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The David Icke Newsletter, December 9th, 2012 - PARALLEL UNIVERSES

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The David Icke Newsletter, December 9th, 2012


Hello all ...
We will all have heard the concept of parallel universes in which multiple realities share the same space like radio and television stations, but how about multiple realities 'sharing' the same reality? This is I suggest what is happening here 'on' Earth.
What we call 'the world' is only a tiny range of frequency called visible light, a narrow band within the larger, but still fundamentally limited, electromagnetic spectrum. What humans can 'see' is an infinitesimal fraction of what there is to see.

The vehicle which focuses human attention on merely visible light is called a 'body'. This focus is imposed by the simple fact that the decoding and information receiver-transmitter systems of the brain and DNA/genetic structure only manifest 'reality' for what we call the conscious mind within the frequency band of visible light.
This genetically-decoded focus of perceived reality is what people call a 'human' and they mistake this for their true self. It is not. It is merely a focus of attention within their infinite awareness. It is their 'ocean' focusing attention on a droplet and believing for a temporary 'three score years and ten' that the droplet is the true self and not the ocean.
It makes me chuckle when I see people ridiculing the existence of other realities, and other manifestations of infinite possibility such as reptilians, when they can't even see other levels of their own reality like the ultraviolet, infrared and radiowave segments of the electromagnetic field.
Hilarious, really. What self-delusion, what, even if we take it to the lowest level, what 'scientific' nonsense.
But the body only focuses the attention of what is bravely and optimistically called the conscious mind. What that 'mind' is ultimately 'attached' to dictates how we perceive the reality that we are focused upon. Thus we have so much love and so much evil in the same 'world'.

So there are infinite levels of awareness 'on' the Earth that are being focused into the visible light frequency band by the holographic biological computer that we call the body. This is what makes our reality such an extraordinary 'place' in that not only is 'all human life here', but so is the potential for infinite levels of awareness looking itself in the eyes through its holographic expressions known as people.
There are what I call heart-people (expanded awareness); mind-people (five-sense intellectual 'brain' awareness); and gut-people (heartless and even mindless). Then there are others who are mostly no longer perceiving reality through the body, but only using it to allow direct interaction with the frequency range they wish to experience.
Their reality overwhelmingly does not come through the filter of the brain because their point of attention and awareness has expanded into deeper levels of the energetic self and their perception of reality is constructed outside the body and not through its programmed 'lens'.
The Wembley event in October has transformed my own sense of reality in the most amazing way. There was not a distinct moment when it 'flipped', but in the days that followed I knew that something had dramatically changed. Those that can see beyond the 'physical' into the deeper auric field have said that my own energy field looks very, very different to what it did before Wembley.
I can certainly feel what they see.
It was like before Wembley I had been 'in' this reality pointing outwards and saying 'look, there's the All That Is, the 'Dazzling Darkness' that neurosurgeon Eben Alexander describes in his book Proof of Heaven about his remarkable near-death experience. He also called this 'place', this Infinite Awareness, the 'Core', as I described in a recent newsletter.

But after Wembley there was this massive flip in my point of attention so that instead of looking out from 'here' at the All That Is, the still and silent All Possibility', my attention was now there looking back at this reality and seeing it for what it is with a vastly expanded clarity.
I hope this makes some sense because human language doesn't suffice, but it is an amazing 'place' to be, an incredibly calm and blissful state of knowing that everything is okay - that there is nothing to fear and nothing that we cannot do and cannot know.
Of course, the 'human' me is still here responding to the demands and challenges of life, but the moment I acknowledge the influence of that computer-system reality the power and perspective of the All That Is returns in an instant because that is our natural state and we just have to let it in.
This is the point. 'We' don't have to 'go' to the state of All That Is. How can we 'go' to what we already are? It is not about 'going'; it is about opening and expanding our point of attention, our sense of self, to span the Forever from five senses to All That Is And Ever Can Be.
We are the Forever - Charlie Smith, Ethel Jones and the All That Is are one and the same. The divisions and denials are illusions of mind, that's all. Humanity is imprisoned by programmed illusion.

'You mean there is no ceiling and there are no walls?
Answer: only if you perceive them and so create them.
I can't remember seeing a rainbow for years before Wembley but in the following days I saw loads of them on my way home, on the Isle of Wight where I live and then again on a research trip around England that took in the best part of 1,000 miles last week. It certainly feels like a new beginning - a new and even more powerful and productive stage of my life. I am looking at the world through new eyes or rather no eyes at all.

It has certainly been a highly productive few weeks for information since Wembley and I can tangibly see the truth punching holes in the walls of deceit and suppression like never before. This has been most obvious in the United Kingdom with the revelations about Jimmy Savile, the child procurer for the rich and famous which included top politicians and royalty, and all that has come from that.
You may have noticed on the website that I have been pursuing the truth with great vigour with regard to all this and for a number of reasons: One is to secure some justice for the staggering numbers of abused children and to do everything possible to expose that this is still happening today; another is to show people through this exposure that the world is not how they have believed it to be and is run by forces very different to those they have always thought were in power.
The latter has the potential to open the doors of perception so that people ask themselves 'Well, if paedophilia infests the "highest" echelons of the governing structure, including royalty, what else is not as it seems?' This is the process of re-evaluation of perception and possibility that can break through the intellectual rigidity of mind into a far more expanded consciousness and awareness of reality.
From that everything else will follow.
I have said that we live 'in' a world where multiple realities mingle together connected by one common factor - their attention is being focused on the same frequency band of visible light via the holographic biological body-computer. When you research the grotesque and despicable sub-world of paedophilia and Satanism, as I have now for more than two decades, the multiple realities in the same world are so clear to see.
Good and evil do exist in that they are very different states of perception, points of attention and self-awareness.

Those behind the global conspiracy and the paedophile and Satanic networks have their minds connected to, and their perceptions driven by, what neurosurgeon Eben Alexander called the realm of the 'Earthworm's Eye-View'.
During his seven-day near-death experience after his human mind shut down completely due to e-coli meningitis he experienced reality beyond the body, Everything he experienced was wonderful and love abounded everywhere except in the realm close to our reality - the 'Earthworm's Eye-View'.
I refer to this as the realm of the 'Archons' - the name given by the ancient Gnostic peoples to entities they say manipulate human society by attaching to human minds and influencing their sense of reality.
It was here that Eben Alexander heard the sound of 'rhythmic pounding' which was distant, yet strong, a little like a heartbeat, but 'darker and more mechanical - like the sound of metal against metal, as if a giant subterranean blacksmith is pounding an anvil somewhere off in the distance ... pounding so hard that the sound vibrates through the earth, or the mud, or wherever it is that you are.'
It was here that he describes seeing reptilian, wormlike creatures crowding past him and sometimes rubbing against him with their 'smooth or spiky skins' and he saw faces that 'bubbled up out of the darkness and became ugly and threatening'.
He told how the pounding intensified and became like 'the work-beat for some army of troll-like underground workers'. He became aware of a smell - 'a little like faeces, a little like blood, and a little like vomit ... a biological smell, in other words, but of biological death, not of biological life.'

This is the realm which is projecting into the minds of the 'Elite' bloodlines and their gofers and agents and this is why they act with such evil, hatred and with no sense of empathy and compassion. The world they have long embarked on creating is becoming ever more 'ugly and threatening' based on 'biological death', not 'biological life.'
This is the game: the more our reality mirrors the Archon reality the closer they become in terms of frequency and the more power and influence the Archon realm has over this one. This is why love, empathy, compassion and joy are the answer to all this - these states of being quicken the frequency of our reality and subsequently increase the vibrational distance from the Archontic realm and dramatically lessen its influence on human perception and behaviour.
It also removes the energetic power source of low-vibrational human emotion on which the Archon realm depends because it is so far removed from 'the light', The All That Is and Every Can Be, that it has no source of energetic power of its own.
It must therefore parasite off those who do have energetic power - in this case humanity. This parasiting can be seen throughout human society, not least with the banking system which appears to be sucking the population dry of money, but money is only a form of energy and so we are really seeing the population being sucked dry of energy - life-force.
This is one major reason why so many people worldwide feel constantly fatigued and short of energy.

The banking system.
Satanism performs its repeating rituals including human and animal sacrifice in the same locations month after month, year after year with the biggest rituals reserved for certain astrological (energetic) periods when they can be most powerful and effective from their sick point of view. This is the reason why periods of the year like Beltane and Halloween are most significant to the global satanic networks.
The rituals manipulate the energy field at the targeted locations to make the frequency division between our realm and the Archon realm much thinner. This allows far more powerful interaction with the Archontic 'demons' ('The Devil', 'Satan') and opens the way for them to enter our reality, albeit only for a certain time because of the vibrational and atmospheric incompatibility.
It is the same principle as people being told they can only enter an area of high radiation for so long before they have to get out or suffer serious consequences.
So many Satanic rituals take place in churches because (a) churches were often built originally on vortex points on the Earth's energy grid when they were located at places previously held sacred by the 'Pagans' who knew about the energetic lines of force now called meridians or leylines; and (b) churches are often surrounded by graveyards which constantly generate the frequency of death and decay.
Graveyards and cemeteries are targeted by Satanists because once again the energy of death and decay dilutes the frequency division between this realm and the Archon realm which Eben Alexander described perfectly as being about biological death, not biological life.
The bloodlines - the Archon/Reptilians incarnate - seek to produce as much death and destruction as possible because this is collectively thinning out the divisions and increasing the Archontic influence and, as I said at Wembley, the real agenda behind the manipulated Fukushima disaster and the constant irradiating on the Earth field in general is to change the atmosphere to make it more compatible for the Archontic entities.

The perfect location for Satanism.
My research trip around England last week took me west to Plymouth and researcher and campaigner Brian Gerrish, the former British naval officer who has done so much great work exposing the networks of manipulation within British society and the omnipresent paedophilia that goes with it.
One thing that we chatted about was his extensive research into the unexplained explosion of suicides by young people in a part of South Wales in and around Bridgend, a former mining town with a population of about 40,000 which is 22 miles from the capital, Cardiff. Brian was telling me that the number of suicides is far greater even than publicly known and in fact no one knows for sure the true figure.
Quoted numbers tell of 79 deaths between January 2007 and February 2012 and the vast majority of the suicides are from hanging. Most of the dead have been aged between 15 and 30. Police asked the media to stop reporting the deaths in 2010 to prevent what they called 'copy-cat' suicides. But all this has done is taken a shocking situation that requires urgent explanation out of the public eye.

It just so happens that the Bridgend area is a centre for Satanic activity and one of the ways that young people are being influenced is through 'plays' at community halls that are blatantly and outrageously Satanic in nature. The suicides are clearly connected to some sort of very powerful mind control or influence and Brian continues his research into exactly what form this takes although many key signs are already obvious.
Suicide is incredibly significant because if you are in such a low vibrational emotional state that you will take your own life - decide that death is preferable to life - your awareness must gravitate to the Archon realm because of the mutual frequency compatibility. However bad life seems to be suicide is always the worst possible option.
This doesn't mean that such people are condemned to the fire and damnation of 'Hell' for all eternity as the religious nonsense talks about because it is possible to escape that realm through self-awareness and help - as Eben Alexander experienced - but this is to where the vibrational state of the suicidal must first gravitate through the laws of frequency alone.

What is the common denominator because there clearly is one?

My trip then took me 300 miles north to Wrexham, the major town of North Wales which is now infamous for the massive abuse of children in 'care' homes during the 1970s and 1980s. The same is still going on all over the world today, but the currently abused are still children and they have no voice against the often rich and famous adults, and others in authority, who are doing the abusing.
The exposure of such horrors is always retrospective for this reason because it usually only emerges when the abused children become adults and have the strength and opportunity to tell their stories.
One of the people I met was a man who calls himself 'Jimmy'. He said that he was violently abused as a youngster, though he says not sexually, at 'care' homes that he attended in Wales. But it is impossible for him to know what happened to him for seven years as a kid because he has no memories of that period. Conversely, he told me that he can vividly remember the moment he was born - the room, wallpaper, furniture and the people present.
Jimmy said that he was convicted for setting fire to a school with others in 1979 in which people died, but he says that he has no memory of being involved. He said the fire was at what was then called the Porth County Comprehensive in Cemetery Road, Porth, Rhondda-Cynon-Taff, but when I tried to find any mention of the fire on the Internet there was nothing.
I asked him about this and he said that he had found the same and had to go to the library to seek out the archives of the Rhondda Leader newspaper before finding any mention of what happened. Unless this had been systematically done it is inconceivable that there would not be wider mention of such a story. Jimmy said that he was given a record prison sentence for his age of 15 years - reduced to seven on appeal - and yet just a year later he said he was taken out of prison and returned to the 'care' system.
He said that he spent a lot of time at the sickeningly brutal Glamorgan 'Farm' School in Neath, South Wales where he was given regular 'kickings' - a phrase you hear constantly when you speak the world over to people like Jimmy. He described how a fellow 'inmate' at Neath had a thumb sawn off as punishment by the 'master', Peter Fleming, who is pictured here.

Jimmy also said the whenever there was a case conference to discuss him at the Farm School a then prominent British government cabinet minister, William Whitelaw, would be present at the table. Jimmy and his mother never knew why.
Whitelaw was deputy prime minister to Margaret Thatcher in an administration that was clearly infested by a paedophile ring that involved prominent people including the open 'secret' paedophile Pater Morrison, the MP for Chester, who was in Thatcher's inner circle for 15 years.
It was known throughout this time that he abused young boys but nothing was done. Morrison was later exposed at an abuser at the 'care' homes in North Wales and Jimmy told me how he saw Morrison taking a boy away in his car. The government of Margaret Thatcher from 1979 to 1990 was such a cesspit of paedophilia and corruption, but then they all are - it's just that the information is fast coming to light in this case.

William Whitelaw and Jimmy Savile's close friend, Margaret Thatcher.
Jimmy showed me the multiple scars all over his upper body caused by being scored with knives and other 'instruments' of abuse and torture. What these people go through as kids and young people is almost beyond the imagination and it is happening on a vast scale the world over because the perpetrators have their minds attached to the merciless, compassionless, heartless and loveless realm of the Archons.
In this way, Archontic behaviour becomes the behaviour of the 'humans' they control and the closer the frequency range of our reality gets to the Archon realm the more their world becomes ours.
A few days after meeting Jimmy, I was on a Skype call with Brian Clare who was abused in 'care' homes in Sunderland in the North East of England and elsewhere. He told me a story I have heard from so many people all over the world - a tale of 'kickings', beatings, torture and sexual abuse. The scale of this is just incredible.
Brian Clare was taken to the Emsworth House Assessment Centre in Sunderland at the age of eight, but ran away because 'I wanted to be with my mam'. He said that he was then designated a 'runaway risk' and this meant that he was 'treated like a prisoner':
The secure unit was like a cell. I remember that there were no light switches or door handles on the inside of the room and there was one plastic light fitting in the centre of the ceiling. The glass of course was reinforced. The bed was a rudimentary block with a mattress sat on it. The mattress and the pillows all had plastic covers on and there was no real bedding to speak of.
Anyway I had to be content with my surroundings as I was required to spend seventeen hours in the secure unit each day. I have horrible memories of long nights spent in that room and it would be true to say that suicide crossed my mind on many occasions.
Brian was just eight years old.

His abuse went on and on and he was just coming up to eleven when he was moved to the notorious Witherwack House in Sunderland:
I was subjected to constant physical and psychological abuse by members of staff and 'care' workers. I was constantly picked on by members of staff who dragged me around by my neck; punched me, grabbed me by the testicles, gave me black eyes and a broken nose.
I was also forced into a bath of hot water and then cold water. When I was alone the staff beat me, punching me repeatedly with both fists in the stomach and my head, causing great pain. During one such instance I screamed and cried for them to stop but they just kept on beating me. I begged them and still it went on. I was also sexually assaulted by a male member of staff who later became involved with child protection. He informed me that he would single me out for punishment.
The forms of punishment employed by the staff at Witherwack House included restraint techniques. On one occasion my arm was held up my back so badly my shoulder blade needed medical treatment. My thumb would be bent backwards until it touched my forearm. This was done at least daily and was extremely painful.
I suffer from epilepsy and I believe this was caused by my head being hit by objects. This was not reasonable punishment and force being used - this was evil. I often heard screams of other residents being abused. Indeed I witnessed a rape of a girl who was eight or nine at the time - I tried to intervene but I was beaten senseless for my trouble. It was the best kicking of my life.
These are just some of Brian's nightmare experiences - he expands on his story here: Brian Clare's Story (or part of it) - and Brian is just one of multi-millions of children this has happened to - and is still happening to - worldwide today.

This is a map of Wales and this country is emerging more and more with relation to paedophilia rings and Satanism. To the South you can see Bridgend where the suicides of young people are happening and to the north-east is Wrexham, centre of North Wales 'care' home abuse, just across the border from the English town of Chester, where the MP was once well-known paedophile Peter Morrison, Margaret Thatcher's close aide for 15 years.
Prince Charles is the 'Prince of Wales' and he was given the title at a ceremony (ritual) involving the Queen at Caernarvon Castle in 1969. You can see Caernarvon on the map on the north-west coast of Wales opposite the island of Anglesey with its main town of Holyhead.

Prince Charles after he became the Prince of Wales. What a load of bollocks.
I have known for a long time about the Satanic importance of Anglesey just across a short stretch of water from Caernarvon Castle and one of Brian Clare's worst memories of all from his time in 'care' was being forced to take part in a Satanic ritual on Anglesey when he was about 12-years old.
Brian describes black candles and a goat's head, circle and 'star' at the ritual, which would be the classic inverted five-pointed star within a circle that relates in satanic symbolism to the head of a goat - the symbol of the 'Devil' known by names such as Baphomet.

Brian named to me a leading cabinet minister in Margaret Thatcher's government who took part in the Anglesey ritual - the same Thatcher who was so friendly with Jimmy Savile and had paedophile MP Peter Morrison at her side for 15 years. Brian still has the scars from the cuts made in his arm and head to drain blood during the ritual.
He told me how when he later saw the cabinet minister on the television he froze and 'poohed and weed myself.'
Brian said that he was taken to the ritual in a drugged state in a 'blue Bedford van', but distinctly remembers seeing the entry sign to Anglesey as they were arriving at the destination. This certainly fits with Anglesey's justified reputation as a major centre for satanic ritual.

I understand that in the days of the Celts and their Druid priests there were three Arch-Druids located on three islands - Anglesey, the Isle of Man, further out in the Irish Sea, and on the Isle of Wight where I live a few miles off England's south coast. If that is so it would be for energetic reasons. There is something especially powerful about land surrounded by water.
Not by coincidence, I suggest, Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, live on Anglesey where William is stationed with the Royal Air Force and they spent the night of their wedding on April 29th 2011 (my birthday as it happens) on the Isle of Wight at a place only a few miles from me that I have long had my eyes on in terms of all this.

Kate Middleton has 'Princess Diana' written all over her. She is even wearing Diana's engagement ring with a blue sapphire, the gemstone associated with Saturn, and the astrological 'coincidences' between the wedding of Prince Charles to Diana and Prince William to Kate are too remarkable to be by chance.
For sure, if the baby announced this week was conceived by William (and many royal babies are not whether the mother knows this at the time or otherwise) then it would surely have been conceived in ritual as they normally are - quite probably on Anglesey.
This is not to cast aspersions on Kate Middleton - Diana talked privately about being drugged by the royal family to ensure that she remembered nothing about what happened to her. Of course, I can't say that anything like this happened this time for certain because I wasn't involved and I know no one who was, but I can say that this is how the royals have always operated.
Their focus of attention connects with the Archon realm and that dictates everything including the body-vehicles used to incarnate the Archon-Reptilians who covertly manipulate human affairs from behind apparently human form.

The couple walking on Anglesey beach.
The five-sense attention of incarnate Archon-Reptilians may be focused in our reality, just like the rest of the population, but they are viewing this world from a very different level of perception than those who are connected with higher and more expanded expressions of consciousness.
We have two very distinct 'worlds' sharing the same frequency band and there are two very different agendas happening side by side. The public face of royalty and the Elite is only there to sell the fairy tale and to kid the population that we are all from the same human origins with the same basic 'values'.
But behind the scenes when eyes and cameras have gone, and the sun is replaced by its nocturnal reflector, the moon, they allow the real 'them' to come forth. As an abused daughter of Satanic parents in America said on the Oprah Winfrey Show:
... to the outside world, everything we did was proper and right, and then there were the nights that things changed, that things just got turned around. What was wrong was right, and what was right was wrong.
To the outside world, a royal couple are expecting a baby and what is happening is proper and right, but it won't be as simple as that. It never is with the royal family. To the outside world, 'care' homes are there to protect children from coming to harm. To the outside world, Jimmy Savile had a heart of gold and did so much for children's charities.
The outside world may be looking into the same reality as the Elite that it is observing, but 'outside' world is the very word - outside the loop of secrets hidden behind the fa├žade of respectability and 'normalness'.
One world: Two realities.
And then some.

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