Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pedophile Dennis Ferguson found dead

Evidence of multiple shooters at Aurora Theater massacre covered up

Cold War Politics Heats Up

Feinstein’s Gun Control Bill Will Trigger The Next American Revolution

This is how a functioning society behaves!!

Executives at Collapsed Iceland Bank Jailed for Fraud

YouTube Cancels Billions of Video Views after Finding They Had Been ‘Faked by the Music Industry’


Raiders of The Lost Heart

Is Your Food Being Hit with a ‘Healthy’ Dose of Radiation?

Revealed: RSPCA Destroys HALF of the Animals That it Rescues - Yet Thousands are Completely Healthy

A New Study Shows ...

Censored: paedophile child precuror Jimmy Savile's private letters to Margaret Thatcher - Files edited two months ago ... AFTER child abuse claims surfaced

Egypt Allows Tons of Building Materials Into Gaza

Berlusconi Accuses Italy’s Premier of Plotting to Win National Election

French Constitutional Council Overturns 75% Tax Rate on Rich

Protests Throughout Iraq

Avigdor Lieberman Faces New Charges

Syria Faces Humanitarian Catastrophe

America’s Descent into Deception and Tyranny: Agenda Prevails Over Truth

Israel's Colonial Strangling of Bethlehem

Could Belgium Bring Down Scientology?


Council on Foreign Relations Reveals How World Government Can Be Achieved in 2013

YouTube Cancels Billions of Video Views after Finding They Had Been ‘Faked by the Music Industry’

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Facebook Yields to Pressure: Reactivates Political Critics’ Accounts

The Truth

Secrecy over UK Government's Provision of Services to Huntingdon Life Sciences

11 Secret Documents Americans Deserve to See -

Fed Members Gave Their Own Banks $4 Trillion During Bailout

Fed Members Gave Their Own Banks $4 Trillion During Bailout


Everything Petroleum Does, Hemp Does Better

Abbas Threatens to Hand Over the West Bank to Israel

Off-the-record New Year Conversation with President Obama

Friday, December 28, 2012

UN Syria 'Peace Plan' a Fraud

16 Dismal Trends Likely to Continue for 2013

UK Minister Accuses Israel of War Crimes

Whaddya Know? Professional Economy Wrecker Alan Greenspan Is at the Heart of the Insidiious 'Fix the Debt' Campaign

The Flattening of Gaza

Blair’s War crimes Block Iraq Inquiry


Just terrific! Zen Gardner at his very best

The Unstoppable Liberation of Humanity
Perfectly Put

...I’ll end this with some quintessential David Icke, where he’s speaking about this wonderful shift we’re undergoing.

This awakening is for everyone! So pass it on!

Thank you, David. Your years of loving work have changed the world!

Worthless Lives

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The real reason for ice changes in the poles?? Movement of magnetic poles

Hi All,

For some time, I have been saying that the 'evidence' for global warming has been circumstantial - I.e. perhaps there are changes, but is it because of Co2, and reasons they have given??
('they' who rushed through carbon taxes, saying we had to act NOW(!), whilst at the same time have done nothing to stop the polluters with the new taxes that have been collected). 

Well, here is a theory - just an idea, but as always, its vital to raise awareness, so that if something along these lines pops up somewhere else, you will have the opportunity to 'connect the dots'

Magnetic north - wikipedia
Magnetic south - wikipedia

  • Magnetic north is moving rapidly at 50-60 km per year.  Interestingly, magnetic south is moving much slower at 10-15 km per year!
  • Current magnetic north: 85.9°N 147.0°W (thats 36.2 deg West in 11 years!!!!!!)
  • Both poles are moving north

The movement of magnetic north over last 11 years 


Magnetic south:

Now, looking at the Arctic ice (notice - gaining in west, losing in east) Also at record LOW ice cover:

And then Antarctic ice (can't find a more recent image, but the idea is the same)
- notice slight gaining in east, losing in the west.  Also at record HIGH ice cover:

Now is it just me or is the symmetry of the Arctic (gaining west,losing east,+LOW) and Antarctic (gaining east, losing west,+HIGH) ice growth, related to the movement of the magnetic poles?? 

A sample of what others have been saying:
magnetic north moves
Magnetic north and climate changes

UK rich, poor face cuts unfairly

US poised to intervene in Syria: Israel
A senior Israeli official says the United States is gearing
military intervention in Syria to prevent Syria's alleged chemical weapons from being used against civilians or falling into wrong hands.

What Ceasefire? Israeli Soldiers Shoot Five Palestinians in Latest in Series of Violations
The news agency also notes that "Israeli troops have shot at Gazans near the border at least 10 times since the end of an eight-day offensive last month. Some 30 people have been wounded in the incidents, Gaza officials said."

The shooting and injuring of 5 Palestinians was only the latest provocation, but Western media has largely allowed the violations to go unnoticed.

War and Peace

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

West backs terrorists in Syria: Russia
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has criticized as “absolutely unacceptable” the Western countries’ support for the terrorists in Syria.

In an interview with Russia Today on Monday, Lavrov said Western countries had dichotomized the terrorists into “bad” and “acceptable,” supporting the latter.

“It's absolutely unacceptable, and if we follow this logic it might lead us to a very dangerous situation not only in the Middle East but in other parts of the world, if our partners in the West would begin to qualify terrorists as bad terrorists and acceptable terrorists,” The Russian foreign minister said.

He said the Western powers "encourage rebels not to negotiate with the [Syrian] government but to continue fighting and [are] giving them arms, money, and moral and political support.”

Israel: Intl. community ignorant
Ed: if anyone can find the reasoning why its ignorant, please post on the comments as its not in the article?

My Birthday

Ideally there would be no one with guns, but given the agenda for the military takeover of America - these are the facts of life ...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Berlin: A Grim Christmas for Many. Urban Poverty in Germany. Homelessness in the Inner City

Obama may drop anti-Israeli candidate

Chechen militants sent into Syria

‘Obama must act stricter on Russia’

BBC host accused of trivializing abuse
Meanwhile, Savile to be yet another 'lone gunman'?

Chile on red alert over volcano eruption

The Sandy Hook School Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information

World at war

‘Mali intervention in 1st half of 2013’
French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says an African-led intervention in Mali will be carried out in the first six months of 2013.

‘Hagel has endemic hostility to Israel’
Congressman Eliot Engel has criticized the possible nomination

Senator Chuck Hagel as the next Defense Secretary, saying he has an “endemic hostility toward Israel.”

Ed:  Sheesh, these pro Israel statements could put the US Jewish community at risk, as how long will the cattle tolerate this dual loyalty?! Brace for an 'incident'?!

Catalonia to pursue nationhood promise
The leader of Spain’s northern region of Catalonia says he will pursue with an “iron will” a promise to hold a referendum on the region’s independence.

TUC slams UK govt. for exploiting poor
The coalition government scheme, which aims to bring together a range of benefits and cap them at around £26,000 a year, is set to begin across Britain later in 2013.

They have money for wars, but can't feed the poor~ tupac shakur

Man killed in bar shooting near Seattle

2 police officers killed in US
Ed: the USA has ~30,000 gun related deaths per year- will we now be getting an article on everyone of these now (to suit some agenda)!?!?!

Sydney peace centre boycotts Israel
An application to participate in the program by an academic from the Hebrew University in Israel was rejected by Associate Professor Jake Lynch, who heads Sydney University's Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies.

The Centre says this is because it supports the so-called Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel.

The movement calls for action against Israel for alleged breaches of international laws through the way it treats the Palestinians.

Ed: when apartheid south Africa was boycotted, the same arguments were trotted about the action hurting the oppressed, as in this article. Of course there is ample paternalism in this view, as surely the oppressed themselves should make that call; not white south Africans or Israelis.

When I did speak to my black friends all those years ago about this, they said they supported it because 'when you already have nothing, it can't be taken away'

North Korea slams Christmas tree beacon as 'provocation'
Before the South's "Sunshine Policy" of engagement with North Korea was launched in 1998, the seasonal lighting displays were common.

Pyongyang repeatedly condemned them as "psychological warfare" by its capitalist neighbour aimed at spreading Christianity in the isolated communist state.

In 2004 the two Koreas agreed to halt official-level cross-border propaganda and the South stopped the Christmas border illuminations.

Official Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Study Finally Being Done
Ed: an obvious question would be 'are there any un-vaccinated children who have autism', no?

18 Things You Can Do Right Now To Become a More Loving, Positive Person
#17. Re-invent your need to be right: There are so many of us who can’t stand the idea of being wrong —wanting to always be right — even at the risk of ending great relationships or causing a great deal of stress and pain, for us and for others. We love to right-fight. It’s just not worth it because the state of being right is all subjective with so many layers and perspectives of truth. Whenever you feel the ‘urgent’ need to jump into a fight over who is right and who is wrong, ask yourself this question:“Would I rather be right, or would I rather be kind?” ~ Wayne Dyer.

Educate yourself

25 Facts That The Mainstream Media Doesn't Really Want To Talk About Right Now
For decades, the mainstream media in the United States was accustomed to being able to tell the American people what to think. Unfortunately for them, a whole lot of Americans are starting to break free from that paradigm and think for themselves. A Gallup survey from earlier this year found that 60 percent of all Americans “have little or no trust” in the mainstream media. More people than ever are realizing that the mainstream media is giving them a very distorted version of “the truth” and they are increasingly seeking out alternative sources of information.

NYPD seeks to identify potential ‘deranged’ gunmen by monitoring Internet chatter
Reaction: less freedom, more taxes

Over half of U.S. Congress signs letter calling for closure of PLO office in Washington
“One important way of expressing U.S. disapproval would be to send the message that such actions are not cost-free and that, at a minimum, they result in setbacks to U.S.-Palestinian relations,” said the letter, sent Dec. 21.

“We can do this by closing the PLO office in Washington D.C. We can also call our Consul-General in Jerusalem home for consultations,” the letter stated.

Geoengineered Snow Storms Wreaking Havoc around the Globe
Later in the night, the frequency of collapsing trees somewhere in the distant dark was almost overwhelming. The only other sound that broke the silence constantly was the continual parade of jets overhead in the clouds, so close and low during the storm.

The Spirit of Christmas and the End to All Wars: The Christmas Truce of 1914

The Spirit of Christmas: George W. Bush and Tony Blair banned from the birthplace of Jesus Christ

Drone Warfare: Terrorism With a Bigger Budget

Did the Age of Enlightenment Never Occur?
Palestinian writesd defending against the 'racist' label

To paraphrase Voltaire: to know who rules you, just consider whom you are not allowed to criticise

US Politicians Show More Concern For Israel Than For America
Communist North Korea’s ICBM can travel 6,200 miles which means it can hit the mainland of the United States. And it can carry a payload of 225 – 275 pounds to the US which could be composed of a nuclear weapon which they actually possess or a chemical weapon which they actually possess. Even though this is a clear threat to the United States, US politicians are focused on protecting the Jewish state of Israel from Iran’s nonexistent nuclear weapons.

First Sale Under Siege: If You Bought It, You Should Own It

Scandal Alert: Congress Is Quietly Abandoning the Fifth Amendment
What everyone must understand is that American politics doesn't work the way you'd think it would. Most people presume that government officials would never willfully withhold penicillin from men with syphilis just to see what would happen if the disease went untreated. It seems unlikely that officers would coerce enlisted men into exposing themselves to debilitating nerve gas. Few expected that President Obama would

persecution of an NSA whistle-blower, or presume the guilt of all military-aged males killed by U.S. drone strikes. But it all happened.



London homeless rate up by over 40%

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Senior Tory slams UK police corruption

‘Turkey upgrades Israel status in NATO’

Syria militants use chemical weapons
The militants' use of chemical weapons come as the US and its allies have alleged that the Syrian government possesses the deadly weapons and is prepared to use them against militants.

Tunisian MP threatened for suing Israel

World at war

Rebels seize south-central city in CAR

Donations only hope in crisis-hit Greece
Greece has been at the epicenter of the eurozone debt crisis, while harsh government-introduced austerity measures have resulted in more than a quarter of Greeks losing their jobs.

UK hospital apologizes for care failing

Egypt opp. cries foul in referendum

Gaza hospitals face medicine shortage

Economic week ahead: Happy Christmas?

Inform yourself on agenda 21

Agenda 21 Is Being Rammed Down The Throats Of Local Communities All Over America

Imperial Warrior Kerry at State

BDS Breakthrough
ANC chairperson Baleka Mbete calls Israel “far worse than Apartheid South Africa.” He told attending delegates. They responded with resounding applause.

Ed: hope there aren't any lone gunman incidents in RSA any time soon

Who Were the Other Shooters?
Again, Merry Christmas to one and all. If you’re a Mayan, don’t forget to buy your new calendar.

Fiscal Cliff Reality

“Christmas Present”: U.S. Senate Votes $631 Billion Military Budget

“Conspiracy Theories” vs. the Real World of Financial Crime: Bankers Face Prosecution For Conspiracy

Torture, Torture Everywhere

The Lie that Prosecuting Bank Fraud Will Destabilize the Economy Is What Is REALLY Destroying the Economy

Andrea Davison Deja Vu
More than one allegation of abuse were made at a series of homes: Bersham Hall (41), Berwyn Hall (seven), Bryn Alyn (96), Bryn Estyn (138), Bryn Tirion (15), Cartref Bontnewydd (four), Cartref Melys (two), Cartrefle (30), Cherry Hill (two), Cheviot Hey (34) Clwyd Hall (four), Dol Rhyd (two), Gatewen (36), Gwynfa (24), Hengwrt (nine), Park House (18), Pentre Saeson (20), Queens Park (13), Rhiwlas (three), South Meadows (13), Tanllwyfan (13), Ty Newydd (12), Ty’r Felin (85), Ucheldre (two), Upper Downing (12), Y Gwyngyll (18), Ynys Fechan (four), Ysgol Talfryn (19), Ystrad Hall (39).

India rocked by protests over assaults

22 Places That are Forbidden to be Displayed on Google Maps

Fascist Emirates being, well, fascist: UAE arrests seven for Twitter crimes of blogging critique of government and free expression

2nd bank too big to jail

The Libor Swindle: Systematic Financial Rigging of the Benchmark Global Interest Rate

Regarding Gun Control: What is an 'Assault Rifle?'

Saturday, December 22, 2012

As 13 states meet DHS REAL ID standards, remaining get extensions to comply

The DHS claims that REAL ID implementation is critical for maintaining national security, a claim which is patently absurd given they have waived the screening process for chemical plant employees, allowed airport employees to work without background checks and even somehow allowed illegal immigrants to work as supervisors in airports for two decades undetected.

Trial Postponed For Farmer Targeted by Raw Milk Police

What Does It Mean to 'Prepare for the Economic Collapse'?
The economic collapse is not some far-fetched, end-of-the-world fantasy. It is the reality that is occurring all around us, incrementally. The collapse that has been occurring since 2008 has been one of 1000 small cuts as income goes down and expenses go up.

Yes Virginia, There is a MonSanta!
I assume the reader has a basic understanding of the nightmares these companies have unleashed, the dangers of GMO’s, Roundup, the powerful lobbies of the biotech and agribusiness industries and how they have bought off the U.S. Government, how they have made it illegal for farmers to save their own seed, how they pay farmers to spy on and turn in their own neighbors so Monsanto can sue them, etc.

UK new benefit cuts plan ‘devastating’

MIT discovers new state of magnetism

Queen Elizabeth Land enrages Argentina

Police clash with gang rape protesters

I Don’t Care What UN Says About Settlement Activities: Netanyahu

In Historic Decision, South Africa’s ANC Makes Support for Israel Boycott its Official Policy

Making Guns Illegal

Cancer Boy Neon WILL Have Radiotherapy Against His Mother's Wishes after High Court Ruling

Still Here?

RFID Tracking Chips At The Vatican: Fulfilling The Prophecy Of The Popes?

160,000 Flu Shots Recalled: Particles Seen Floating in Vials

12 Gold Bugs Bring Christmas Cheer

Presidential Candidates Apparent Vetting Process

Fascinating, tho long

Agenda 21 and the New World Economy: where happiness 'matters'
In years soon to come, if you want to freely surf the net, you’ll need to log in to your Identity Provider first. To gain access to buildings, buy tickets, make an appointment, anything really, you’ll have to prove who you are, and that you can be trusted, using your biometrics (stored on a smart card[3] or phone) as proof. This will be important in all transactions, because almost every single thing you do will have an impact on the network, and must therefore be accounted for.

Unemployment and Poverty in America: 75 Economic Numbers From 2012 that are Almost too Crazy to Believe…

South Korea’s “Chaebol Republic”: Hardline Conservatism with a Liberal Smile

Friday, December 21, 2012

Medical And Scientific Experts Urge Halting Fracking Rush Until Medical Unknowns Are Better Understood
Without well-designed scientific studies, we will not know the extent of potential harm from fracking.

We Want To Live In A World That Is…

Palestinian Leadership Still Asleep At The Wheel?


Spain Parliament Approves Harsh Austerity Measures
Just leave the eu

Merry merry what-now?

The Winter Solstice - Yule Lore
Your rituals are recycled

Would you say Yalda is similar to Yule??
Iranians celebrate Yalda Night
The Iranian people all over the world have celebrated the arrival of winter and the victory of light over darkness in Yalda Night, one of the most ancient Persian celebrations

Yalda has a history as long as the religion of Mithraism. The Mithraists believed that this night is the night of the birth of Mithra, Persian angel of light and truth. At the morning of the longest night of the year the Mithra was born.

Over the centuries Mithraism spread to Greece and Ancient Rome via Asia Minor, gaining popularity within the ranks of the Roman army. In the 4th century AD as a result of errors made in calculating leap years and dates, the birthday of Mithra was transferred to 25 December

Yalda is traced back to Syriac Mithra-worshipers used the term 'yalda' specifically with reference to the birth of Mithra. As the longest night of the year, the Eve of Yalda (Shab-e Yalda) is also a turning point, after which the days grow longer. In ancient times it symbolized the triumph of the Sun(son?) God over the powers of darkness

Mithra has the following in common with the Jesus character:

Mithra was born on December 25th of the virgin Anahita.
The babe was wrapped in swaddling clothes, placed in a manger and attended by shepherds.
He was considered a great traveling teacher and master. He had 12 companions or "disciples."
He performed miracles.
As the "great bull of the Sun," Mithra sacrificed himself for world peace.
He ascended to heaven. Mithra was viewed as the Good Shepherd, the "Way, the Truth and the Light," the Redeemer, the Savior, the Messiah.
Mithra is omniscient, as he "hears all, sees all, knows all: none can deceive him."
He was identified with both the Lion and the Lamb.
His sacred day was Sunday, "the Lord's Day," hundreds of years before the appearance of Christ.
His religion had a eucharist or "Lord's Supper."
Mithra "sets his marks on the foreheads of his soldiers." Mithraism emphasized baptism.

CIA “Interrogations” in Iraq: Torture and Rape of Detained Women

Washington Raises Specter of Al Qaeda Seizing Syrian Chemical Weapons

The Newtown School Tragedy: More than One Gunman?

America’s Hype over WMD: Five Invasion Plots, Three Continents, Identical Lies
Please read: there is another illegal war on the horizon. Only by speaking about the lies can we prevent

Kerry, Absolutely. But What About Hagel? |

Obama’s Hagel test
By all accounts President Obama wants to nominate Chuck Hagel, the former two-term Republican senator from Nebraska to replace Leon Panetta at the Pentagon as Secretary of Defense, but a coalition led by the Zionist lobby is mounting a smear campaign against Hagel.

Why? It hopes to persuade Obama that he would be foolish to nominate Hagel because he is unlikely to be confirmed by a Senate in which many members are content to do Zionism’s bidding in order to protect their own backs.

I’ll get to what it is about Hagel’s record that troubles and even frightens the Zionist lobby in a moment, but first can we, please, get the terminology right. Almost everybody who speaks and writes about the Israel-Palestine conflict does not get it right. And that creates an obstacle to understanding.

The monster that controls Congress and ties any president’s hands on policy for dealing with Israel-Palestine is not the “Jewish lobby” and not the “Israel lobby.”

It is wrong to describe it as the Jewish lobby for two reasons.

One is that such a description implies that it represents and speaks for all Jews. It most certainly does not.

The other is that it’s not only Jews who make up the lobby. Another key element of it is composed of the “Bring on Armageddon” Christian fundamentalists.

It is wrong to describe it as the Israel lobby because such a description implies that it represents and speaks for all of Israel’s Jews and the nearly one quarter of its citizens who are Arabs. It most certainly does not.

The most accurate long description of the Zionist lobby would be that it is composed of those of all faiths and none who give and demand unconditional support for the Zionist (not Jewish) state of Israel right or wrong. In my view the most practical short form of that is Zionist lobby. (Some call it the “Likud lobby”. That was a case for doing so in the past, but today there are emerging fascist forces in Israel even further to the right than Likud, and the Zionist lobby speaks for them, too).

Even the term “pro-Israel” is an obstacle to understanding. When it is used without qualification, as it almost always is, it can mean either pro an Israel inside its borders as they were on the eve of the 1967 war, or pro an Israel in occupation of the West Bank (in defiance of international law) and laying siege to the Gaza Strip. Politicians who declare themselves to be “pro-Israel” should be asked which Israel they are pro.

So what is it about Hagel’s views that put him today at the temporary top of the Zionist lobby’s verbal hit-list?

Declassified US Intel – Israel Always an Enemy
All this continues on with Israel sitting smugly back enjoying U.S. military funding of nuclear bomb proof facilities for their nukes and air force command staff. You can add to that our Patriot missile batteries, each shot costing the Amerian taxpayers $3 million while their kids are on food stamps.

Sandy Hook massacre: Evidence of official foreknowledge?
Even if we granted these ‘law enforcement officials’ superfast detective powers, they would not have been able to travel back in time to rewrite the script regarding how they knew what they knew about the Lanza brothers, particularly Ryan. Because from the moment the official line was forced to deviate towards saying that Ryan Lanza was no longer the ‘dead shooter inside the building’, it became impossible for these ‘law enforcement officials’ who “weren’t authorised to speak” (but heck, were telling lots of people lots of things that morning anyway, and whose credentials enabled them to speak through the Associated Press and other media outlets) to have retrospectively discovered all these connections of Ryan.

Austerity USA!

US House passes another anti-Iran bill
The US House of Representatives has approved a ‘defense bill’ that includes new anti-Iran sanctions, another almost USD500 million for the Israeli regime’s missile systems and approximately USD89 billion for its war in Afghanistan.

Hispasat takes Iranian channels off air
Conditional freedom of speech

UK forced to pay £14m to torture victims
The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said 205 Iraqis have made successful

against the British government in the past three years and lawyers of the victims says 700 more are expected to take their cases to the courts next year.

China censures Israel over settlements
The Chinese

spokesperson also expressed Beijing’s concern about the Israeli plan to build settlements in the E1 area.

E1 is a sensitive zone between East al-Quds and the

expansion has been on Israel’s agenda since the 1990s.

Canada removes MKO from terrorist list
Out of the 17,000 Iranians

terrorist attacks since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979,

them have fallen victim to the acts of terror carried out by the MKO.

4 killed in US drone strike in Pakistan
CIA-operated drone attacks, which started under former US President George W. Bush, continue in Pakistan almost on a daily basis despite growing public opposition and Islamabad's repeated protests.

Washington claims that its drones target militants, but evidence on the ground indicates that civilians have been the main victims of the strikes.

Militants fire at Syrian civilian plane
The Syrian government has repeatedly said that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and that a very large number of the militants operating in the country are foreign nationals

Agenda Driven News

Israeli troops shoot 5 Palestinians
Israeli troops have shot and wounded five Palestinian agricultural workers in the besieged Gaza Strip, violating an Egyptian-brokered truce once again.

4 dead, several injured in US shooting
From comments:  Lets see now...Obama promised to push for gun control prior to his second term and lo and behold all these gun incidents now that he has his second term, with the result, of course, that the public is getting excited and demanding gun control-coincidence? I don't think so. In fact, gun violence has been going down in the last few years in the U.S., whereas it has been rising in countries, like Britain, Jamaica, Honduras etc. which HAVE gun control. Even Mexico which ,believe it or not has VERY STRICT gun controls and they have 26,000 killings per year with one third the population of the U.S....and NO I am not American

Israeli troops shoot 5 Palestinians
Israeli troops have shot and wounded five Palestinian agricultural workers in the besieged Gaza Strip, violating an Egyptian-brokered truce once again.

The Next Seven States to Legalize Marijuana?

20 Signs That The U.S. Poverty Explosion Is Hitting Children And Young People The Hardest

Truth, memory and reportage - the real story behind the massacre at Marikana

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lieberman plays his EU Holocaust Card

Myth, Narrative, Manipulation and Mass Murder
The perpetrators are now totally brazen with this sort of thing. Judging from comments at skeptical online articles people may be waking up quickly, unlike their decade-long coma regarding 9/11. The gunning down of elementary school kids may turn out to be the perpetrators’ big mistake. Arrogance, or hubris, eventually results in fate destroying those who overstep its limit, as Greek tragedy teaches us. The present narrative might get blown apart. It is up to all of us not to fall for disinformation and to keep our heads in seeking and publicizing verifiable discrepancies in news surrounding this latest horrifying narrative.

Israel’s deep cover agents inside the IAEA
Excuse me if I have a little problem with this. I cannot think organization that has failed so miserably it its appointed purpose. But therein the plot begins to thicken. Why would the IAEA continue to be funded while not being able to discover and report to the world about the Zionist weapons hoard that we all knew they had?

Murdering The Truth

Raise your awareness- please read

Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control
Confusion and ‘Chinese whispers’ undoubtedly play a part in the early stages of national media events, but I think back to those news anchors reading scripts about Osama Bin Laden within minutes of the first plane being hit on 9/11 and I think, ‘Wait a minute!’

Palestine says will sue Israel at ICC
The real reason the axis didn't want Palestinian UN upgrade: the ICC

‘US failed to protect Benghazi mission’
On the anniversary of 911, the didn't protect just this embassy?

Iranian dies in US after interrogation

‘Israel broke law by hitting Gaza media’
Truly above the law

US teen kills classmate with shotgun
Who benefits from the spike in gun violence?

EU censures Israel over settlements
I blame the Palestinians and their rockets

‘Israel to be held accountable for plan’
Land theft, while the world watches

Man killed by poisonous gas in Bahrain
Surprisingly, Hillary was nowhere to be found encouraging the Arab spring. Hmmm

UK MPs worried over Syria intervention
Another illegal war. I thought all these countries were broke?!?!

‘Canada natives in deplorable situation’
An international lawyer says the situation of the indigenous people in Canada is deplorable as the government and police show no interest in their problems, Press TV reports.

Canada, who commits effort and money to 'protect' Israel, but deign to look after their own. Actually does not surprise me, when you look at the fixed nature of the world

‘Iraqis suffer from US bioweapon effects’

Obama urged to change tactics on Iran
Iran- the greatest global bully and threat to world peace?!?!?  I can think of 1 or 2 more fitting. Oh wait, they're the ones accusing Iran

Mainstream Media Declares War on 2nd Amendment
Declaring we need stricter gun laws and to repeal the 2nd Amendment is synonymous with saying, “We want criminals and the government to be the only ones armed in America.” Because if our legal arms are stripped from law-abiding citizens, the only people who will have guns will be the government and the criminals.

Syrian Rebels Now Have Chemical Weapons

How and Why They Hide in the Light
He says above that “each photograph of the late legend(savile) is darkening and mutating, the great character becoming the sick monster.” Bingo. That’s called waking the hell up. Now please, apply that to everyone connected to him and just about anyone in positions of power.

'They' want us to fight and hate each other - it's called divide and rule. So what do we do? We do the opposite. We care for each other, love each other, no matter what the colour, creed or belief system

'Israeli death squads involved in Sandy Hook bloodbath', says Intelligence analyst

Engineered Chaos: Swedish Teens Riot Over Paedophile Instagram Account

Ian Watkins, Lostprophets Singer, Accused Of 'Conspiring With Woman To Rape One-Year-Old,' Court Hears

Matt Taibbi: After Laundering $800 Million in Drug Money, How Did HSBC Executives Avoid Jail

Pope’s Child Porn 'Normal' Claim Sparks Outrage Among Victims
The latest controversy comes as the German magazine Der Spiegel continues to investigate the Pope's role in allowing a known paedophile priest to work with children in the early 1980s

More coincidence. Nothing to worry about. I wonder if the pope knew savile!?!??

Tau Ceti: 'Habitable' Planet Circles Our Nearest Sun-Like Star


US Alone in Blocking UN Resolution Opposing Israeli Settlements
Are you surprised yet....?

Thousands of Animals Blown Up, Poisoned or Given Anthrax in Secret Military Experiments at Porton Down Last Year

Relativity priority dispute

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gunmen kill 6 polio workers in Pakistan

‘Italy may have to leave eurozone’
“If Germany doesn’t accept that the ECB must be a real central bank, if interest rates don’t come down, we will be forced to leave the euro and return to our own currency in order to be competitive,” Berlusconi said on Tuesday during a TV interview with Italian media.

Threats from a former P2 initiate, unless unless the agenda is movesd forward

LRA poach ivory as hunt for Kony intensifies

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An Inconvenient Truth: Israeli Apartheid

'Frankenstein Food' a Good Thing? It's All Great GM Lies
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has conceded that ‘GM crops do not increase yield potential’, while in India bankrupt farmers have been committing suicide. GM crops have proved a dismal failure, and MPs there have been visiting Monsanto’s ‘model villages’ to investigate the issue.

The price of a Zuma victory: Less votes in 2014?
Zuma reelected by the ANC. The definition of insanity- doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result

How in the Hell

Open Letter To The Queen Reveals More Evidence Of The British Establishment Paedophile Rings That David Icke Has Been Exposing For So Long

“HEY YOU”: Orwellian Government Oppression and Never Ending Wars

European Feminists Gang Up on Children's Fairytales

U.S. Government Asks Federal Judge to Dismiss Cases of Americans Killed by Drones


'Anti-gambling' pill goes to trial

'One in 98' using homeless services

Berlusconi sex witness Ruby to testify

The Egyptian Referendum and 20 Billion Dollars from Qatar


The “Fiscal Cliff” Is A Diversion: The Derivatives Tsunami and the Dollar Bubble

Farmer to Farmer: The Truth About GM Crops


Monday, December 17, 2012

People Respond to Conn. Tragedy With Calls for More Gun Control or More Guns
I don’t know why the number of mass murders has increased in recent years, but it is not the availability of guns. The US has a long held love affair with the gun, and they have been a part of this country since its inception.

25 Studies Prove Fluoride Reduces Your IQ
Why is it that the governments that fluoridate don’t investigate any of the things that I have just listed, and yet spend most of their time attacking the methodology of the studies that have found harm in India and China and elsewhere? [The loss of credibility is], I think, the most rational explanation that I have come up with.”

If governments cared so much about our teeth, they would hand out free tooth brushes and fluoride tablets- instead of illegal mass medication!!

US, UK Training Syrian Militants in Jordan: Report
The Syrian government says the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of militants are foreign nationals.

Damascus says certain Western states, especially the United States, and their regional allies are fueling the unrest.


BBC Admits Pandering to Israeli Propaganda
Less than a week before al-Jabari’s execution, Israel had killed seven Palestinians in Gaza in the space of 48 hours. Of these, five were teenage boys ("New Israeli escalation against the Gaza Strip," Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, 11 November 2012).

The first to die, 13-year-old Ahmad Abu Daqqa, was shot in the abdomen by Israeli soldiers. Two days later,

Harara and 17-year-old Ahmed Harara were killed playing football when Israeli forces fired shells at their playground. As people rushed to help, three more shells were fired, and an 18-year-old and 19-year-old were killed.

It is safe to assume that if five Israeli teenagers, including two brothers playing football and a 13-year-old, had been killed by Palestinian rockets fired from Gaza, it would be headline news for the BBC.

The Israeli killing of the Palestinian youngsters was ignored on BBC television and prime-time radio news. Even when al-Jabari was killed, four days after the Harara brothers lost their lives, and some kind of premeditated build-up to the eight-day assault began to emerge, the BBC still refused to mention Israel’s two-day killing spree in Gaza a few days earlier.

Announcing Vaccine Bombshell: Leaked Confidential Document Exposes 36 Infants Dead After This Vaccine

Gun control catalyst in the UK

Dunblane re-visited - the tragedy is not closed
"Mr. Thomas Hamilton held a firearm certificate at the time of the Tragedy although from press reports after the shooting it would appear many people considered him to be an unstable character unsuitable to hold such a certificate. There was also believed to be a police report confirming that he was indeed unsuitable. Is it public knowledge who signed the documents to allow Thomas Hamilton to legally own handguns or is that information covered by the 100 year closure? Surely the matter of how an application for a firearm certificate from such a person as Thomas Hamilton was successful must have been put before Lord Cullen and considering the magnitude of the misjudgement it seems only right and proper that the public should know the facts."

Why they call him ‘Agent’ Cameron
Pure blackmail. Bullying Palestinians into resuming failed and discredited talks to bargain with the thief for the return of their lands and property when it is still being stolen with impunity, is utterly immoral. There can be no peace under occupation. And nobody ‘negotiates’ with a gun to their head, nor should they be expected to.

QE 4: Folks, This Ain’t Normal – What You Need To Know About The Fed’s Latest Move
It will require two full years of 150,000 jobs per month just to absorb the 4 million missing workers, which means that this QE effort will be with us for a very long time. Three to four years is my best guess, and that's only if the economy magically recovers. And I have very strong doubts about that.

Racism (in any form) = divide and rule - We are all ONE

Harriet Harman - hypocrisy on a level that defies the imagination

Father Bush Outed As A Paedophile Yet Again

Wait and see

New IPCC Climate Fraud Evidence Leaked Along with Geoengineering Admissions

The noble was

The WWII Dresden Holocaust – ‘A Single Column Of Flame’

Hillary Clinton Conveniently Won’t Testify On Benghazi Due To Concussion

Anyone Who Doesn’t Love the Dictator Obama is Crazy

Barclays Says $470m US Energy Manipulation Case is 'Baseless'

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Magnetic north shifting by 40 miles a year, might signal pole reversal | MNN - Mother Nature Network
The rapid shifting of the pole's position has prompted some experts to speculate that the Earth's entire magnetic field may be preparing to "flip," whereby all compasses invert and point south instead of north. It may sound radical, but in geological time, pole reversals are relatively common. Though they typically occur once every 400,000 years or so, it's been 780,000 years since the last flip.

Police evacuate church in US school massacre town


Back in Newtown, nerves remained on edge. One Catholic church where people attended services - Saint Rose of Lima -was evacuated due to an undisclosed threat. Armed police searched a house next door.

"He shot his way into the building. He penetrated the building by literally shooting an entrance into the building. That's what an assault weapon can do for you," Malloy said on CNN.

A 20 year old nerdy, goth did this btw

Obama joins mourners in Newtown
US President Barack Obama has vowed to use all his power to prevent more drone tragedies at a memorial for the illegal drone attack victims.

Obama has warned that America is not doing enough to stop drone violence, and says "we will have to change".

It's a sign that the president is prepared to tackle the country's illegal drone policy, where the right to kill via remote controlled drones is exercised almost daily, often killing women and children.

The president offered the nation's love and prayers on Sunday after an "unconscionable evil" killed 20 young children and seven adults in one of America's worst drone attacks on a foreign nation.

"In the face of indescribable violence, in the face of unconscionable evil, you've looked out for each other," Obama told a poignant mulit-faith vigil in the small Connecticut town of Newtown.

Newtown vigil underway
Obama will be very well rewarded if he is the one that finally implements gun control in the US. The agenda will really accelerate then... Watch!

Mass rape, amputations and killings -- why families are fleeing terror in Mali

How to Decalcify and Detoxify the Pineal Gland


Murdering a Humpback Whale in the Netherlands

It is right that everyone is outraged and appalled by what happened in Connecticut and many Americans do care about what is being done in their name to children and their families around the world

Aurora Theater Shooting Court Documents Blows Inside Job Conspiracy Wide Ope