularly or intravenously. One would have expected, of course, that the authorities would take an interest in these observations that resulted in a dramatic drop in the death rate of infants in the area under my control, a very dramatic drop. But instead of taking an interest their reaction was one of extreme hostility. This forced me to look into the question of vaccination further, and the further I looked into it the more shocked I became. I found that the whole vaccine business was indeed a gigantic hoax. Most doctors are convinced that they are useful, but if you look at the proper statistics and study the instance of these diseases you will realise that this is not so.

I think the most obvious example of the harm that vaccines can do is demonstrated by what happened in 75-76. I received a phone call from a politician who was elected to a position where he had some responsibility for Aboriginal health in the Northern Territory. This man had, in fact, been a patient of mine. He was concerned because the infant death rate in the Northern Territory had doubled in one year, and looked as if it was going to double again. There was no obvious explanation. I knew the Northern Territory fairly well, in fact I had walked over a lot of it, and could not see how this could be explained. I thought about it a lot, and as I traveled around the world I talked to people about it and asked questions and looked for advice. I came back to Australia and I went out to visit my mother, and staying with my mother at the time was my youngest brother who was a medical student, and he had with him a fellow medical student. I sat down with them and discussed the problem again, and I went through every factor that I new that could be responsible for making a child sick and resulting in a death. And one of the things that I did know a little bit about, not a lot then but I had some experience, was the fact that under certain circumstances these vaccines could be very dangerous. And I didn’t mention it. And when I finished I went into my car and I drove towards the city where I was staying at a hotel. Halfway there it just hit me like a bomb. When this politician rang me up he said in an endeavor to improve the Aboriginal mortality we stepped up the vaccination campaigns. And that is what had done it. They were actually immunising sick kids. The next day I took off by plane to go to the Northern Territory and I was excited by the realisation that at last I had the answer to the problem, but I was naturally concerned because I did not know how to communicate it. Well I went to the Northern Territory. No one would listen to it I was regarded as a total utter redbag. But I found that they were visiting the reservations, the outlying camps of Aboriginees in the desert, and if for some reason a mother didn’t want her child to be vaccinated they would simply grab the child and forcibly vaccinate it. I saw them chasing them on foot, and chasing them in Landrovers and grabbing the kids and vaccinating them. Now, a lot of these kids were terribly sick. They were malnourished and everything else. And if they survived the first vaccine, In a few weeks they would come back with booster shots. And then with more and more, and then they would come around with polio shots and so forth. It is a wonder that any kid survived really, not that the death rate had just doubled. It is a wonder that any one survived. So it was a pretty grim sort of situation, and it has never really been fully corrected.

The other thing of interest is that in 1977-78 there was an epidemic of a very peculiar disease in Naples, Italy. They called it the dark disease of Naples where infants and children would suddenly become unconscious without any special reason and autopsies would not really reveal a cause. Now this was just the sort of trouble I saw amongst Aboriginees. So, to make a long story short I went over with a "60 minute" television team, and we found that two thirds of the infants and children had upper respiratory tract infections, but one third of them had just been recently vaccinated with triple antigen including whooping cough vaccine. So my advice to the Italian doctors was to give the children vitamin C intravenously and to stop using the whooping cough vaccine. It was a peculiar situation because they would never admit as to whether or not they had given them the vitamin C. But I do know that they stopped using the whooping cough vaccine, because parents that I spoke to from Italy over the next four, five or even ten years told me that they could not obtain triple antigen for their children. They could only get the diphtheria and tetanus portion of the vaccine. This terrible, strange disorder has never recurred since I so there was a connection.

Perhaps the most infamous connection was when I was working up in the Gulf country of Australia and Cape York in 1976 and I observed in some Aboriginal communities where the Health department came around and vaccinated them against a particular brand of flu, that a lot of them just dropped dead shortly after receiving the vaccine. And I went to Alman, a man who was in his early twenties and I flew the bodies across to Cairns at the coast where the autopsies were performed, and apparently they had had heart attacks. And I had some further experiences in Townshall, a few weeks later, particularly with diabetics. Now it was strange that I was the only doctor in the whole of bloody Australia that recognised this combination of events, and yet it was happening all over Australia. But this is fairly typical of my work really that other doctors for some reason seemed to go around with their heads in the sand...

IVN: ... and there is plenty of sand in Australia...

Kalokerlnos: Plenty! A few months later I was in America when President Ford was about to vaccinate the entire population of America, every man, woman and child, black, white and brindle against swine flu, because some idiot had told him there was going to be a massive epidemic that was going to kill millions of people. And my views received considerable publicity. In fact I ended up appearing on Catty Cosby’s television program, and I said it would be mass murder and I specifically described how people who had heart problems could drop dead. There was a man watching the programme in New York who did not like a particular gentleman by the name of Gambino. Gambino was 69 years old and a mafia boss. He thought this is a great idea. So he got someone to persuade Gambino to have his flu shot and Gambino promptly dropped dead. The heading of the newspapers went something like "Mafia flu jab conspiracy". It was fairly obvious that the person who advised Gambino knew what would happen or was hoping that Gambino would drop dead. It caused a hell of a row. But President Ford said "I’ll settle all this", and he called a special news conference and in front of the whole of America rolled up his sleeve and had his shot Now there is no doubt he did not have swine flu vaccine. They would not have given it to him, no way! But then he invited all the news media people that were there to line up and have theirs. Only one man volunteered and he was the White House press secretary, the rest refused to have it. And of course the other part of the story, which is history now, is that people started to sue or drop dead in the buildings where they had received their injections. There have been several huge settlements, I think they are still going on now, haven’t finally been settled yet. President Ford passed a special act in Congress so that you couldn’t sue the manufacturers of the vaccine, you had to sue through the government.

So that was another thing. But I think the most serious event was really in the early seventies. I was in London and I heard they were going to vaccinate all the children of Africa against measles and the entire black population against smallpox. I knew the way they would carry out these campaigns and I knew that they would not use clean needles. I went to the BBC in London and tried to get on a programme with my views but of course they would not do it. And what I forecast happened. They did use dirty needles, they spread viral infections from one person to another and they continued to spread these viral infections in the vaccination needles for years. And of course that is how AIDS spread so rapidly in Africa. AIDS did not spread so rapidly in the black population of Africa simply because truck drivers were having sex with prostitutes and then giving it to their wives. Certainly that happened, but it did not explain the explosive outbreak of AIDS. AIDS was carried by dirty needles.

I will tell the story how I read the 1993 special edition of Scientific American. It is a prestigious scientific journal. September 1993 - a special edition on Immunology. There is a leading article in that journal about sir Gustav Nossal the famous Australian so called medical authority. He says what a wonderful thing these vaccines are in third world countries, because the kids no longer die from polio or diphteria. And to illustrate his point he has got a full colour page photograph of a Nigerian infant being vaccinated, and you would not believe it, using a non-disposable needle! This is in a country where the incidence of AIDS is terribly high, hepatitis B and you name it... There is no way you can sterilise these needles efficiently in practice. If I did that that sort of procedure at home in Australia I would be instantly deregistered and probably even jailed. Now why the ... (I was going to swear because it really makes me angry) are they allowing to continue this sort of practise in places like Africa just because they are blacks. I wrote a letter to several sources after reading that article and I said it was murder and genocide. And it is, but no one would print it. Now this is the worst state of affairs in this vaccine business today, where in Africa they are still using non-disposable needles for the vaccines. Now I ask you a simple question: would you go to Africa and receive a vaccine under those conditions? You would have to be off your head! I saw one patient who was touring around Africa and there was an epidemic of some sort of disease. They advised him to be vaccinated, so he was vaccinated. They used a dirty needle and gave him AIDS. He did not know he had it, came home and gave it to his wife and they are both dead! White Australians. Now, I don’t know what people are going to do but I think if we tolerate this sort of situation in Africa then we are guilty of some pretty terrible crime against humanity.

Are you suggesting that if they use clean, disposable needles there is not so much of a problem?

Kalokerinos: Well, of course, at least they would not be spreading disease in that fashion. I do not think they should vaccinate the kids anyway, and I can show some slides about measles and how they misrepresented the situation in Africa. You cannot immunise sick children, malnourished children, and expect to get away with it. You’ll kill far more children than would have died from the natural infection. There are other ways to deal with things like measles. If they gave them intramuscular or perhaps intravenous injections of vitamin C and a bit of other nutritional support then you can virtually forget about nine tenths of your problems. I would not say all of them because a lot of these kids are so sick and so malnourished, I mean, they are like vegetables and nothing is going to save them, let us face up to it. But the ordinary child who gets measles, even the child with a moderate degree of malnutrition and so forth, if you give intravenous vitamin C supplementary to other forms of treatment, the response very often, not always, is absolutely dramatic If you get them early enough. You must get them early. If you delay, and they have been unconscious let us say for days, or a day or two, you cannot reverse it. The damage is permanent. If you get them early, give them this treatment and there is no problem. And that makes me very, very angry, because they talk about "Oh, we must stop these kids getting measles" and so forth. Well, all right, I can fix them if they get measles.

: What about oral vitamin C as a preventive measure?

: As a preventive measure, yes. But when they get sick like that, they have to have it intravenously. Or, sometimes if they are not all that sick, you can get away with intramuscular shots, but really it has to be intravenously. I have witnessed dozens and dozens of times how kids sick from virus infections, how their responses are dramatic. Once again with the proviso, a very important proviso, that you get them early.

: So what is your final conclusion from your experience after so many years?

: My final conclusion after forty years or more in this business is that the unofficial policy of the World Health Organisation and the unofficial policy of ‘Save the Children’s Fund and almost all those organisations is one of murder and genocide. They want to make it appear as if they are saving these kids, but in actual fact they don’t. I am talking of those at the very top. Beneath that level is another level of doctors and health workers, like myself, who don’t really understand what they are doing. But I cannot see any other possible explanation: It is murder and it is genocide. And I tell you what: when the black races really wake up to what we have done to them they are not going to thank us very much. And if you want to see what harm vaccines do, don’t come to Australia or New Zealand or any place, go to Africa and you will see it there.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

"forced me to look into the question of vaccination further, and the further I looked the more shocked I became. I found that the whole vaccine business was indeed a gigantic hoax. Most doctors are convinced that they are useful, but if you look at the proper statistics and study the instances of these diseases you will realize that this is not so . . .
My final conclusion after forty years or more in this business [medicine] is that the unofficial policy of the World Health Organization and the unofficial policy of the 'Save the Children's Fund' and ... [other vaccine promoting] organizations is one of murder and genocide. . . . I cannot see any other possible explanation. . . . You cannot immunize sick children, malnourished children, and expect to get away with it. You'll kill far more children than would have died from natural infection."--Dr Kalokerinos (International Vaccine Newsletter June 1995)

The David Icke Newsletter, April 21st, 2013 THE 'F' WORD ...... FEAR

The David Icke Newsletter, April 21st, 2013

THE 'F' WORD ...

... FEAR
Hello all ...
Fear is defined as: 'An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat' and 'A feeling of agitation and anxiety caused by the presence or imminence of danger.'
By these criteria almost everyone is experiencing some level of fear - will I lose my job? Will my relationship end? Can I meet the rent? What will happen to my kids? You could fill a library with reasons that people find to fear and to feel agitated, anxious and unsettled.
When things are not okay people worry about what to do about that and when things are okay they worry about them becoming not okay. Catch 22, 34, 59, whatever number you like.
But when you look at the overwhelming majority of these endless sources of fear they are not triggered by what is happening, but by what could happen. The fear processes of the human body-mind don't know the difference between the two. Think of something that frightens you and your body and emotions will begin to respond as if it is real.
It is easy to see why. When you are actually experiencing something frightening the information is delivered by the senses to the brain and from there the body-mind is alerted to a perceived threat. When we think about something frightening the only difference is that one part of the brain delivers the information to itself and the same response mechanisms are fired into action.
Of course, when something is actually happening everything is heightened, but the basic principles are the same and such are the number of 'reasons to be fearful' that most people live their lives with what I call 'background anxiety'.

This is the uneasy feeling that is pretty much always there, but overlaid most of the time by focus on a task, a few drinks and anything that can fill the silence and avoid solitude. This is why so many people don't like silence. They have to switch on the TV when they walk in a room or the radio whenever they drive.
It has long been my view, as I have detailed in the books, that our energetic environment - what I call the Matrix - is encoded with frequencies that stimulate genetically-programmed background anxiety which is on constant alert to be triggered into full-blown fear and terror.
Fear is the prime medium of mass control and also energetic sustenance to the vampires of low-vibrational human emotion that ultimately dictate the human Control System. Christine Fitzgerald, the close friend of Princess Diana who I mentioned in a recent newsletter, had it right when she told me:
They are not going to come to you with hooked teeth and suck your blood. Fear is their food. They can actually take fear and manifest it into a tangible thing.
Fear is the foundation of all human control because (a) it gives energetic power to the manipulators and (b) people overcome by fear will agree to anything they believe will protect them from whatever they fear - including the deletion of their freedoms.
The technique that I call Problem-Reaction-Solution where you create a problem and then offer the solution only works because in the middle there is the reaction of fear and anxiety that either demands that 'something must be done' or allows 'solutions' to be introduced that would otherwise be opposed.
Wherever you look, fear is the key to control and so rising above fear must be the key to freedom.
What happened in Boston this week is another example of the manipulation of fear to secure a desired end - the dilution of public opposition to the further expansion of the Orwellian police state.
Whatever the fine detail of what happened it is clear as can be that yet another police/military 'practice drill' was involved that mirrored and covered the actual event ... the same as with 9/11,the London bombings, the Madrid train bombings, the Oslo bombing, Sandy Hook and so on. See the article and pictures later in this newsletter.
The idea is to manipulate fear to manipulate perception. Malcolm X, the American Muslim minister and human rights activist assassinated in 1965, said:

They have already demonised the Islamic world to the extent that many people are instantly suspicious of anyone with a brown face and they are now turning the focus on those who challenge and expose the Orwellian agenda. In both cases fear is once again the front line weapon of choice.
Bombings in public places are designed to glean maximum fear and anxiety from the target population. If something happens in an out-of-the-way location, especially overseas, it does not have the 'this-could-happen-to-me' factor that the purveyors of evil are looking for.
The effect is at arm's length, almost like watching a movie, and not tangible as a potentially personal experience; but choose a school or the finish line of a sporting event and you have the 'me and mine' factor that most powerfully triggers the 'Oh my God, protect me' response.
Psychologist and science journalist Daniel Goleman described an emotional state in his 1996 book, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, which he dubbed the 'amygdala hijack'. This is when the emotional reaction to a situation is out of all proportion to the perceived threat and the fear response mechanisms overwhelm - hijack - the thinking mind.

The amygdala plays a central role in response and memory related to emotional events and what follows an amygdala hijack is the reaction known as fight or flight which causes people to either attack what they fear or run away from it.
This is also known as the fight-flight-or-freeze response and the latter comes from the animal programs within human genetics that respond to danger by standing frozen-still or playing dead so they either won't be noticed or be left alone.
The three stages of an amygdala hijack are usually described as a strong emotional reaction; sudden onset; and often a realisation that the reaction was not appropriate to the situation - 'I don't know what got into me.'

An amygdala hijack is normally perceived as an instant response to a situation that dies down pretty quickly when the thinking brain or neocortex kicks in and brings a calmer consideration and perception of the circumstances. It is the neocortex that says 'Oh my goodness what was I thinking?' Er, you weren't, that was the problem.
Mark Twain said that a lie can be half way around the world before the truth gets its boots on and that can be the relationship between the thinking mind and the emotions in the midst of an amygdala hijack. One reason for this is that the amygdala is always like the sprinter kneeling in the blocks while the neocortex is sitting with its feet up reading a book - focussed on thinking and not reacting.
Once an emotional starting pistol goes bang the amygdala is off down the track while the neocortex says 'what was that noise?' And what keeps people in that emotionally 'set' position is a constant barrage of perceived potential dangers - 'physical', financial, personal, whatever.
Instead of having a gun in your holster in case of a threat it is permanently in your hand with the trigger cocked and so when a Problem-Reaction-Solution scenario is played out most of the population is already primed because of what I will call a state of 'amygdala standby'.
You can liken this to being in a dark house that is said to be haunted and you jump or freeze when you hear a noise that normally wouldn't bother you. The amygdala standby, using the sprinter analogy, is permanently in a state of 'on your marks', even 'set', because of all the fear stimuli that it has to scan and assess in a world where the most abundant emotions - by design - are anxiety and fear.

When you look at the character traits and responses generated by the amygdala you can immediately appreciate why it is such a target for the Shadow People behind the structure of society and its social engineering. It is pivotal (though not exclusive) in triggering a state of fear and people with a malfunctioning amygdala have been known to have no fear in situations when that would normally be the response.
The amygdala has also been related to anxiety, aggressive behaviour, alcoholism and even sexual orientation. Homosexual men tend to have more female patterns in the amygdala than heterosexual males and the same with homosexual women in terms of male patterns.
The amygdala works in association with the reptilian brain and this combination is at the core of mass manipulation through fear.

The reptilian component is said to be the oldest part of the human brain and relates to repeating and predictable patterns of behaviour (which is why the reptilian hybrids are so obsessed with repeating ritual), reacting without conscious thought (see amygdala) and fear of not surviving in all its forms - physical, financial, personal and so on. You can see how closely the reptilian brain and the amygdala are connected.
This cartoon captures the reptilian brain perfectly ...

The reptilian brain-amygdala combination (I will call it the RBA) is the stadium in which the global conspiracy is played. If the bloodlines and Shadow People don't control this arena then they don't control us, end of story, and this is why society is specifically structured to target both of them all day every day.
As people awaken to awareness beyond body-mind the RBA alliance loses its power - especially when an awareness of our eternal nature sets us free from the fear of death and brings the realisation that this whole 'Earth' deal is only an illusion that we are manipulated to interpret as solid and 'real'.
This self-realisation is happening to ever greater numbers of people and the Control System is working harder than ever before to present us with endless reasons to fear that will return us to RBA domination.
One expression of this process is known as 'future shock' - 'the physical and psychological distress suffered by one who is unable to cope with the rapidity of social and technological changes'; but the shocks are far from only social and technological. They include staged attacks like the one at the Boston marathon.
In fact, it is the Boston-type, 9/11-type shock that activates the Problem-Reaction-Solution which brings about 'the physical and psychological distress suffered by one who is unable to cope with the rapidity of social and technological changes' because the shock is used as the excuse to rapidly change society.
Once again the response is overwhelmingly based on what could happen and not on what is happening. The system only has to sacrifice a relatively few (did happen) to enslave the emotions of the vast majority (could happen).
Three people died and some 170 were injured in the Boston attack but most of the American population of more than 300 million will have had their perceptions of public events and places transformed by the thought of what could happen to them and their families.
For every child killed in a school shooting there are millions of parents who drop off their children at school every morning with a new anxiety to be added to all the others. The 'could happen' mentality is incredibly powerful in locking people into amygdala standby and denying them peace of mind - peace of emotion.
It is also crucial to generating public support, or at least diluting opposition, to new 'security' and 'protection' measures that further advance the Orwellian state. This is not based on calm and considered thought because that is not the field of emotion. Emotions don't think, they react, as in Problem-Reaction-Solution.

The mainstream media is vital to the manipulation of perception through the manipulation of emotion. Here we have the word again - perception. The reality of a situation is not what matters to the social engineers, but the perception of it. The reptilian brain-amygdala doesn't know the difference between reality and perception and because of this social engineering is seriously effective.
The forces that wish to disarm Americans for their own fascistic reasons lost a vote in the Senate this week and now they and their lapdog 'president' are having to rethink how they impose gun laws that are central to the military takeover that is planned at some point.
The gun law campaign has been founded on blatantly-staged mass shootings in locations once deemed safe by the public - places such as schools and universities - in pursuit once again of the 'this could happen to me and my kids' perception of reality.
Yet how likely is it to happen?

A Department of Justice memo leaked to the US National Rifle Association said: 'Assault weapons are not a major contributor to gun crime ... a complete elimination of assault weapons would not have a large impact on gun homicides.' The memo, written by Greg Ridgeway, Deputy Director of the National Institute of Justice, a research, development and evaluation agency of the Department of Justice, also said:
Fatalities from mass shootings (those with 4 or more victims in a particular place and time) account on average for 35 fatalities per year. Policies that address the larger firearm homicide issue will have a far greater impact even if they do not address the particular issues of mass shootings.
So there you have the official figure - 35 fatalities on average a year from mass shootings with four or more victims and even then the major ones like Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine, Wisconsin and so on are clearly staged by the military-Intelligence networks to justify ever more gun control.
The number of people killed on the roads of America: one every 13 minutes or 155 a day and many of them are children. Where is the outrage about that compared with the demonising of gun owners? I wish there were no guns at all, but while the US government increasingly arms its police with military weaponry the last thing we need is an unarmed population.

Some 3,000 people were killed in the attacks of 9/11, but hundreds of thousands die every year in America alone because of Big Pharma drugs and medical error. Why don't we have uniforms in place at every hospital and drug store checking for drug reps and doctors? They kill and maim infinitely more people than terrorists, even government ones which comprise nearly all of them.
Yet the manipulation of perception through emotion means that so many accept more imposition on their lives and basic freedoms to protect them from terrorism while racing to the doctor whenever their health takes a dip.
We have a situation in Wales where children and young people have been lining up for the MMR vaccine that many of their parents had previously rejected after Dr Andrew Wakefield published research suggesting a possible link between the triple jab and autism (the figures for which have soared since mass vaccination - see video after this article).
The near-panic to get vaccinated has been caused by a measles outbreak in the city of Swansea and other locations in South Wales and this is being blamed on the lack of immunisation with the MMR because of the 'Wakefield scare'.
They blame Wakefield when they could easily have given the three vaccinations separately and not all at once because it was the combination on which Wakefield's research was based. But they didn't because no doubt there is an adverse effect caused by the three together that is different to when they are spaced apart.
At the time of writing measles cases in the area have passed 800 and while they are pointing the figure at the lack of vaccination the authorities are not telling us how many vaccinated children have succumbed to the disease.
Given that most children are vaccinated the percentage must be high. So why were they not protected? Why did my son Jaymie have no childhood diseases after not being vaccinated while his school friends did? Why do other unvaccinated children I know have the best record at their school for the fewest days off for ill health?

Standing in line to be poisoned in South Wales and have their immune systems assaulted and undermined for life.
But when the starting gun is fired by the propaganda of fear, in this case about the dangers of measles, the reptilian brain/amygdala has no time for rational thought and calm assessment of the claims and evidence. The only word in their collective vocabulary is ...

The controversy and re-evaluation of childhood vaccines in the light of the Wakefield revelations was a potentially massive blow for the vaccine industry and they have been working to put the public back to sleep ever since.
They and the medical authorities viciously targeted Wakefield personally and he was struck off the Medical Register in May 2010 and barred from practicing medicine in the UK. All week the media and the authorities (same thing largely) have been repeating over and over that Wakefield's research has been 'thoroughly discredited', but has it?
Wakefield has for sure in the public mind, but his research? How can anyone trust what mainstream 'science' and 'medicine' says about anything when it is dominated by Big Pharma and Big Biotech? Wakefield was a warning to all potential whistleblowers about what happens when you try to buck the system.
Now we have the scare in Wales and parents who previously rejected the MMR are lining up with their kids. What happened? The system got to the RBA by scaring the pants off them. Marion Lyons, director of health protection for Public Health Wales, said:
'We can't bring this outbreak to an end unless the parents of unvaccinated children either arrange vaccination with their GP, call into one of the weekend drop-in sessions or ensure that if their child attends a school where vaccinations are being offered they have signed a consent form for them to be vaccinated.'
This is utter nonsense. What brings outbreaks to an end are immune systems overpowering the threat and that process is actually undermined by the deluge of chemical toxins that still developing immune systems are swamped with from birth on top of all the other poisons in food and drink.
But don't tell that to the RBA - it simply isn't interested. It just gets in line and rolls up its sleeve. Phew, safe again.

I have been saying for years that the reptilian brain and other fear and survival centres like the amygdala are fundamental to the system of human control via perception control and the more I observe the more obvious this becomes.
It is important to know this because instead of just trying to stay calm in an emotional situation you can focus your mind on the very parts of the brain from where the reactions are being generated. The more specific the focus the more powerful and effective it will be in regaining conscious control of these panic buttons.
It is certainly worth trying next time the RBA kicks in to focus your attention on these central points of emotional neurosis and consciously calm them. There are times that fight or flight can save your life when the response is in sync with the situation that you face, as with the reptilian brain smashing on the brakes or swerving past a truck, but most of the time the emotional panic is way over the top and unnecessary.
Taking control of these reactions, as opposed to the reactions controlling us, can make the difference between living life and life living you.



Archie Kalokerinos M.D.

In 1976 I was working in the far north of Australia amongst Aborigines. I observed, in one community of only a few hundred people, when they were given the flu vaccine (probably the Victorian strain but this detail does not really matter because nobody outside a few selected individuals really knows what is in any particular batch), six men died suddenly soon afterwards. They were not all 'old’. One was in his early twenties. A few weeks later, in another community I found that individuals with heart or potential heart problems or diabetes were particularly likely to drop dead soon after being given the vaccine.

Obviously, there was a problem with some batches of the flu vaccine.

A few months later I was in America. President Ford had been told by his health advisers that there was going to be a huge epidemic of ‘swine flu’, that this could kill may thousands and the only way to prevent this catastrophe was to vaccinate the entire population of America – every man woman and child - with a specific vaccine.

So the vaccine was manufactured and the biggest vaccination campaign in history was begun. I was concerned because the vaccine could not be properly tested in a short period. None of the recipients would know anything about what they were being injected with and the chances were that many would die suddenly. Furthermore, it was extremely unlikely that an epidemic of swine flu would occur. So I spoke out. At first the newspapers got hold of what I said and headlined, ‘Australian Physician Call It Mass Murder’. Then I appeared on Kathy Crosby’s television program.

Watching that was a man in New York who did not like a gentleman named Gambino the Mafia boss. Gambino was about 70 years old and had a history of heart problems. It was a simple matter to get someone to persuade Gambino to have the flu shot and Gambino obliged by dropping dead. The newspapers got it right when they stated, ‘Mafia Flu Jab Conspiracy’.

People were dropping dead in the buildings where they received their shots. Others became paralyzed. The whole program ground to a halt.

President Ford decided to settle the matter quickly. In front of the whole world, on television, he rolled up his sleeve and ‘had his shot’. I claimed at the time that he was given a ‘dud’ shot and I am certain that this was actually done. Then President Ford invited all the news media men and women who were milling around to line up and have their shots. Only one man volunteered and he happened to be the White House press secretary. All the others refused the invitation.

There was not a single case of swine flu. There never was going to be an epidemic of swine flu. How was it that the world’s most powerful man with the world's greatest department of health got it all so wrong? No one really knows the answer but what ever it is it is certainly not clean and tidy.

Furthermore, as far as I know I was the only practicing doctor who spoke out against it and warned about almost certain consequences. How was it that a doctor with only basic qualifications and not even the possessor of American citizenship stood out alone? There was at least one researcher, Anthony Morris, who did try to speak out but he was at the time censored and censored very hard.

This, therefore, is a classical example of how only one man got it right and everyone else got it wrong. This is an important consideration because, when the subject of vaccines is discussed the fact that the vast bulk of the medical establishment states that something is so it is not, in reality, necessarily so. If the establishment can get something so vast and important as the swine fiu vaccine campaign so wrong then it is logical to reason that they could also get a lot of other things wrong. At least it gives reasons to doubt what the establishment claims to be fact. If doctors and members of the general public considered this fewer errors would be made and fewer individuals would suffer unnecessarily.

Everybody ...


Measles: Make MMR jab mandatory' call by US 'expert'. Oh really, so who is this 'expert' given airtime by the BBC to promote Big Pharma products?

Friday, April 19, 2013

‘US using al-Qaeda as infantry in Syria’

‘Obama’s job approval rating hits lowest’

‘FSA raped, killed young woman in Syria’

‘Japan provokes tensions over islands’

‘Two Gaza rockets hit southern Israel’

UK troops tortured, hanged Iraqi teen

Boston suspects not linked to Chechnya

Sarkozy probed over Gaddafi funding

Bahrainis demand cancellation of F1 race

‘US may be preparing for attack on Syria’

Smart Meters – Big Brother In The Home

The Number One Way ...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kingpins and Cutouts, Aliens and Hybrids

Israel’s Day of Shame

100 Critical Points About 9/11

Netanyahu Prolongs Law Banning Mixed Marriages

byRoi Tov

Most Israelis do not understand the concept of illegitimate laws. A law may pass through all the tedious processes of legislation. It may be approved by the Knesset Legislation Committee, and afterwards by the Knesset’s General Assembly. It may be published by “Reshumot” (Israel’s official publication announcing new laws) and afterwards be brutally enforced by civil servants. Everything may look “kosher” on paper, and still the law can be illegitimate, demanding automatic disobedience by the public. No government can pass a law violating Human Rights, which are International Law since 1994. No government operating under the Criminal Law system can legislate laws claiming to prevent a future crime. Not even Netanyahu’s Government can. Yet, he did just that.

Israeli Government Session, April 14, 2013

Not in Israel

Netanyahu’s new government is accelerating; yesterday we learned that its legislative committee is moving rightwards. Today, during its weekly meeting (Israel’s regular Government meetings take place on Sundays in a thinly disguised insult to the State’s Christian citizens), Minister of Interior Gideon Sa’ar proposed to prolong the “Citizenship Law” (formally “Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Temporary Order) 5763″ from July 31, 2003) of the State of Israel, which dates in its actual version back to September 2005. From the days of its 2003 version, it has been temporarily approved by the Israeli government every year. In 2006, five judges of the High Court of Justice stated that the law contravened the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Freedom and that it must be removed from the law books.

Yet, it has been extended in an extra-parliamentary fashion every year since then. In January 2012, the Supreme Court rejected several requests to stop the prolongations and nullify the law. Today, Netanyahu approved the motion, and the government voted in its favor. The prolongation of a temporary law by the government renders Parliament useless. If criticized, the government would claim, “it is a temporary arrangement, we are working on this.”

Government Session, April 14, 2013

Why the “Citizenship Law” is illegitimate?

The Citizenship Law expands the Law of Return, a racist monster giving automatic citizenship to every Jew arriving in Israel, despite the question “Who is a Jew?” having never been answered by the Knesset. Since the Citizenship Law also regulates entry to Israel, it includes clauses regarding family reunification, in other words defines that the foreign spouse of a citizen is granted citizenship. Is that bad?

That was the acceptable and legal part of the law. However, part of it is illegitimate since it makes citizens of Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, the West Bank and Gaza Strip ineligible for the automatic granting of Israeli citizenship and residency permits, unless they are Jews. The law stipulates that the Minister of Interior does not have the authority to approve Israeli residence for a resident of Judea and Samaria, unless they are Jewish settlers. This is so even regarding marriage, when it comes to Palestinian spouses who are younger than 35 (men) or 25 (women). The law prevents young Israeli citizens (supposedly Palestinian-Israelis) from marrying the spouse of their choice and living in Israel if the latter is a Palestinian from the West Bank or Gaza.

The problem is acute. Last month, a group of Palestinian women (from Israel and Palestine) victims of Israel’s family reunification policies sent letters to female Members of the Knesset asking for help. The most senior response came from Zehava Galon, who after the government decision said: “Minister Sa’ar continues the inhuman policy of his predecessor, Eli Yishai. Defining all Palestinians a ‘security threat’ is an act of racism that discriminates against citizens according to their ethnic and religious background.” MK Galon was among those who had requested the nullification of the Citizenship Law in the past.

Since it was amended in 2005 until 2010, 632 requests of citizenship were rejected by the Court, on the grounds that the petitioners may use their new status to become terrorists with easier access to Israel. The Court assumes precognition, and then violates the right of people to get married. The least we can do, is to demand from these superhuman Israeli Judges, Batmen of the State, to disclose their wondrous powers. How exactly do they achieve precognition?

Israel operates according to Criminal Law, also known as Penal Law, the law pertaining to crimes and punishment. The laws comprising this topic regulates the definition of offences found to have a sufficiently deleterious social impact and impose punishments on them. However, the law cannot impose restrictions on society that physically prevents people from committing a crime in the first place. This renders the current Citizenship Law illegitimate.

In March 2013, a woman known only under the pseudonym “Wahidi,” requested the Beer Sheva Court to annul a horrific decision against her by the Israeli Administration. She was born in Rehovot, Israel, to Jewish parents, converted to Islam, married a Palestinian man and moved to Gaza. Before entering Gaza, she was asked to give back her Israeli ID (the “blue” internal passport shown even to enter a shopping mall; the request had been illegal). The Palestinian Authority issued her a document of its own, but this is not good enough for her to visit her mother. The Israeli answer was to request her to pass a DNA-test every time she wishes to enter Israel. The Court has still to respond to another terror act of false precognition performed by the government paying the judges’ salaries. The woman is probably doomed. This is nothing but State Terror. There is no precognition.

About to begin my 12th year of exile and after have been brutally maimed, I have no expectations from the State of Israel or from its citizens; they are beyond redemption. Yet, I want to ask my American readers, how can you support a government openly acting beyond the limits of International Law and human legal systems? How can you support a regime openly legislating racist laws? Would you accept being discriminated against by your own government? If not, why do you accept others behaving in such a criminal way? Don’t trust my words, even Jewish Members of the Knesset define Israeli law as racist. Israel would not be able to commit these crimes without the financial support of the American government, which by doing that becomes an accomplice of racism.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Pat Robertson Warns Americans About Not Supporting Israel
There is absolutely no evidence God gave real estate to anyone, including the Hebrews/Jews. This myth was created by the ancient Hebrews/Jews as a psychological weapon to use while stealing their neighbor’s lands.

Abusers 'prey on disabled and vulnerable'

'Evidence of Syrian chemical attack found'
Here we go

Tighten kid flu jab tests, experts say

Teens ejected from bus for racist abuse

Blast rocks JFK library in Boston

Boston Marathon explosions: Two dead and at least 64 injured in blasts near finish line

Be the Change

If You Think ...

Keep Telling Yourself ...

CNN Criticised For Using This Picture of Margaret Thatcher

Why Do The London Police Have Such A Vendetta Against Two People Who Simply Wish To Protest Against The Death And Destruction Imposed On The World By The British Government?

We will Take ...

Did You Know ...

I'm Really Upset ...

Weare in a Country and a World ...


Meanwhile at the Pentagon

Football and Beer ...

You are a Prisoner ...

What You're Told ...

The Sequester ...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The David Icke Newsletter, April 7th, 2013 MUSING ON A CRAZY WORLD ...... WHICH THINKS IT'S SANE

The David Icke Newsletter, April 7th, 2013

Hello all ...

It has been one of those weeks for me when a quote from Jiddu Krishnamurti, the Indian speaker and writer, came to mind many times: 'It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.'
But that is what I see all the time - people well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society and as the quote in the headline says: Insanity is a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world.
We have had a story running in Britain for the last week or so about a football manager called Paolo Di Canio. He is a former player in this country who went on to manage a lower-league club, Swindon Town. But then he was hired by Sunderland in the Premiership and suddenly what had not been a major problem and hardly ever mentioned became a national story.
Di Canio had made the fascist salute during a match when he played for Lazio in Italy and had described his political views in terms that he was 'a fascist, not a racist' in 2005. He has also said that Italian dictator Benito Mussolini was 'basically a very principled, ethical individual' who was 'deeply misunderstood'.

Now in my world, although I profoundly disagree with him, he has a right to those views so long as he doesn't force them and the consequences on anyone and there is absolutely no evidence of that. They are just his views and he's a football manager, not standing for Parliament or starting a political movement.
The media storm over Di Canio's appointment as manager of Sunderland in the North East of England was triggered by the resignation from the club in protest by non-executive vice-chairman David Miliband, the brother of Ed Miliband, the leader of the opposition Labour Party.
There are very strained relations between brothers David and Ed because David thought that he was a certainty to be elected leader of the Labour Party until Ed joined the contest and won by a short head. Not that he had one; I mean the vote was close.

David Miliband, who has been the Member of Parliament for South Shields where so many are in dire economic straits, had been paid £125,000 for 15 days work by the nearby Sunderland Football Club (supported by the said struggling local people) which he had joined in 2011.This is the equivalent of £42,000 a week or more than £2 million a year and exceeded what top earners actually playing in the team were taking home.
This is shocking alone and given that he has earned a million pounds as an 'advisor' and through the political public speaking circuit since 2010 on top of his considerable parliamentary salary would it have been too much for him, as a leading member of the alleged 'party of the people', to have donated his Sunderland money, or even part of it, to a local food bank feeding his hungry constituents?
David Miliband resigned in protest at the views expressed eight years ago by Di Canio, a football player and manager who has done nothing to put what he believes into political practice. Miliband, the 'man of principle', wanted to make a statement (he is moving to America anyway) that he abhorred fascism - not least as a member of a Jewish Marxist family whose mother lived in mainland Europe during the Nazi era.
Yes, very principled. But wait. Isn't this the same David Miliband, a British Foreign Secretary and former close advisor to Tony Blair, who supported the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq which killed and maimed for life millions of civilians based on lies?; is this the same man who taped his mouth and sat on his hands in the face of the ever-unfolding genocide against Palestinians by Israel when as Foreign Secretary he could have loudly and continually condemned and exposed what is happening?
It surely is.

The same David Miliband who resigned very publicly in protest at the views some years ago of a football manager who, to my knowledge, has never voted to bomb and slaughter anyone. I may not agree with Di Canio's views, but I know which of the two has done most to put fascism into practice and who therefore is the greater danger to the world.
Miliband will not for a second see this gross hypocrisy because he is well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society. To him, his support for mass murder in faraway countries cannot be equated with fascism and nor can what Israel is doing daily to Palestinians.
His brain is firewalled from such connections, but when someone voices support for an officially-labelled fascist like Mussolini he can thrust his nose in the air in profound indignance. Being well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society means to equate bombing civilian targets with a legitimate action to advance the principles of the 'free world'. Profound sickness becomes their version of normal and rational.
If you are born into a madhouse and you grow up there knowing nothing else then the happenings in the madhouse become your version of normal. Tell someone in this situation that what is happening is madness and they will call you mad. This is how so many perceive world events and their daily lives.
The Miliband firewall is holding nicely as he embarks on his new job in America - one wonders if the Sunderland resignation would have been quite so immediate if he wasn't leaving the country anyway.
Miliband has just announced his resignation as a Member of Parliament to take up a richly-rewarded job - figures of close to half a million dollars a year have been mentioned - as head of the New York-based 'charity', International Rescue Committee (IRC)

This 'charity' ironically wrote to him in 2007 when he was British Foreign Secretary to complain at his government's 'very weak performance' in dealing with the refugee crisis in Iraq. The letter, also signed by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the Refugee Council, said:
'We would urge you to work alongside your colleagues in the Home Office and the Department for International Development to push for a much more robust recognition of the UK's obligations to all persecuted Iraqis, both as an active party in Iraq and as a signatory of the 1951 Refugee Convention.'
Now the IRC have hired Miliband at great expense to run their vast worldwide operation. I have been writing charity as 'charity' in respect of International Rescue Committee because when you see the characters involved this, at the very least, is not going to be only a 'charity'.
The IRC board of overseers includes four former US Secretaries of State - Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice - plus former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and Elie Wiesel, the Transylvanian-born Jewish-American writer, professor and political activist. IRC is also supported by corporate giants such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Pepsi, Intel and McKinsey and so on.

Rice and Powell ... they care so much.

Well, well. I am so glad that the 'charity' is in the hands of such life-long lovers of peace, fairness, children, the poor and oppressed. Phew. I mean, think if the personnel did not have their values.

Madeleine Albright is one of these campaigners for the right of life and health for all children. It was she who was asked when Secretary of State in the Bill Clinton administration if she felt that the half a million children who had died (more than in Hiroshima) because of her government's sanctions against Iraq were 'worth it'. She replied: '... we think the price is worth it.'
Here are Albright, Kissinger, Powell and Rice who have made decisions costing the lives of tens of millions since the 1970s when Kissinger was Secretary of States to Richard Nixon and they have together devastated the Near and Middle East, South East Asia and a shocking list of the poorest peoples on Earth.
These people are overseers of a global charity supposedly dedicated to helping the world's poor and oppressed? Expressions of evil like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan who have caused death, poverty and misery to untold multitudes by their manipulation of the financial system want to help the poor and needy?
As my mother used to say - 'I am not as green as I am cabbage looking.'

The IRC empire.

IRC operates in 40 countries with 14,000 employees in 270 diplomatic offices and 22 American cities. It boasts of its rapid response to 'humanitarian disasters' with an arrival time of within 72 hours. Having your feet on the ground first can be good for the victims, but also good for those who want to take control of the situation right from the start.
Getting on for half of IRC's funding comes from US government grants, 27 per cent from oversees governments, 11 per cent from the United Nations and the rest from private donations. Its income in 2010 is reported to have been $325,813,000.
IRC is government funded and so an arm of government, has major government representatives and politicians in its ranks, including now David Miliband, and gets to humanitarian disasters within 72 hours while working in countries all over the world. Is it any surprise that researchers have connected this operation to the CIA?
Author Eric Thomas Chester tells in Covert Network: Progressives, the International Rescue Committee, and the CIA how the IRC evolved from a small organisation of committed activists to a global operation functioning as one link in the CIA's covert network. It makes sense of the personnel, that's for sure.
Miliband will arrive in September to head an organisation with 'overseers' who, like himself, supported and/or manipulated invasions of countries like Afghanistan and Iraq which caused the very humanitarian disasters that the IRC says it is dedicated to addressing.
Insanity is a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world.
Talking of which ...

I have had Professor Richard Dawkins from Oxford University on my radar for a long time because of his blanket condemnation of anyone who promotes a version of reality that is different from his own and seeks to trash alternative ways of healing at every opportunity. You can see from the above quote where this chap is coming from.
Mainstream 'science' to Dawkins is the cutting edge of knowledge and so anything that challenges its dogmas must by definition be wrong. I have dubbed him Dogma Dawkins for this reason and he has presented a number of television programmes about what he calls 'pseudo-science' and alternative methods of healing with the goal of making them look silly.
He also struts around condemning religion while not seeing that he is the High Priest of his own religion of Scientism. His god is the mainstream science 'norm' and what is referred to as the 'scientific method' or 'evidence-based science'.
What religions do is ignore any evidence that challenges the belief-foundation of the religion and condemn anyone who does not believe its dogma as misguided, even an infidel or enemy of God.
The Dawkins quote 'you cannot be both sane and well-educated and disbelieve in evolution' is just another version of 'you cannot disbelieve in my version of God and go to heaven and be saved.' But this week another Dawkins quote took my eye and continues the theme of being well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. A review of his book, The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True, said:
'Dawkins believes in absolute reality. He does not believe that reality is malleable. Dawkins admits his understanding of quantum mechanics is foggy and so declines to delve very far into that topic.'
Let me get this straight. An Oxford 'professor' who attacks, ridicules and vilifies those who have a different version of reality to him believes in 'absolute reality' while at the same time saying that his 'understanding of quantum mechanics [which proves that it is not absolute] is foggy' and decline to delve very far into that topic.
You are kidding me. What is that if not pseudo-science? This is how left-brain prisoners sit in their perception cells while believing they are free-thinking and intelligent. How can you be an Oxford University professor and take the chair of Public Understanding of Science from1995 until 2008 and say that your understanding of quantum mechanics is foggy while dogmatically pontificating on the nature of reality?

If this were only his view, as with Paolo di Canio, there would not be a problem, but he is teaching young people and the next generation of scientists and he is held up as some sort of expert on what is and is not 'real'.
Dawkins has done tremendous damage over the years for the credibility of alternative almost everything although the tide is now fast turning against him and others of his ilk like Christopher French, Professor of psychology at Goldsmiths College, University of London. French is also the Editor-in-Chief of The Skeptic magazine in the UK which is the propaganda arm of the concrete mind.
These people have become well-adjusted to a pseudoscientific dogma that excludes even a discipline within its own ranks - quantum mechanics and the study of the sub-atomic world. Their flawed perception of the reality (it has to be flawed by the very definition of not including quantum revelations) is like an addiction to them.
They cannot conceive of anything else and this is what the Skeptic, or Septic, Society is really all about - defending a view of reality that excludes quantum physics. It is the very definition of pseudo-science and what they call the 'scientific method' or 'evidence-based science' is not all the possible evidence, but only that produced within the rigid parameters of what they decide is evidence.
They talk about repetition of (often rigged) results in scientific 'experiments', peer reviews and 'empirical evidence' but fail to see that this has parked them in a cul-de-sac when it comes to understanding reality and has delivered endless horrors upon human society including genetically-modified 'food', thalidomide and a stream of other health-destroying, mind-destroying drugs, vaccines, potions and poisons.

Nothing can be credible without encompassing the quantum realm because that is the information blueprint from which the holographic 'physical' world is projected and so anything that focuses only on the projection - the body as we see it - can only ever treat the symptom not the cause. Do you change a movie on the screen or on the DVD?
This Stone Age 'science' can also wreak mayhem within the body blueprint in the same way that your car engine would be a heap of junk if you gave someone clueless about mechanics a bag of tools and free reign to do what he liked - 'yes doctor, thank-you doctor, anything you say doctor.' This is why, through the 'scientific method', the biggest killer in the United States has become the treatment.
I see this all the time with the scientific (it says here) mainstream. They have to acknowledge that quantum physics exists because it, well, exists; but then they look the other way and crack on as before when without an understanding of the quantum world from which the 'real' world is decoded you cannot understand anything.
It is a form of addiction, but also an expression of fear. They know that if they encompassed quantum reality into specialist areas such as biology on which Dawkins claims to be an expert then everything would have to be re-evaluated and viewed in a completely different context - and people like Dawkins and French would have to admit they are wrong.
They don't want to do that and accept they have been misguided their entire academic careers and so they do what Dawkins does - ignore quantum reality altogether.

'I'll call Dawkins - he'll confirm it.'

This for me is such an extreme and clearly crazy way to explore the mysteries of reality that it becomes a form of insanity in the sense of the scale of self-delusion. It is a type of schizophrenia in that the mind shuts itself away in a compartment of perception to hold the line against information and evidence that would demolish the prevailing belief system.
But they think they are 'well-adjusted' in contrast to those who can see the madness whom they condemn as misguided and crazy. As I said earlier:
If you are born into a madhouse and you grow up there knowing nothing else then the happenings in the madhouse become your version of normal. Tell someone in this situation that what is happening is madness and they will call you mad.
I experienced this theme again this week when I was visited by a well-adjusted 'journalist' from the UK Sunday Times. I have refused to speak with the mainstream print media for many years because once you put one of these people between what you say and how it is reported you are almost certainly wasting your time in terms of accuracy.
I decided however to put my toe in the water again this week to see if anything had changed given what was happening with world events when I was approached by Rupert Murdoch's UK Sunday Times. I wasn't in the least bit optimistic, but I did so out of sheer curiosity and it soon became clear that nothing had changed whatsoever as they despatched a bloke to my home called William Storr.

You may have seen how much evidence that I present in all the books with a number totalling more than 600 pages and 350,000 words. The one I am close to finishing now will be more like 800 pages and 420,000 words with about 800 images. But of course as usual Storr had not bothered to read any of my books before coming to talk to me about them. Incredible but true.
When I challenged him on this point he said: 'But you have written so many'. Er, yes, and ... your point is? The reason I agreed to speak to the Sunday Times is they said they wanted to make it a major article written at length for their magazine, but Storr turns up to 'interview' an author, and one dealing in unique material, without reading a single word of any of his books and then proceeds to pontificate about them.
He demanded that I give him the 'evidence' (scientific method) verbally when my books are compiled from a massive tapestry of interconnected and mutually supporting information which is why they are so long and detailed.
When I did give him examples of sources he just waved them away as not relevant. At one point he stood and shouted at me: 'You have not given me one example of where you get your information from - come on give me one, give me one.'
I had just told him at length the story about Christine Fitzgerald, the long-time friend of Princess Diana, as an example of thousands of separate sources but that was dismissed as irrelevant. He decided that she hadn't literally meant reptiles when she mentioned the word, but you only have to read her direct quotes after this article to see that this is exactly what she meant.
Storr had not read even one of my books, never mind the quote, and so he didn't know what she had said but still felt that he had the right to make an informed judgement. I think they call it 'journalism'.

This was followed by 'you are just taking events that happen and making them fit your theory' while ignoring the rather relevant fact that I had predicted the events that he was talking about long before they actually happened.
He came out with the usual 'but you can't prove by the scientific method that reptilians exist' and I could quite as easily have been talking to Dogma 'my understanding of quantum mechanics is foggy' Dawkins or Christopher French. In terms of mentality I was.
French arrogantly dismissed the evidence in my books on a television programme once and when I asked him if he had read any of them he said 'No'. I asked him how he could then have any idea what I was saying and he replied: 'I read it in the papers'.
Storr tried to turn my views on science against me by pointing out that I had bottles of pills in the kitchen and I must have been taking drugs for my arthritis. I pointed out that I had never taken drugs for the arthritis at any time since it came at the age of 15 and that the bottles of 'pills' were all natural supplements. Silence.
I found him in the kitchen a few minutes later and whether he went there to check the pills I don't know, but he would have found that it was true.
The arrogance of ignorance is always shocking to behold and meeting Storr was a horrible and depressing experience to realise that the mainstream media is still going round and round in circles on the way to disappearing up its own backside amid coming state censorship to delete even the modicum of real journalism that still survives.
My toe was out of the water as fast as it went in terms of talking to the mainstream print media and, unless I know the person to be open-minded and fair, I will never speak to any of them again because it is a waste of my time.

The media in general is a collective version of being well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society and is to a large extent responsible for that sickness. Day after day it reports madness as sanity and lies as truth and sees people like Richard Dawkins as the arbiters of what is and isn't while anyone with another version of reality must be either a charlatan or a fruit cake.
People like William Storr would have believed, and indicated as much at one point, that basically if what I was saying is true then 'scientists' like Dawkins would know about it. Human society is not only profoundly sick, but profoundly stupid and the two are fundamentally connected.
The print media in terms of newspapers and magazines is fast losing circulation to the Internet and part of that is that it operates in a time-warp of irrelevance. People no longer want to be told that all is sane in a world they can increasingly see is madness.
They don't want the William Storrs sitting between what someone says and how Storr and his colleagues choose to report it when they can go straight to the source and make up their own mind, no middleman filter necessary.
Challenging and exposing a profoundly sick society via the systems of the profoundly sick society is always going to be marginally effective at best and I won't be doing so again with the print media unless circumstances and attitudes dramatically change.
The point to take away from all this? It is not you that is mad - it is the world that you live in. Human society is not only profoundly sick but profoundly stuHuman society

These are quotes from my books from Christine Fitzgerald. Christine was a confidant of Princess Diana for nine years and she told me in 1998 that BBC 'entertainer' Jimmy Savile was a paedophile, necrophiliac and a member of the royal family inner circle. All this has since been confirmed amid the revelations about Savile's record-breaking child abuse.
Christine was also one of many who have told me about the royal family being human-reptilian hybrids. This week the Sunday Times reporter, William Storr, explained away what she said about reptiles as being a metaphor and not literal even though he had not read what she said.
This is what Christine told me in 1998. Not talking literally? You have got to laugh, really ...

The Queen Mother ... now that's a serious piece of wizardry. The Queen Mother is a lot older than people think. To be honest, the Royal Family hasn't died for a long time, they have just metamorphosised. It's sort of cloning, but in a different way. They take pieces of flesh and rebuild the body from one little bit. Because it's lizard, because it's cold-blooded, it's much easier for them to do Frankenstein shit than it is for us. The different bodies are just different electrical vibrations and they have got that secret, they've got the secret of the micro-currents, it's so micro, so specific, these radio waves that actually create the bodies [holograms]. These are the energies I work with when I'm healing.
They know the vibration of life and because they are cold-blooded, they are reptiles, they have no wish to make the Earth the perfect harmony it could be, or to heal the Earth from the damage that's been done. The Earth's been attacked for zeons by different extraterrestrials. It's been like a football for so long. This place was a bus stop for many different aliens. All these aliens, they could cope with everything, including the noxious gases.
They're landing all the time and coming up from the bowels of the Earth. They looked like reptiles originally, but they look like us when they get out now through the electrical vibration, that life key I talked about [holographic manipulation]. They can manifest how they want to. All the real knowledge has been taken out and shredded and put back in another way. The Queen Mother is 'Chief Toad' of this part of Europe and they have people like her in each continent. Most people, the hangers on, don't know, you know, about the reptiles. They are just in awe of these people because they are so powerful.

Balmoral [the Queen's castle in Scotland] is a very, very nasty place. That's somewhere they want to dig underground. They will find reptile fossils, it goes back that far. Don't think of people like the Queen Mother and Queen Victoria, as different people. Think of them as the same person which after a while has had to replace their coat. When the flesh dies, that energy, while it's dying, will be immediately up someone else's jacksy [backside]. It's very vampire, worse than vampire. They are not going to come to you with hooked teeth and suck your blood. Fear is their food. They can actually take fear and manifest it into a tangible thing. The key is the vibrational current. At that vibrational current, they can manifest anything from anything. It's like a holographic image.
We are all minerals and water vibrating. This is all an illusion we are living in. That's the secret. You know when the monarchy's fallen, it's not the end of it. They will manifest in another form. The reptiles have never been defeated and this is the closest they have come to it ... (because 'the mental power of the people returning') ... But even though these reptilian ones are fuckers, they are sad, pathetic beasts really, while humanity is galloping towards light. They're just pathetic lumps of nastiness who aren't going to win. I can't talk about this everywhere because they would just go 'Christine, get a white coat, put it on backwards, get out'. But I want an end to the bullshit.
Yes, clearly metaphorical!