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The David Icke Newsletter, May 19th, 2013 WHAT'S YOUR PERSPECTIVE? ...... THE TWIG OR THE FOREST?

The David Icke Newsletter, May 19th, 2013

Hello all ...
I was contacted this week by a resident of Iran to tell me that is 'filtered' (blocked) in Iran and that I am seen as a 'persona non grata', or 'an unwelcome person'.

The term usually refers to 'a foreign person whose entering or remaining in a particular country is prohibited by that country's government' and is described as 'the most serious form of censure which one country can apply to foreign diplomats, who are otherwise protected by diplomatic immunity from arrest and other normal kinds of prosecution.'

Well, clearly the latter doesn't apply to me in the literal sense, but I take the point and I am deeply hurt. I have never been an unwelcome person before and I shall have to take to my bed.

I refer to what I call Twig People and Forest People and this is a case in point if it turns out to be true. The vast majority are currently Twig People and this is why we got into this mess. The few - though gathering in number - are Forest People.

By that I mean this: Twig People are the victims of their own myopia and cannot see beyond their race, culture, religion, job, political preference, sexuality and societorial programming. Forest People see all this as an irrelevant diversion from the big picture of global control and abuse of all races, cultures, religions, jobs, political preferences, sexualities and societorial programs.

They also see it as a diversion from the even greater truth that we are all ONE Awareness having different experiences for the Biblical threescore-years-and-ten - not that time really exists either except as a decoded program.

Ironically, I have been exposing for year after year the plan to bring death and destruction to Iran in an effort to subjugate the entire Arab world and steal its oil and gas reserves and other resources. But that is the forest, or part of it, and this is not enough when there are so many twigs to ponder and pore over.

I take it that I must be 'persona non grata' to the Iranian authorities because I challenge the right of men in frocks to dictate the lives of an entire nation. To the Twig People their twigs are the only truth and the Forest is a heresy.

'What? No twigs?'
The Forest is dangerous to all authority because by definition it means that people are connecting the dots - the twigs - and seeing what they are in totality when put together. Once that picture morphs into view all aspects of authority and the belief systems on which it stands come crashing down in an explosion of life-changing insight.
If you are a cog, but see yourself and the other cogs as individuals doing your own thing, you will never see what is really going on. But once you see the machine then your perception is immediately transformed and the real nature of your daily existence becomes blindingly obvious.

'Hey, we're just cogs in the same machine.'

'Oh shut up, have you been on the oil again?'

Cog and machine is only analogy for twig and forest - sheep and flock is another.

I see this often in the alternative media when Christian believers dismiss what I write because I don't believe in Jesus. They can't accept that someone who doesn't share their belief-system could possibly have anything valid to say because their twig trumps their forest.
I have had many Christians write to me over the years to say they are praying for me to 'see the light' which is another way of saying that they are completely right and non-Christians must therefore be completely wrong. Extreme Muslims, Hindus and Jews are the same and they are not alone. Their arrogant myopia trumps an open mind.

I had an interesting chat this week with my friend Mike Lambert at the Shen Clinic on the Isle of Wight about the known against the unknown. Society is dominated by a belief in the known. Education, science, medicine, politics and media are all founded on a belief in the known.

The known is basically the holographic realm of what is called the physical world and the unknown is the unseen infinity of waveform information and pure consciousness from which the holographic illusion is decoded and made manifest. The known is the domain of the five senses - can I see it, hear it, touch it, taste it or smell it? Oh, it must exist then.

Education is about teaching the known to the next generation of programmed 'knowers' while academics, scientists and doctors are looked upon in awe because they are perceived to know more than others about the known.

But what is this 'known'? It is what they believe is known, nothing more.

The maze knows best. The viewing deck is a heretic.
I see television news anchors saying 'what we know is ...' before repeating an official story concocted in the shadows to manipulate public perception. It may be the 'known' to the suit in the studio, but it is a pack of lies all the same.
It was known that the Earth was flat and this known was preached and imposed upon generations galore in the great centres of alleged 'education', but it was bollocks all the same. The known is only 'I believe it is known' and yet it is the very foundation of human society.

Universities across the world are acclaimed places of 'learning' but they are only teaching the known - the believed to be known - and, as Mike Lambert said, you can only truly learn by uncovering the unknown. Everything else is repeating.

When your job, status and even sense of self and security come from the known there is a built-in incentive to ignore or trash the unknown. The known fears the unknown as the twigs fear the forest because the more the unknown reveals its secrets the more the known loses its omnipotence and dominance of perception.

How funny when what is perceived as the known is only a decoded figment of the unknown's imagination. The dream is the dreamer but can see only the dream. The known is the unknown but can see only the known.

As that great philosopher and humanitarian Donald Rumsfeld said as US Defence Secretary ...

Yes, quite. Anyway, moving on ...
The 'known', the holographic illusion, is where people invent and worship their twigs while the realms of waveform and pure consciousness are the forest that connects everything as One. The Control System demands for its very survival that the twig mentality be constantly maintained and this is why so-called 'visionaries' have always been sought out and targeted by the authority of the day.

True visionaries are Forest People and thus highly dangerous to the prevailing order and its need to lasso human perception and tie it to the hologram.

Most of the alternative media can't see the forest for the twigs because on one side it takes the Bible as its arbiter of truth and possibility and on the other its Bible is mainstream 'science'. There is a growing alternative to the alternative which can see beyond both, but still those perception systems dominate at present.

I am dismissed by both of them because I challenge religion and science, which is little more than another religion anyway - with honourable exceptions. I am fine with that because they are manifestations of the known, or the perception of the known, and I want to explore way beyond that. If dismissal and ridicule is a consequence then it's well worth it.

Religion talks a good story about the 'next world', but its focus is largely in the hologram with its rules, regulations, structures and hierarchy and so most certainly is the religion of scientism. The very foundation of science is that the world is solid when it can't be.

The mainstream 'scientific' mind has been suffering from mass schizophrenia and cognitive dissonance since its worst nightmare arrived on the scene in the form of quantum physics. Life was easy before that. The world was solid, that's it; all sorted, done and dusted. But once quantum physics exploded that myth and became a mainstream 'discipline' the twigs were in danger of having to encompass the forest.
Schizophrenia and cognitive dissonance came to their aid by allowing them either to accept that quantum physics exists while, at the same time, ignoring the fact that it does; or to believe that while quantum physics proves that the world is an illusion in terms of solidity it doesn't change anything with regard to their belief in that solidity.

This was classically stated by Professor Richard Dawkins, a Master of the Twigs at Oxford University, who said that reality is not malleable while admitting that his grasp of quantum physics was 'foggy'. Close your mind to anything that challenges your twig and crack on regardless.

The perceived known can survive only so long as you refuse to include quantum physics. Once you do, the 'known' becomes a nonsense. This is not some intellectual musing, either. It is fundamental to everything that happens in human society.

'I'm a doctor - I know the known: trust me.'
This refusal of the mainstream to expand beyond its perception of the known means that hundreds of millions die and suffer from ongoing ill-health and deprivation every year when there is no need. The body systems within the hologram are but projected expressions of the body's auric energy field and its waveform information construct.
Acupuncture, for example, is treating and balancing the energetic field and harmonising the flows of energy (information) that are called meridians. If the energy field and flows are in balance then the hologram must reflect that because one is only a decoded projection of the other. This knowledge in relation to the body is another example of the forest.

But Big Pharma-controlled mainstream medicine, the offspring of mainstream 'science', does not recognise the existence of these foundation information fields of the body and sees only the hologram while not even knowing that it is a hologram.

To mainstream doctors it is a solid physical body and this condemns both their understanding and their patients to reap the consequences in the subsequent limitations of potential 'treatment' which is therefore normally confined to the scalpel and the drug.

Mainstream medicine is criticised by the more aware for only treating the symptom and not the cause, but when you seek to treat only the hologram (while believing it to be 'real') what can you do except treat a symptom in the hologram caused by a distortion in the energy field that you refuse to acknowledge even exists?

If you restore the energetic information field to balance then the hologram must follow because, again, one is a projection of the other. This is how intelligent healers treat the cause to remove the symptom - the very opposite of the mainstream approach which sees only the twigs and not the forest.
The terror of having the twigs prised from their sweaty palms is behind the gathering attacks on forest-based alternative methods of healing. Patients with their lives at risk, or parents with their child's life at risk, are told how they can and can't be treated by a 'medical' system that they are funding.

I know of situations in which doctors have said that a desperately ill patient has to be moved out of the hospital before receiving any alternative treatment that the patient has requested in a last desperate attempt to survive.

The twig mentality is so myopically-addicted that what should be the key and overriding questions are never asked: does a treatment work and could it benefit the patient? This mind-set is shockingly common within mainstream medicine and the patient's welfare becomes secondary to the belief system.

Proper healers, as opposed to doctors, and proper health care, as opposed to Big Pharma, would look at all possible treatments and use the one most likely to be effective, but that would mean opening their minds to the forest and that is the system's worst nightmare.

Instead, mainstream doctors are told what they can and can't do and it just so happens, stands back in amazement, that what they can do is the very 'treatment' peddled by Big Pharma.

You can see the twig and forest deal in politics, too. The political twig is power - or perceived power - and not what is most beneficial to the population (forest). This makes the battle for power and winning elections the focus of virtually all that happens in politics.
Far from coming together to agree what is best for the people they are supposed to represent the goal is to undermine their political opponents in every way possible so that they win or hang on to 'power'. This happens the world over as they argue over who holds the twig while the forest burns to oblivion.

Politics and governments are also founded on a belief only in the perceived known. Decisions are made about 'health' care on the basis that Big Pharma medicine is the only credible source of knowledge and the same with mainstream 'science'. The education system which underpins the whole twig mentality is coming from the same direction.

Another serious and highly destructive 'twig' is an obsession with me, me, me. You see this with politicians, but in the wider sense this twig is personal interest, resentment and jealousy and the forest is the greater good. So many times I have heard people say how much they support my work until there is something they want or don't like and then the greater good is suddenly a heap on the floor and me, me, me is the only show in town.

In short, Twig People rule the world.

Living in the box.
I spoke to a lady this week who had been targeted by Social Services after an anonymous phone call alleging that she was neglecting her children and was 'a follower of David Icke' (so she must be mentally unstable). I hope no one is a 'follower' of me because that is not the idea at all, but the point is that posting my information on a social network was being equated with being mentally ill and unfit to look after her children.
A social worker questioned her on these allegations - including what she thought of me - before accepting the fact during a home visit that the lady was certainly not neglecting her children and was not mentally unstable.

But this is what happens with Twig People. They so fail to understand the forest perspective that they have to perceive its proponents to be crazy to justify and protect their own belief system. If what a Forest Person says has any validity then twig beliefs are seriously under threat. Much better to dismiss the messenger as insane than face their own insanity.

And it is a form of insanity. One definition for the term is 'a mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior.' Psychosis is defined as 'a mental state caused by psychiatric or organic illness, characterized by a loss of contact with reality and an inability to think rationally.'
Put that lot together and you have twig believers the world over. I mean, is it not a loss of contact with reality and an inability to think rationally to say that reality is not malleable while also saying that your knowledge of quantum physics is foggy?

But with Twig People dominating global society they have hijacked the sense of what is 'normal'. Oh, yes, 'normal'. This is very interesting and instructive. These are some definitions of 'normal':
Conforming with, adhering to, or constituting a norm, standard, pattern, level, or type; typical.
Relating to or characterized by average intelligence or development.

Free from mental illness; sane.

So 'normal' is conforming to a standard or typical pattern. But what dictates and constitutes 'standard and typical'? The behaviour of the majority. Given that the majority are Twig People it is their behaviour that becomes the standard and typical 'normal'.

The term is also 'characterised by average intelligence or development' and so to be above average intelligence makes you abnormal. And here is the punch line ... to be normal is to be 'free from mental illness; sane'.

Everything is turned on its head as usual. To be free from mental illness and sane is to conform with, adhere to, or constitute a norm, standard, pattern, level, or type; typical; and to relate or be characterised by average intelligence or development.

But how do they define average intelligence or development? It is the average compared with all the others who believe only in the perceived known.

Those that see beyond the 'known' are, by definition, too intelligent to be considered 'normal', but not normal enough to be considered 'free from mental illness; sane'. It's hysterical.
If you are born into a madhouse and you know nothing else then madness to you is normal. It is still crazy, but it's normal crazy masquerading as sanity. Welcome to Planet Earth, a standard, typical, normal, madhouse.

To grasp what is really going on here we have to disconnect the terms 'sane' and 'normal' because they are not at all interchangeable; and we have to realise that what is termed 'normal' is an advanced form of insanity.

Once people get that, everything makes sense and falls into place.

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