Monday, September 09, 2013

Why So Much Occult Symbolism in Vanity Fair’s Video “How to Land a Hollywood Agent”? The magazine Vanity Fair created a series of short videos called Vanity Code, quick “how to” guides how to be a douchebag socialite – the “lifestyle” promoted by the magazine. The video entitled “How to Land a Hollywood Agent” humorously instructs small time writers how to become big time in Hollywood. While the humor somewhat caused me to expire air out of a my nose at some point, it is the blatant and flagrant symbolism that caused me to watch it again. Here’s the video.   The first thing we see in the video: the Vanity Code logo. It’s an all-seeing eye inside a pyramid. Why so much Illuminati right away?   “Inside view of the entertainment world” + occult symbolism = Get the message.   This the guy giving the instructions. He is dressed in full Masonic attire and around him are EVERY SINGLE Masonic symbol in existence. Left of him is the Masonic square and compass, right of him are the Masonic G with the all seeing eye. Bonus: a skull. In front of him is the seal of Solomon and,  again, a pyramid with all seeing eye.   On the chalkboard behind the man is basically a full Masonic trestleboard, complete with the twin pillars, the all seeing eye and so forth.   An actual Masonic trestleboard. Why is this guy giving advice on Hollywood made to be the most hardcore Freemason ever? Is it a subtle way of hinting at how to REALLY make it in Hollywood? In another video, the guy gives advice on how to behave in “Eye Wide Shut”-style swingers party. It is hip to be an occult elite wannabee.   The viewers (you) is represented by the guy wearing a red devil mask. Weird. Owned by Condé Nast, the mega-corporation that also owns the Illuminati-symbolism-laden Vogue magazine, Vanity Fair subtly yet blatantly telling you who runs the show. As usual, all of that symbolism will swoosh about ten miles above most people’s heads. The post Why So Much Occult Symbolism in Vanity Fair’s Video “How to Land a Hollywood Agent”? appeared first on The Vigilant Citizen. Sent by gReader

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