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The David Icke Newsletter, March 11th 2012



Hello all ...

They say that if it's not broken, don't mend it and if it works, why change it? The Global Cabal has certainly taken that advice for thousands of years with regard to its methods of manipulation. There is a blueprint and they are sticking to it.

This means that they have become extremely proficient at what they do through repeated experience, but it also means that anyone who studies their methods throughout history can read them like an open book. Talk about predictable.

This is why what has happened, and is happening, in Syria is a mirror of what happened in Libya and an ever-lengthening list of other countries. It is classic Problem-Reaction-Solution, or, more accurately, a case of create-the-problem, feign-a-moral-outrage-reaction, and then send-the-boys-in.

Another aspect of all this is what is called 'mission-creep', or, in the case of Libya, mission sprint with not a 'creep' in sight. Well, not in the context of the word that I am using here, anyway. Lest we forget, the UN Security Council resolution 1973 in March 2011 sanctioned only a no-fly zone over the country and asked 'member states' to police that.

Nowhere in the document does it say 'and while you are at it, bomb the crap out of the Libyan population and devastate their towns and cities'. No one ever agreed to that - the NATO inner circle of America, Britain and France just decided to do this as part of a long-planned series of conquests leading to what they want to be World War III.

The Cabal wanted the Libyan oil and banking system and they set about creating the 'problem' to which they could offer the solution of bombing the country to its knees. This was done by flying in 'rebels' like former Gaddhafi general Khalifa Hifter, who had spent the previous 20 years living in Virginia near the CIA Headquarters where they looked after his 'expenses'.

NATO countries, specifically Britain and America, armed and trained the key 'rebels' operating out of Benghazi and much of the funding and weaponry was channelled through the US puppet state of Qatar headed by the truly appalling Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

A thank-you poster to the shady Sheikh near the 'rebel' headquarters in Benghazi for supplying money and weapons. It should be a thank you to the US and Britain - Sheikh-it-all-about was only the conduit.

YouTube videos show the 'rebels' picking up brand new weapons straight from the box and the idea that this was a spontaneous 'peoples' revolution' was as ludicrous as saying the same about what happened in Egypt. It is now well established, and admitted by many involved, that members of the key April 6 Youth Movement were trained by US-funded 'activists' operating out of Serbia.

Egyptian 'rebels' were also coordinated through the American embassy in Cairo and flown to the United States for meetings with government officials. The April 6 Youth Movement employed the same clenched fist logo used by the Serbians Srđa Popović and Ivan Marović for their organisation, Otpor! (Resistance!), which was involved in the overthrow of Slobodan Milošević in the former Yugoslavia in 2000.They have operated since as 'freelance' coaches for would-be 'rebels'.

The Egyptian 'revolution' went like this:
1) Train and prepare the 'trigger' agent provocateurs years in advance and ensure that at least most of them do not realise that they are being used as stooges for a much bigger picture.

2) When the time is deemed right, send your agents onto the streets amid a massive 'revolution' promotion campaign via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter - one of the alleged 'heroes' of Egypt's non-revolution was Google marketing executive Wael Ghonim who took temporary 'leave' from Google and his job as head of marketing for Google Middle East and North Africa based in Dubai to lead the Internet campaign.

3) All this taps into the genuine and justified anger and outrage at the treatment of the Egyptian people by the US funded and armed regime of President Mubarak and now you can flood the global media with pictures of tens of thousands of people demanding 'democracy' and call it the 'Arab Spring'.

4) The whole point of the Egyptian non-revolution was to create a domino effect across the Middle and Near East of people seeing the pictures and demanding more freedom for themselves while providing the cover for your 'rebels'-in-waiting in the next-on-the-list countries like Libya and Syria.

5) Make sure there is no genuine 'peoples' revolution' and that the population remain just as oppressed as before.

The Libyan 'revolution' applied the same blueprint with the added ingredient of all-out war:

1) Train and prepare the 'trigger' agent provocateurs years in advance and ensure that at least most of them do not realise that they are being used as stooges for a much bigger picture.

2) When the time is deemed right, send your agents onto the streets to use the weapons you have provided against the Gaddhafi regime.

3) When Gaddafi troops return fire, you say they are killing civilians and promote global condemnation through your compliant, ignorant, lap-dog media.

4) You freeze (steal) Libyan assets abroad and form a government-in-waiting consisting of your agents and gofers and have this 'recognised' by the 'international community' as the true government of the country. In the case of Libya, this is called the National Transitional Council, or Libyan National Council.

5) You demand that a no-fly zone is established to 'protect civilians' and you use this as the cue to bomb and destroy whole towns and cities and kill and maim the very civilians you claim to be protecting.

6) The goal from the start is the death of Gaddhafi to remove the focal point of Libyan resistance and to ensure that he can't spill the beans at a war crimes tribunal and expose leaders and former leaders of NATO countries like Tony Blair for the undiluted evil that they are. Gaddhafi knew far too much for him to survive the NATO attacks.

7) You use your advanced surveillance technology to track Gaddafi throughout and you wait your moment to lead your hired killers to where he is. That moment comes when US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives in Libya and she tells a television interviewer 'We came, we saw, he died.'

8) You then take over the Libyan oil fields and semi-independent banking system while the country is in chaos and disarray with its infrastructure devastated by NATO bombing and armed factions at war with each other. Job done.

The Syrian 'revolution' is following almost exactly the same blueprint:
1) Train and prepare the 'trigger' agent provocateurs years in advance and ensure that at least most of them do not realise that they are being used as stooges for a much bigger picture. (A confidential document released through the Wikileaks website reveals that an analyst working with Stratfor, a US intelligence front company, attended a Pentagon meeting where he was told that NATO troops were already on the ground in Syria training and arming 'rebels'.)

2) When the time is deemed right, send your agents onto the streets to use the weapons you have provided against the Assad regime.

3) When Assad troops return fire, you say they are killing civilians and promote global condemnation through your compliant, ignorant, lap-dog media. You also have your armed-and-paid-for mercenaries in Syria specifically shoot civilians so the deaths can be blamed on the Syrian government and you wildly exaggerate the number of people being killed 'by the government' through your propaganda arm, the mainstream media.

4) You freeze (steal) Syrian assets abroad (only Russia and China stop you going even further) and recognise a government-in-waiting consisting of your agents and gofers as the true government of the country. This is called the Syrian National Transitional Council or Syrian National Council. It is based in Turkey, one of the prime conduits for arming the 'Syrian rebels' along with Qatar (of course) and Saudi Arabia (see the US and NATO for all of them).

5) Whenever the American bought-and-paid-for senator, John McCain, opens his mouth it is the Cabal doing the talking and his call for a 'no-fly zone' (mass killing zone) over Syria reveals what they are desperate to do, as in Libya; but again Russia and China are blocking the way at the UN Security Council. The fact that the Cabal want an all-out Third World War between NATO and Russia/China is not a coincidence, clearly. They are bound to keep trying for the Syrian version of the Libya 'no-fly' resolution 1973.

'Can you hear gunfire, David?'

'No Barack, it's so quiet.'

'How about loud explosions?'

'No, Barack, nothing.'

'Oh, well, I must just be thinking of Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Iran!'

'Ha, ha, ha, ha, you are such a comedian - I love being with people who are just as corrupt as I am.'
The recurring blueprint is so obvious and what the puppet politicians say to justify its various stages are almost word for word the same. Hillary Clinton's speeches about Gaddhafi have basically only replaced his name with Assad before being redelivered to save the paper.
The desperation to crack on with more killing and conquest on the road to an attack on Iran is making it so easy to see what the game is. How appropriate that the Libyan National Transitional Council - now recognised as the 'legitimate' government of the country - has pledged to give $100 million in 'humanitarian aid' (yeah, right) to the Syrian 'opposition civilians and activist rebel forces'.
Syria's opposition forces have been 'given permission' to open an office in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, and that is only right given that many of the 'rebels' that fought against Gaddhafi on NATO's behalf are now on the ground in Syria doing the same to unseat Assad. 'Radical Jihadists' (what the American government calls 'Al-Qaeda') are also in Syria targeting the Assad regime, as they were in Libya.
Hypocrisy often comes with an enormous dose of irony, but then 'my enemy's enemy is my friend'.

'Hey, Abdul, we've got the wrong flag - we're in Syria now. Quick, who's got a Syrian flag?'
Vitaly Churkin, the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, has said that Libya is training and arming the Syrian rebels. He told the UN Security Council:

'We have received information that in Libya, with the support of the authorities, there is a special training center ... and people are sent to Syria to attack the legal government. This is completely unacceptable ...This activity is undermining stability in the Middle East.'
But, as he must know, the destabilisation of the Middle East is what all this is about and the attacks on the Assad regime are being orchestrated to trigger the retaliation that is being used to justify an invasion.
Foreign Policy magazine has quoted US officials as saying there was a 'recognition' within the Obama administration for giving 'lethal assistance' to Syrian rebels, 'but not at this time'. By that they mean they don't think they can get away with it yet, but that's where they want to go despite all the garbage about seeking a diplomatic settlement.
Britain's milk-sop Foreign Secretary, William Hague, has called for military support for the Syrian 'rebels' and his feisty 'step-mother' Hillary Clinton will stand for nothing less if she gets her way. She loves bombing people so much and it's been months now since all that fun in Libya. She's suffering from mass-murder cold turkey.
Hague says that he wants Britain's contact with Syria's armed rebels to be increased and he outrageously recognised them as the 'legitimate representative' of the Syrian people. My goodness, the Cabal must have something very big on him. Prime Minister Cameron has confirmed that 'Britain has already provided an extra £2 million to the agencies operating on the ground'.

Little boy in short trousers, apparently the British Foreign Secretary, with Satanic witch (no, not symbolic, but literal) Hillary Clinton.

'Now, William, drink your milk like a good little boy and then I will tell you who we are going to kill next.'

'Oh, thank you step-mummy, what fun.'
The 'West' is being supported in its goals by the American and British front operation known as the Arab League, which is dominated by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates - all US colonial states in everything but name. This is why the Arab League supported the invasion of Libya and is pressing for the official (it has long been happening unofficially) arming of the Syrian rebels.
It is also why those same countries are supporting the horrific violence against peaceful protestors in Bahrain while condemning the same in the countries their masters are targeting.
The Western media is promoting the official fairy tale through blatant liars like the 'voice of Homs', Danny Dayem, a 22-year-old British citizen of Syrian descent, from Cambridge, England. He has been allowed free reign to tell his lies on major news outlets in Britain and the United States and call for precisely what the Cabal wants - a no-fly-zone and military intervention as in Libya.
He claims to have been shot and to have witnessed horrors inflicted on Syrians by the Assad regime, but his various interviews are riddled with inconsistences. First he was shot by one bullet from the front, then by two bullets in the back. You can see him in the video after this article arranging for gunfire to start as soon as he goes 'live' for an interview with CNN's former CIA intern, Anderson Cooper.
The propaganda is coming from all angles to justify military strikes against Syria to 'protect innocent civilians' and anyone who challenges this course, as with China and Russia currently, is condemned for supporting government killing of the Syrian population.

Poor old Danny forgets the advice of Mark Twain: 'When you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything.'
Hillary Clinton may well have been saying something very significant this week with regard to the strategy when she predicted that the Assad regime would fall because of defections by the Syrian military and government officials. Infiltration of the army and government was used to effect in Libya when Gaddafi personnel changed sides - many of whom were facing corruption investigations at the time.
Clinton said that defections would remove Assad and it was only a question of when. Many of those she is talking about will already have been long primed by the United States and awaiting their moment to 'jump'. Abdo Hussameldin, the Syrian Deputy Oil Minister, announced his defection this week to become the highest-ranked civilian official to do so.
He said that he joined 'the revolution of this dignified people.' Well, yes, there will be such people who oppose the Assad regime and have been entrapped innocently in a 'game' they don't understand, but Hussameldin must know that the 'revolution' has been driven by forces that answer to foreign powers.
This is a key point. I am not saying that Assad is perfect, or anything like, nor that change is not desirable in Syria's political system. The same was true of Gaddhafi and Libya. But we have to be streetwise to the real motivation behind the covertly orchestrated external attacks on both of them.
It is nothing to do with giving more freedom to Syrians and Libyans. For goodness sake, Libya and its economy have been devastated for generations, thousands have been killed and injured, and there is still a civil war being fought.
Satanists like Clinton don't want what is best for the people they claim to be protecting. They want death and destruction - that's their 'spiritual' currency. This is what people need to appreciate if they are to see through the propaganda.

The domino effect through the Middle and Near East of the engineered 'Arab Spring' is leading, of course, if they can pull it off, to the long-planned attack on Iran. They are so desperate to sell this insanity that the excuses are becoming ever more ridiculous.
Tony Blair's lies about Iraq having the capability of deploying 'weapons of mass destruction' within 45 minutes has morphed into the claim this week by current British Prime Minister, David Cameron, that Iran is developing nuclear missiles capable of hitting London.
Liar, liar, liar. As someone said this week, we are looking at Groundhog Day - the recycled justification for mass slaughter that we saw from Blair and US Secretary of State Colin Powell in 2003. It is likely to get ever more hysterical if the public don't buy the 'sell'.
And buy it, we must not.

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