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david icke newsletter - LOSING THE MEANING OF SANITY - Excellent!!!!!!

The David Icke Newsletter, September 30th, 2012

Hello all ...
The crazier I become the saner I get. Or, put another way, the saner I become the crazier I appear to be to an insane world. This is good. Imagine if it was the other way round. Nightmare.
But that is the situation within the global control system. The saner you become the crazier you get. Or, put another way, the crazier you become the saner you appear to be to an insane world.
Everything is topsy-turvy; everything is upside down, and this is but another glaring example.
I had a personal experience of this over the last few days when the Japanese video game giant, Sega, blocked the use of an anti-war song at the Wembley Arena event on October 27th that was planned to be used during a call for people to stop killing each other.
This ban was not about money because the financial deal had been agreed and the final paperwork was about to be exchanged. It was apparently stopped by the 'brand manager' of a game series called, wait for it ... Total War.

The reason for this decision was nothing more than personal bias and prejudice because Sega told us that they did not want 'their' music associated with a 'controversial figure' like me.
When it comes to crazy, inexplicable and bizarre, the very fact that the original writers of a great anti-war song could sell the rights to a multinational corporation for use in a video game series called Total War takes some serious beating.
But maybe that can be eclipsed by the about-faced bizarreness of the rights holder using this anti-war song in a video game in which war is sold as entertainment while banning the use of the song to call for peace and reconciliation at an event at which thousands are attending.
And if you want to walk the extremes of bizarreness and Orwellian double-think, imagine if the person banning the use of the song in its true context considers the requester 'controversial' while presumably considering himself non-controversial, sane and credible for producing and promoting video games in which simulated mass-murder is presented as a bit of fun and a way to enjoy your free time.
But then war itself has become a video game with mindless and moronic uniforms and 'yessirs' killing thousands of people in the Middle and Near East in remotely-controlled drone strikes while sitting at their consoles, joysticks in hand, on the other side of the world - just like the kid in his bedroom playing Total War.
Hey, kid, you play Total War?
'Sure do.'
'You good at it?'
'Yes sir, got to level one.'
'You wanna job?'

'Great, there's some people - fire.'

'There she goes, baby.'

There you go, babies.

'No, not that one - this one.'
'Oops, sorry. We'll say they were insurgents.'
I hadn't focussed much on video games before this week but what happened prompted me to have a closer look. My goodness.
One YouTube posting exclaimed: 'A 30,800 men battle in Total War!' Hey, brilliant. Lots of simulated dead people at nine minutes in. What fun. And this stuff does not affect the minds and perceptions of the young and others playing it hour after hour with regard to their attitudes to war and violence?
The world is mad: it's official. And Total. Click here ...

It took me a matter of minutes to find the following comments by Total War players on a dedicated forum (grammar not corrected):
Love shooting up peasants with archers.. love the noise as the arrows hit the men and you see the blood splatter and some of them die. It is funny and satisfying to watch.
They're so bloody hard to kill, I enjoy killing each and every single one of them. Not by stakes though, cos that's no work at all.
No, I'd rather just try to kill the enemy army by outmanoeuvring. Sure if the enemy general puts himself somewhere stupid I will smash him, if not I'll get him later.
I love killing any of the Mongols.
I like killing aztec warriors.
I love to zoom in on them as they march slowly into musket fire.
I love the sight of Mamluks dieing at the spears of my templars, and the sound of those horses... its just... oh whats the word?
I know all of us have that feeling when an enemy army approaches and you just single out an enemy unit approaching, and you just get that feeling that you want to elimnate them, either before or after the enemy routs.
I just have fun slaughtering them for some reason. I'll start custom battles just to annihilate them with artillery.
One forum thread was called 'Rejoice, for the next Total War game is Rome II'. How great, still more simulated people to kill. There is no way in the world that constantly killing in simulated war with the player having the power to dominate and slaughter does not influence perceptions of life and death, war and peace. Not with everyone, maybe (though probably), but at least with a very large number.
How can that not be true when you see how military pilots kill people they have never met and know nothing about by targeting them on the equivalent of a computer game screen in the cockpit and then 'eliminating' them, as the misspelt forum post talks about.

This is a picture from another video war game, this time played by US troops in Iraq with real weapons and real people - and using the same sort of language that you would hear from kids playing Total War. The troops say before killing innocent people on the ground - 'Light 'em all up. Come on, fire!' and 'Look at those dead bastards'. Click here ...
This is what war is today to such a large and gathering extent. It is a video game with simulation and reality increasingly blurred in the perception of the players whether it be fantasy or, as in the example above, very real. The body-mind cannot detect the difference between real and fantasy in the sense that thinking about something or experiencing a simulation of it can trigger the same mental, emotional and physical responses as if it were really happening.
So it must be with video war games and other forms of video violence, especially the more you play them, and many are already gripped by this new epidemic of video addiction in which the body demands its constant fix of emotional chemicals produced by the response to playing the games.
The global population has been systematically desensitised to war and its horrors and the video game producers are just the next major phase of this. I quote in my books a Rockefeller insider who told a meeting of paediatricians in Pennsylvania in 1969 how the world was going to be transformed and his accuracy when viewed from current times has been phenomenal.
One of his insider-knowledge 'predictions' was that ... 'Violence, pornography and obscenity in the media and movies would be increased to desensitise people to violence and porn [and to] make people feel that life is short, precarious and brutish.'

Violent video games in which the player can choose to be violent and merciless are at least as much part of this mind and perception programming as television and movies in which the violence can only be watched, not participated in or instigated. In that sense, violent video games are further step along this dark and dangerous road.
When set within this context, the decision to block the use of an anti-war song in an anti-war context while using the same lyrics for 'wage war' video games can be seen to take place within a society suffering from extreme levels of schizophrenia. It is the schizophrenia which makes it all possible.
Such double-thinking, double-minds can easily equate someone challenging the madness as 'controversial', even 'crazy', while daily promoting crazy objectives and believing themselves to be completely sane and 'normal'. This is why I say that insanity is the new normal, the new status quo.
The communal schizophrenia allows the perpetrators of the madness to compartmentalise their minds and thus their actions by ensuring that the different parts of the mind involved in utterly contradictory behaviour simply avoid acknowledging each other's existence. This means that there can never be any reassessment of self and behaviour.
For example, drone pilots sitting at video screens at the Creech Air Force Base in Nevada can take their own children to school in the morning and then head for work to kill other children thousands of miles away who they have never met and know nothing about. American author James Bamford, who has written extensively about US intelligence, said:
Death warrants for targets are signed by mid-level bureaucrats, and soccer moms and dads double as joystick killers. They operate in comfort and safety, half the Earth away from their targets and close enough for many to run home for lunch between kills.
Only shocking levels of desensitised schizophrenia can explain this - apart from psychopathy - but then that is something similar anyway. Talking of which ...

There are other forms of mental illness that do not involve schizophrenia and in many ways these are even more extreme. I am speaking of those, like Barack Obama, who are not hiding themselves from another part of themselves, but know they are lying when they lie and know they are being hypocrites when they are being hypocritical. They just couldn't care less.
Obama's speech at the United Nations this week was a classic of its kind in that this mass killer and war criminal had the nerve to condemn others for violent extremism for either doing nothing or a fraction of what Obama sanctions in a month.
It is time to marginalise those who - even when not resorting to violence - use hatred of America, or the West, or Israel as a central principle of politics. That brand of politics only makes it harder to achieve what we must do together: educating our children and creating the opportunities they deserve; protecting human rights and extending democracy's promise.
It was like 'Evita' singing Argentina ... click here ... You say what suits your interests in the moment knowing that it's all bullshit.
Obama's aversion and distain for truth means that he can high-horse his way through a written-for-him teleprompter speech condemning violence after signing off his latest kill-without-charge-or-trial list, agreeing to more deadly drone strikes against the innocent and after overseeing mass slaughter in Libya with Syria now in the gunsights.
If you define sanity as balance and harmony and insanity as various degrees of distortion of that balance and harmony, then Obama is suffering from an extreme form of mental illness. He should be given treatment, not the presidency, and the same with Romney who, like Obama, is a psychiatrist's life's work.

But in a world where madness is the new sanity this is the treatment that Congressman Ron Paul receives for calling for the wars to end and for the troops to stop killing people and come home to their families. I think that Paul is way off the pace in terms of the bigger picture of what is happening, but he says many things that are blatantly true.
Well, to anyone in control of their own mind, they are.
You can see once again in the treatment of Ron Paul that wanting peace is viewed as a psychological illness while instigating and supporting war makes you a credible and 'streetwise' statesman despite being an instigator or participant in mass murder. This is only the political expression of using an anti-war song for a war game while denying its use to promote peace and an end to conflict.
The same applies to honesty and corruption. We have become so used to corruption - once again the new normal - that we have become sceptical and suspicious of honesty and integrity. So many question my motivations because they can't believe that anyone would do what I do and take what I take purely because I would like to leave a better world than the one I currently see (long way to go yet).
So I must either be 'working for "them"' or doing it for the money. This is the only way they can explain me to themselves, not least because if they were in the same position they would be doing it for the money or working for powerful interests in return for significant reward.
As the British writer and actor, Noel Coward, put it: 'It's discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.'

The word that dominates the Control System above all else (along with insane).
The crazies have so often come to power throughout known human history because the system is covertly structured to make this so; but today the crazies are clearly involved in an on-steroids breeding programme.
Rapidly increasing numbers of law enforcement officers are, shall we say, not in the mode of balance and harmony and they have been systematically recruited because of their mental and emotional state via job application processes that seek out the narcissist, sociopath and psychopath.
Law enforcement recruiting policy in a sentence: Hire crazies and give them a gun. And a Taser. The rest will take care of itself - as it has. Put police brutality into YouTube, but only when you have hours to spare. How could it be any other way when you hire crazies and hand them guns and Tasers?
It is no coincidence that accounts thousands of years old tell of a hidden force beyond human sight that is demented and insane and manipulates human perception to basically become just as demented and insane as it itself has long been. I will be going into detail about this and connect the dots to current human society at my Wembley event on October 27th.
We have now reached the stage where there are more representatives of the hidden crazies in law enforcement, government administration, politics, military, finance, commerce and media than ever before and the more you put crazies in control of the world the more crazy the world must become.
This is what we are now seeing ever more clearly.

'I wanna be a cop, president, banker, columnist, doctor ... I passed the intelligence test.
What a nightmare it must be every day for the sane people who remain in these professions to have to deal with the latest input of crazies and those long in situ. No wonder so many are taking early retirement or leaving long before retirement before they become as crazy as their demented colleagues.
The systems and structures in which they work are designed to be served and operated by crazies and so the pressure is to become crazy yourself simply to function in a system founded on crazy and by crazy. Is the system stupid? No, in the sense that it not crazy by accident, but by design.
The villain on the island in a Bond film with his finger on the nuclear button is not stupid in that he has been clever enough to manipulate himself into that position of power. The craziness comes in wanting that power in the first place.
The system is very clever in the narrowest sense in that it is specifically structured to produce the outcome that it wants - mass human control - but it is crazy in that the very desire for that control is a form of dementia. The clever but demented architects of the system then employ (increasingly) the fully-blown stupid to operate it in line with their interests and desires.
The system also pressures the target population at every level to succumb to crazy and stupid to avoid being outcast, marginalised and ridiculed, for still being sane in a world of crazy. I understand why people cave-in to this, but they must not if they care about their own freedom (and sanity) and that of their families
The anti-slavery campaigner Frederick Douglass said: 'I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.'
So it must be if we are to prevail.
When you look at the world through sane eyes what you see is simply incredible. What sane doctor would treat people for cancer, or anything else, with chemotherapy poisons and radiation?
'Does radiation cause cancer doctor?'
'So what are you going to give me for my cancer?'
Chemotherapy is simply a mega-toxin that kills cells. Not only cancer cells, but all cells. The idea is that it kills the cancer cells before it has killed enough healthy cells to kill you. But it rarely does, especially in the long term, because it also kills the cells of the immune system and leaves the patient defenceless when cancer and other threats to health call again.
But doing this is considered sane while treating the cause of cancer through natural means that work with the body instead of going to war with it is considered quackery, even dangerous. Sanity and madness have exchanged polarities.
How crazy do you have to be to believe that genetically-modifying the food that we eat in ways that distort the entire genetic systems of the body, and to douse this Frankenstein food with lethal pesticides and herbicide poisons, is not dangerous to health and no different to eating food without GMO and poisons?
What level of insanity is required to write, as a British 'journalist' did, that those that want GMO-free, poison-free food are delusional and that his child would be given 'an extra dollop of pesticide-sprayed carrots.' What scale of mental illness prompts a New York Times 'journalist' to equate those who want GMO-free, poison-free food with a 'pseudoscientific cult'?
What does it take to believe that all you need to know about infinite reality is contained between the covers of a book written by who knows who, who knows when in who knows what circumstances? Or to want to condemn, marginalise, even kill others who believe the same, but about slightly different books?
As the Central American shaman, Don Juan Matus, said in the works of Carlos Castaneda:
Think for a moment, and tell me how you would explain the contradictions between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his systems of belief, or the stupidity of his contradictory behaviour.
The world is mad because it is currently seriously manipulated by an unseen force that is demented, self-delusional and, apart from being clever in the manipulative sense, is utterly stupid. This force can only control and direct humanity by making humans as demented and stupid as itself. Then we play in its stadium and not our own, and humanity has been playing away for a long, long time.
I will be explaining all this in detail at Wembley which we have decided to broadcast live on the Internet on October 27th after so many requests from around the world.
George Orwell described the concept of what he called 'Doublethink' which is defined as: 'A simultaneous belief in two contradictory ideas.'
This is describing a form of split-minded schizophrenia - precisely the reason that the world is as it is - and the Sega executive doublethink with the anti-war song is such a perfect example of what Orwell was talking about. The biggest lesson that sane people need to learn when observing the craziness all around them is that it is not them who is crazy but what they are observing.

I know that many people feel so isolated on their island of sane in a sea of insane that they think that it must be them who is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, a few bricks short of a house.
But that is not the case at all. The world is mad - not you. When that penny drops, living amid the madness becomes so much easier. Not easy, but easier.

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