Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CCTVs & social impacts on UK society

Being looked over all the time means someone’s privacy and personal space are being invaded. The condition could be increasingly seen in the UK where the country is “sleep-walking into a surveillance society” as its own government sources are putting it.

When one thinks of surveillance, first thought that comes up would be CCTV (Close Circuit Television) because it is most common and well-known type of surveillance that is widely used across the UK, but surveillance goes a lot further than just CCTV.

Surveillance is a broad topic and CCTV is not the only surveillance that is watching over the society. Other techniques such as 'Biometrics, Mobile Phones, and Phone tapping, Local Area Networks (LAN) and workplace surveillance also adds to the surveillance.

It is believed though that it is CCTV in general that tends to concern society. This is mainly due to the number of CCTV cameras installed in town centres across the UK and the cost of having them and keeping them running, partially because the idea of being watched 24/7 leaves society a very little chance to socialize privately.

In January 2000, [then] Prime Minister Tony Blair announced the expansion of CCTV network in England with the input of an enormous £150 million of public money (Parker, 2000

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