Monday, May 28, 2012

MUST READ/WATCH!!!!!! And the world can't be controlled by the few.....???? piece of cake really

Is Fox News Hack Bill O'Reilly the most ridiculous man in the media? - David Icke Website: He has so much competition, it's true, but see what you think when the man who denies any suggestion of conspiracies is asked about the upcoming Bilderberg Group meeting by WeAreChange and then reports what he says happened on Fox News.

His 'report' is hilariously ludicrous, but then he is, and includes the extraordinary nonsense that Occupy protesters are terrorists (to O'Reilly, those who have pepper-bombed cities of civilians in a frenzy of death and destruction are making the world safer).

Unfortunately, millions of what must be truly bewildered Americans think that this man is telling them accurately what is happening in the world every day.

No kidding.
(from DI website)

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