Thursday, October 25, 2012

deep read: Waking Up Hurts


The so-called ego is born from an assumption. It is not an entity, but a belief in one, a belief in a separate self, one that is marooned on an island of flesh. Belief in the ego is the result of a confusion about uniqueness, where individuation becomes the equivalent of separation. The ego is a belief, a primitive superstition, a cult of one, an emotional recoil dramatized as abandonment and betrayal. Every ego is a fundamentalist, a fascist, and a tyrant in a drama of perpetrator/victim. I call it the Poor me/Fuck you syndrome.
The truth is, I don’t have an ego and neither do you! We have a belief in ego, an assumption about our state that has no basis in Reality itself. A belief in something doesn’t make it true, no matter how devout we are, no matter how dedicated we may be to that belief. Pious devotion to falsehood turns people into fools. When you unpack your “self” and all its contents, it turns out to be just a pile of old books and dirty laundry.

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