Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Romney/Ryan to win?


The other sign suggesting a possible Romney victory is Romney’s attendance at the June 2012 Bilderberg conference. All previous US presidents who attended Bilderberg meetings were eventually anointed president shortly thereafter. According to some Bilderberg watchers, Obama may have worn out his welcome.

If Romney/Ryan wind up winning the election, the world would be subjected to Bush/Cheney on steroids, with an extra element of fanaticism from the messianic Romney, and Ryan, the right-wing Christian extremist.
Its team of foreign policy advisers is a wall to wall cast of Bush/Cheney henchmen:
Dan Senor- former leader of the Iraq provisional authority
Cofer Black-former CIA official, vice chairman of Blackwater USA
John Bolton- former Bush/Cheney US ambassador
Eliot Cohen- Project for New American Century (PNAC), Dick Cheney aide
Walid Phares- “scholar” on “anti-terrorism”; Lebanese Christian with ties to violent Lebanese militia
Michael Hayden- Bush/Cheney CIA and NSA director
Max Boot- senior CFR fellow, PNAC
Eric Edelman- former Dick Cheney aide
The ticket’s economic advisers are led by the Paul Ryan himself, along with the following leftovers from Bush/Cheney:
Glenn Hubbard- Bush/Cheney council of economic advisors
Gregory Mankiw- Bush/Cheney council of economic advisors
Vin Weber- lobbyist, former Republican member of Congress
Jim Talent- lobbyist connected to Jack Abramoff
Kevin Hassett- former aide to Bush/Cheney

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