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The David Icke Newsletter, November 25th, 2012: Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high

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The David Icke Newsletter, November 25th, 2012
Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high ...

...There's a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbow

Skies are blue,

And the dreams that you dare to dream

Really do come true.
Hello all ...
It is always good - indeed essential - within this crazy and ludicrous madhouse that human society has long become to see beyond its illusions and delusions to the prime reality that lies beyond the vibrational prison cell.
This 'world' - this holographic illusion - may be as it is, but infinite reality is something else. I have been saying and writing for so many years that one sentence can encapsulate the totality of life, of existence, of being:
Infinite Love Is The Only Truth - Everything Else Is Illusion.
That was indeed the title of a book that I published a decade ago and how fantastic it was to read the account this week of someone who has 'been there' and can remember the experience which confirms that simple fact: Infinite reality is Infinite Love. Our current reality is an extreme distortion of that 'norm' - not a 'norm' in itself.
I have explained in my books and at Wembley why that distortion exists - why our reality is so imbalanced and insane - but beyond this 'world' (frequency range) lies that over-the-rainbow paradise so many have described who have been there and returned to tell the tale.
What makes this latest example so telling and compelling, however, is that the source is an American neurosurgeon who could not have been a more concrete-minded, dogmatic, this-world-is-all-there-is, the brain-is-consciousness sceptic if he had worked at it his whole life. Which in many ways he did.
Then his brain shut down for seven days and the man who 'came back' was not the man who 'went away'.

Dr Eben Alexander was an academic neurosurgeon at Harvard for 15 years and, as he himself describes, you could hardly meet a more staunch advocate of the close-minded rejection by mainstream 'science' of the continuation of life after the death of the body-brain.
To him the brain generated what is called consciousness and so it was impossible for consciousness to continue to exist after the brain had ceased to function. This is the crap on which Establishment 'science' has been founded from the start because it has always been designed to detach the population from an awareness - the memory - of their true and infinite nature.
Many of my books are so big and my talks so long because of all the connections that have to be made to reveal the overall tapestry of manipulation. For example, you have to realise that there is a conspiracy to enslave humanity mentally and emotionally through deceit and ignorance before you can appreciate why a key part of that conspiracy is to ensure that people en masse forget who they really are.
A global population aware of its true and infinite nature could never begin to be mass controlled. But with a population that thinks it can be defined by name, job, background, culture, race or income bracket such control is a cinch.
The latter defines and decodes reality through the tiny frequency range of the five senses ('visible light') while those awakening to their infinite awareness have a far more expanded range and depth of vision and insight which can see through the lies, deceit and fake perceptions of the 'world'.
Fundamental to the suppression of awareness is to control the accepted 'norms' of academics and mainstream 'scientists'. You give them a reality song sheet from the first moment they enter the 'education system' and you turn and turn the screw as they continue through college and university and into their specialisation of academia, science or medicine.

You then reward them if they keep to the song sheet with top jobs, titles and prestige and they become the 'voice' (your voice) for what is and isn't, real and unreal, possible and impossible, sane and insane. They don't need evidence for what they say - only that unquestioning certainty that the system must know best.
This is passed down to the population as the academic/doctor/scientist must know best when they are only saying what they are because they believe, in the same way, that the system knows best. They are also well aware that to deviate from the indoctrinated norms is to lose their top jobs, titles, prestige and very tidy income thank you very much.
Eben Alexander did not seem to be motivated by the income bit, but simply bought the line that had been drilled into him since he was young - science knows best. Well, it doesn't. If the totality of mainstream science were a human being it would be dubbed the Village Idiot.
But then, this is exactly the type of mentality that the system seeks out to sell and program its propaganda about reality and the nature of life itself. In turn, anyone who challenges those norms, or has near-death experiences and 'sees' the truth, is immediately branded crazy, delusional, a charlatan or a liar.
Defend the norms at all costs - my big house and funding budget depend upon it.

Dr Eben Alexander tells in his book, Proof of Heaven, how he dismissed accounts from his patients of their experiences in other realities during near-death experiences or 'NDEs'. He writes:
Wonderful stuff, no question. But all of it, in my opinion, was pure fantasy. What caused the otherworldly types of experiences that such people so often report? I didn't claim to know, but I did know that it was all brain-based. All of consciousness is. If you don't have a working brain, you cannot be conscious.
This is because the brain is the machine that produces consciousness in the first place. When the machine breaks down, consciousness stops. As vastly complicated and mysterious as the actual mechanics of the brain processes are, in essence the matter is as simple as that. Pull the plug and the TV goes dead. The show is over, no matter how much you might have been enjoying it.
But then Eben's brain did shut down - and the show went on.
My contention has long been that the brain is a form of biological computer, but its function is not to produce consciousness. Its role is to decode, not create, and to process the information contained within consciousness. So the more expanded the consciousness that the brain is processing the more expanded will be the awareness that it is able to manifest as experienced reality.
The only creative function of the brain is how it chooses, or is programmed, to decode the information that it is processing. What it decodes and what it doesn't = the person's experienced reality.
The entire global conspiracy is actually founded on programming the brain to decode reality in a desperately limited way to therefore subsequently limit the awareness of the human targets. Closed minds are easy to mass control because they block most of the information available within consciousness, while open minds that allow expanded consciousness through for the brain to process are quite something else.

This image symbolises the mind that the system works so hard to impose - one in which consciousness is a spectator and reality, perception, and therefore action and behaviour, are decided by the computer processes of the brain. This is like going on the Internet and allowing the computer to decide where it goes and what it thinks of where it goes rather than the person at the keyboard.
This is the mind of the unquestioning know-it-all academic, doctor and scientist. It is the system's mind and without it the system could not exist. It is the state of perception that Einstein called the 'rational' mind. But it isn't rational. The word should really be irrational - 'not endowed with reason' - because it refuses to assess all the evidence available before reaching its unyielding conclusions.

But this image above symbolises the awakening mind which expands its perceptions of the possible to Infinite Possibility and allows through the love, knowledge - All Knowingness - of Infinite reality where everything is connected, everything is One, and the illusion of separation is no more. This is what Einstein referred to as the 'intuitive mind'. I prefer the knowing mind, but this state of awareness is not really mind at all. It is consciousness beyond mind.
In human terms this is the 'mind' of the maverick, the mystic, the Knower beyond the mere Thinker. These are the people who have been marginalised, ridiculed, condemned, often jailed and killed, throughout known human history.
The closed mind fears the open one, for it fears what it cannot comprehend, what it cannot process or understand. Then there are those in the shadows manipulating the ignorant into retribution against the conscious because this cabal knows the consequences for its hidden power of an awakening people.
This is why ignorance has always sought to crush and stifle the conscious at every turn.

T'was always so - but not this time. Oh no, NOT THIS TIME.
Before I describe Eben Alexander's experience, it is worth quickly summarising what I have been saying about reality in my books over the years and at Wembley last month - both the reality that we are currently aware of and the prime reality beyond its illusory walls and boundaries:
• Everything is the same Infinite Awareness, the same Infinite Ocean of Consciousness, and all separation is illusory. What we call the 'individual' is only a temporary focus or point of attention within Infinite Awareness - a droplet (point of attention) within the ocean (all possible points of attention).
• This ocean of consciousness is an expression of the All That Is And Ever Can Be (All Possibility) - the Infinite everything (and nothing), everywhere (and nowhere), is (and isn't) - All Possibility.
• The All That Is in its prime state is experienced as All Knowing stillness and silence. This is what some people call the 'Void' - the 'ocean' point of attention which is All Knowing and where the question and the answer, knower and the known, dreamer and the dream are the all same thing.
• We are both the temporary point of attention (I am Charlie Jones, I am Mary Smith) and the entirety of existence - All That Is And Ever Can Be (All Possibility).
• Our point of attention can be as massive or as infinitesimal as we choose or allow it to be. We can perceive ourselves as Charlie Jones or Mary Smith or as Infinite Awareness having a temporary experience (point of attention) called Charlie Jones and Mary Smith.
• The body-brain is a biological computer system that focusses the attention of consciousness on a tiny frequency range which science calls 'visible light', a range so small compared with Infinite existence as to be hilarious and bordering on total blindness.

• DNA is a receiver-transmitter of information that interacts with the wider reality (the Cosmic Internet as I call it) and the frequency band that DNA is tuned to dictates the decoded reality experienced by what is known as the conscious mind.
• 'Time' and 'space' are decoded illusions of our reality and do not exist beyond its tiny frequency range.
• There are other frequency levels of the Earth that are very different to this one - far less dense energetically, with vibrant, vivid colour, unconditional love and with the absence of limitation that we only experience in what we call dreams.
• A force which I called at Wembley the Archons or Jinn (see 'Reptilians') has hacked into that level of Earth reality and created a fake sub-reality that is a manipulated distortion of that 'other' Earth - it is like making a very bad copy of something. This hack is being fed to us to decode into experienced reality.
• So the 'hack' is the world that we experience and the energetic origin from which it is projected is what people call 'Hell'. Our reality is a holographic projection from what we call 'Hell'. In short, we are not going to Hell - we are already there.

This is basically what the Gnostics believed, a mystic and shaman-type people who were constantly suppressed and often slaughtered by the prevailing order - the Roman Church at the time. They were the inspiration behind the Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt which was home to half a million ancient scrolls and documents that were either destroyed or stolen by the Church (see the Vatican vaults).
The Gnostics were also the Cathars who were mass-murdered by the Church after the siege at Monts├ęgur in southern France in 1244. The Gnostics knew something that threatened the very existence of the Roman Church - they knew what I am outlining here and so much more that I covered at Wembley.
In 1945 a collection of Gnostic texts were discovered by a local peasant at Nag Hammadi in Egypt. They had been bound in leather and buried in a sealed jar. The papyrus used to thicken the leather bindings appears to date from around 350 to 400 AD, but it is widely believed that the original texts are older - perhaps dated to around 100 AD.

This was before the destruction of the Great Library in Alexandria, but even then the knowledge stream that the texts represent goes back way beyond Anno Domini into pre-history, as we perceive 'time'. The texts are the work of the Pagan Gnostics, not the later Christian Gnostics.
They include 13 codices and more than 50 texts which have given us far greater insight into what the Gnostics knew and believed, and when I read translations of their content it was immediately clear that they were mightily relevant to my own research and conclusions about a hidden force manipulating and directing human affairs.
One fifth of the texts found at Nag Hammadi focus on non-human manipulators that they call the 'Archons' which infiltrate the human mind to influence and direct the perception of reality. The texts describe reptilian entities and those known today as the Greys in terms that make them expressions of the Archons. The Greys are described as like an unformed baby or a foetus with grey skin and dark, unmoving eyes.
Remember this was written nearly 2,000 years ago.
The translated Nag Hammadi text, The Apocryphon of John II, says of the Archons:
They sought to overpower humanity in its psychological and perceptual functions ... although they saw that human thinking was superior to theirs ... For indeed their delight is bitter and their beauty is depraved. And their triumph is in deception leading astray, for their own structure is without divinity.

The Archon/Reptilians/Greys are described as lacking what I would call creative imagination. They cannot create directly, but they can twist and distort what has already been created. The Gnostics also described them as masters of deception capable of manipulating humanity by generating virtual realities.
This is what they have done with their 'hack', their deeply flawed holographic copy of the 'real' Earth. Their world matches the descriptions of Hell and from there they project the virtual-reality 'Hell' that Earth has become for so many.
I used these two images at Wembley to symbolise the dark, bleak, machine-like world of the robot-like Archons which has been transferred into human society...

It is dark, dank, mechanical and machine-like without inspiration or creativity and with the smell of death and decay. It is the world of the 'living dead' portrayed so often in films.
And so to the experiences of Dr Eben Alexander which happened in 2008 when he was struck very suddenly by e-coli meningitis which was eating away at his brain. They realised in the emergency room at the hospital that his brain and spinal fluid was awash with puss and his chances of survival were pretty much zero. Even if he had by some miracle survived, he would be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. The guy was done for - it was over.
But while his family sat by his bedside for the next seven days with Eben showing no signs of life or consciousness, he was on an incredible journey into the realms of reality that he had always dismissed as fantasy.
He and other academics, doctors and scientists explain away the accounts by millions who have had similar near-death experiences as creations of the brain responding to the neurological circumstances, but that won't wash in Eben Alexander's case.
The parts of his brain from which such 'fantasies' are supposed to spring was completely shut down in those seven days, switched off, not working and couldn't produce a fantasy at any price. Only the most primitive parts of the brain were functioning and thus preventing him from crossing the line into fully-blown 'death'.
Eben's point of attention had been freed from the malfunctioning brain and it was away with the fairies and 'angels'. Well, after a while it was.

The first reality that he experienced outside the body was not very nice at all. He describes this place in his book, Proof of Heaven, as like 'visible darkness' and being submerged in mud yet also being able to see through it. He had a form of awareness, but no self-identity. He calls it the 'Realm of the Earthworm's Eye-View'.
He also heard the sound of 'rhythmic pounding' that was distant, yet strong, a little like a heartbeat, but 'darker and more mechanical - like the sound of metal against metal, as if a giant subterranean blacksmith is pounding an anvil somewhere off in the distance ... pounding so hard that the sound vibrates through the earth, or the mud, or wherever it is that you are.'
I suggest that what Eben is describing is the realm of the Archons from which the 'hack', the fake copy 'Earth', is projected and the realm where people end up after human death if they are in such a low vibrational state that they can't move through it.
They will then either stay there or reincarnate into the holographic expression of that realm - the fake copy Earth that we are experiencing. This is the journey taken many times by the Archon-Reptilian bloodlines that are manipulating human society. Ain't that right, Hillary, Rothschild, Rockefeller, et al?
A common theme of near-death experiences is that people describe going through a tunnel to a bright light at the other end where they meet long-passed loved ones or other entities, and they experience a reality full of love, bliss and joy. It is my feeling that this 'tunnel' is a sort of vortex through which awareness (points of attention) can move with protection through the dense Archon range of frequency.

Eben didn't have the tunnel experience and instead ended up where he did. He said he was fine with it at first because he describes himself in a sort of zombie state where he observed in a detached way through very limited awareness in which he had no memory of anything - including the earth-life from which had just departed.
I wasn't human while I was in this place. I wasn't even animal. I was something before, and below, all that. I was simply a lone point of awareness in a timeless red-brown sea.
But then he began to experience a return to some sort of self-awareness as the detachment faded and now it became a scary place. He describes reptilian, wormlike creatures crowding past him and sometimes rubbing against him with their 'smooth or spiky skins'.
Faces bubbled up out of the darkness and became ugly and threatening. The pounding intensified and became like 'the work-beat for some army of troll-like underground workers'. He became aware of a smell - 'a little like faeces, a little like blood, and a little like vomit ...'
... A biological smell, in other words, but of biological death, not of biological life.
This is the realm of the Archon-Reptilians who, like their bloodline agents in our world, are obsessed with death and spilling blood, decay and suffering - all of which generate the low-vibrational energy on which the Archon-reptilians feed within the realm that Eben is describing.
This is where entities 'haunting' graveyards and other places of death reside. In frequency terms it is so close to our reality that interaction is possible - 'I saw a ghost', 'I saw a shadowy figure'. This is not the only explanation for ghostly phenomena, but it is one of them.

Satanic rituals connect with the entities in this realm, too, and the most powerful rituals can bring them through into our reality by means of the 'stepping-stone' energetic fields that the rituals are designed to generate. When someone is sacrificed 'to the gods', it means to entities in Eben's 'Realm of the Earthworm's Eye-View' that feed off the energy of death and terror.
The more humanity can be manipulated to generate the energy of fear, terror and death, the more power this realm absorbs to recycle back against its human targets.
Eben tells in his book how he heard dull roars that 'changed into dim, rhythmic chants, chants that were both terrifying and weirdly familiar'. The rituals of the human Satanists are mirrored by their masters in the Archon reality.
It is also the case that large numbers of people calling themselves 'psychics' and 'mediums' are accessing this Archonic realm and being channelled manipulative and inaccurate crap. The best ones can expand their awareness to connect with awareness of much higher frequencies beyond the Archonic lunatic asylum.

Now, before anyone succumbs to fear about all this - 'Hell' is to the rest of Infinity as a fly is to an elephant. The power of love is the all-powerful force, not hatred, not suffering, not 'Hell'. Infinite Love is the only truth - everything else is illusion'. Yes, including and especially the realm and perceived power of the 'dark side'.
Power? You must be joking. Their only power is our perception of their power and the perception that we don't have any when we potentially have it all.
I am not going to spoil Eben Alexander's book by going into the detail of what happened next, but in brief summary he was 'rescued' from this Hell-like place when light and love appeared in the form of a 'girl' to take him through the 'gateway' and into an Infinity of love, joy, happiness and Oneness.
'It was the strangest, most beautiful world I'd ever seen', he writes. 'I felt like I was being born. Not born again. Just ... born.'
Once through the gateway, and what I would say was out of the Archon realm, he saw another Earth with green, lush countryside, fantastically vibrant colour (reflecting its higher vibration) and with all the people happy and laughing, singing and dancing. This is 'Earth' as it really is beyond the fake-copy hack that we are experiencing.
Once he had remembered his true power to dictate his reality, Eben was able to go down into the 'Archon' world and come out of it at will and now there was no fear about what he saw and experienced there. He was in the power of his true self.
He realised that the 'physics' of mainstream science is a nonsense. There was no time once he left his body and the answer came back simultaneous to the question being asked. I know what he means - I have experienced that. Everything was One. There was no such thing as 'time' which, I have long contended, is only a decoded manipulation of the hack, the fake-copy reality.
This is what another near-death experiencer said:
... everything from the beginning, my birth, my ancestors, my children, my wife, everything comes together simultaneously. I saw everything about me, and about everyone who was around me. I saw everything they were thinking now, what they thought then, what was happening before, what was happening now. There is no time, there is no sequence of events, no such thing as limitation, of distance, of period, of place. I could be anywhere I wanted to be simultaneously.
This mirrors Eben Alexander's experience.

I used this image at Wembley to symbolise a theme of my books over the years - that the prime of prime realities is the still and silent All That Is. Eben Alexander describes how he experienced what he calls 'The Core' or the 'dazzling darkness'. It was here from where the purest love emanated and where all was known.
I know what he means. I have been there.
The 'girl' who guided him out of the Archon realm manifested as an 'orb' and communicated to him through thought (all communication was thought, not words) about the true reality which is unconditional love. He was told:
You are loved and cherished.
You have nothing to fear.
There is nothing you can do wrong.
'Love is, without a doubt, the basis of everything,' Eben writes, and he goes on:
Even on earth there is much more good than evil, but earth is a place where evil is allowed to gain influence in a way that would be entirely impossible at higher levels of existence. That evil could occasionally have the upper hand was known and allowed by the Creator as a necessary consequence of giving the gift of free will to beings like us.
Small particles of evil were scattered throughout the universe, but the sum total of all that evil was as a grain of sand on a vast beach compared with the goodness, abundance, hope and unconditional love in which the universe was literally awash.
The very fabric of the alternate dimension is love and acceptance, and anything that does not have these qualities appears immediately and obviously out of place there.'

So many people - myself included - have a lifetime in this manipulated reality in which they feel a constant background of sadness. It is always there, mostly almost imperceptible, but it can be felt very tangibly in quiet moments of reflection. This is the emotional aching and longing for the Infinity that we come from - that place of love, joy and happiness.
Well, the great news is that this is where we shall return, but in the meantime we have a job to do to open the collective heart and mind of this 'world' that will allow it to be flooded with the love and awareness that will set us, and the Archons, free.
Eben Alexander opened his eyes to the astonishment of doctors seven days after most of his brain ceased to function. He should have been dead, or at least barely alive with the awareness of a vegetable. But he wasn't. Once a transition period was completed when his brain rebooted he had the same brain and body that he did before he went away - though he was no longer the same man.
How could such an 'impossible' miracle happen?
Infinite Love Is The Only Truth - Everything Else Is Illusion.

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