Monday, November 29, 2010

wikileaks - rat poison


Awake from the slumber. Nothing ever reaches the mainstream media without being approved/contrived/washed.

Are you ready for the onslaught of testing your beliefs - what happens if you think A - then you're told that thinking A is evil/unpatriotic/stupid. What do you do then? "change" or stubbornly "hang on". The correct answer is to "investigate more, with an open mind" - but do you have the stamina/appetite for this....? Well, your answer is the same as for the question - "can we make the world better?"

Wikileaks - exposing everything but the controversial bits

An example: The New York Times is making quite a meal of the WikiLeaks documents.
As others have observed, they refused to print Climategate emails involving senior IPCC Lead Authors, Coordinating Lead Authors.