Sunday, September 08, 2013

Syria crisis: More signs US involvement in civil war may be greater than first anticipated as Obama looks to boost rebels (dominated by 'Al-Qaeda' terrorists) As I have said all along, this is nothing to do with 'chemical weapons' and everything to do with removing Assad from power as part of a long-planned agenda to conquer and seize control of the entire Middle and Near East and the landmass known as Eurasia by picking off country after country using largely different excuses - Bin Laden (Afghanistan); Weapons of mass destruction (Iraq); 'He's killing his own people' (Libya); 'He's gasing his own people' (Syria); 'They have a nuclear weapons programme' (Iran). 'As the Obama administration struggles to convince lawmakers of the case for intervention in Syria, there were signs today that American involvement in the civil war there, if it happens, might be greater in scale than was first anticipated. 'US officials are said to be studying a plan to increase support for rebels fighting to remove the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power. The new plan would see the military send its own trainers to bolster the capabilities of the rebels, something they have  resisted in the past. The CIA has been training groups of rebels in Jordan. But the involvement of the military could see the number of rebels being trained spiral from dozens to hundreds or even thousands, according to the Associated Press.' Read more ... -------------------------------------------------------------- Footage of chemical attack on Aug 21st in Syria is fraud 'Touted by both the US and British government as “open source reporting evidence”, hundreds of YouTube videos and online photos have been used to underpin their alleged case that the Syrian government carried out chemical attacks on its own people. There is only one problem now: much of this evidence has now been exposed as fraudulent propaganda and can no longer be rightly attributed to chemical attacks which took place on August 21, 2013 in Gouta outside of Damascus. Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib, a nun from Syria. The exhibits mentioned below are undoubtedly false representations of events of August 21st, so this begs the painful question – how many more of John Kerry’s “open source reports” are also fake? One can only conclude that the governments of the US, UK and France are touting around bogus social media imagery as justification to bomb a country where they’ve already been involved in on the side of the armed opposition for over two years now. This time, the people aren’t buying the lies …' Read more ... -------------------------------------------------------------- Yet another video emerges showing executions by the 'rebel' terrorists that Obama (Israel and the Rothschilds) want to prevail through the bombing of Syria Click here for background ... ------------------------------------------------------------------ Video: Obama-Backed Rebels Seize Bibles, Food Aid JavaScript is disabled!To display this content, you need a JavaScript capable browser. Read more ... -------------------------------------------------------------- Video: Syrian 'Rebel' (Terrorist) Admits Using Chemical Weapons JavaScript is disabled!To display this content, you need a JavaScript capable browser. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Chemical weapons sent from Turkey to Syria: Former Turkish provincial official JavaScript is disabled!To display this content, you need a JavaScript capable browser. ------------------------------------------------------------ Syria: Russia will stand by Assad over any US strikes, warns Putin '... China, India, Indonesia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and Italy were all "against military action," he said. Even in countries where the government happened to support action, "the majority of the population is on our side," added Mr Putin. "Using force against a sovereign state can only be done in self defence, and Syria is not attacking the United States," he said. "As one participant said yesterday, those who do something different are placing themselves outside the law."' Read more ... Sent by gReader

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