Sunday, March 31, 2013

Augureye Express: Game of Drones

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Sunday, March 31, 2013
Game of Drones

A few years back when our military first began using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for surveillance in our many wars of conquest, nobody on this side of the ocean had any real problems with it, including me.  Some while later the powers that be figured they might as well step it up a notch since they got no resistance from the roll out; so they armed the little darlings with rockets so that all our new generation of Nintendo pilots could log some kills along with their flight time.  I wonder if drone pilots qualify for hazardous duty pay?  From that time until now hellfire rockets have rained down from the skies killing indiscriminately any foe of America; real or imagined.  President Decider got the drones rolling and up to speed wherever our resources were found to be hidden in other peoples countries.

You really can't call them wars any more you know; because war is something where combatants on both sides face gruesome & horrifyingly painful death, and that is simply no longer the case.  With the advent of drone technology our airmen no longer have to face the enemy.  War has become so surgical & precise it has exceeded the definition of the word and is now something more closely akin to assassination for fun & profit. Drones are an abomination of the concepts of fair play & honor; and as such must be seen for exactly what they really are, a terrorist's weapon, and for that reason they must be banned from the battlefield.  While we're at it, let's ban battlefields as well!  How's that for an idea whose time has come?  Haven't we had enough meaningless slaughter already, do we really need to keep doing this over every few years, killing off our best and brightest just when they start to bloom?  That isn't war, it's insanity bordering on the genocide of humanity; are we really willing to "sign off" on that just to keep from being a suspected terrorist for speaking out and standing up?

Evidently we were, just so long as the drones remained in the unfriendly skies of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, & Syria.  But now that they are here with increasing numbers every week, and with official announcements from the matrix that they are here to stay, some folks are just now beginning to worry just a little bit.  Naturally, to justify doing this the powers that be use that tired old saw of defending the homeland.  And by the way, just when did America the land of the free, home of the brave; become the Homeland.  Isn't that what Hitler's Nazis called their native Germany?  So we beat them then steal their countries sentimental nickname?  Not likely.  Its much more likely that the Nazis never lost that war, they just moved in over here.  Hmmm, maybe it was us who lost that war?

Suddenly Americans can now understand the old Arab proverb about the camel in the tent.*  Once again, nobody stood up to speak out when it was announced that drones would be used domestically.  There may have been a few faint, half hearted voices in the wilderness back then but I never heard any of them.  Now before you go reminding me about Rand Paul's recent drone filibuster, you must understand that the sole purpose of that antic was to pound the subject of domestic drones into the psyche of the population, nothing more.  Like everything else originating in the Columbia district, that filibuster was just smoke and mirrors.  It may help if you recall it was one of Rand Paul's bodyguard goons who threw a demonstrator to the ground then put his boot on the person's head not so very long ago.

The reason the powers that be are drumming drones into our minds is just more pre-conditioning - exactly like the eternal flame style hammering of gun control ever since the bizarre false flag called "Sandy Hook."  What a surrealistic piece of predictive programming that was!!  And I'll bet my ranger Bob secret decoder ring there were a couple of reaper drones overhead the whole time.  You may not have noticed it a while back, when the Obama administration ever so quietly mentioned it might need to arm a few of these homegrown drones* in order to defeat those who hate us for our freedom...but wait, wait a minute here: If the Obama administration wants to poison us with chemtrails & GMO food-like-products, take away all our guns and freedoms, and have us under constant watch by these drones; then I ask you, just who is the terrorist who hates us for those freedoms we used to have?  and so the camel slides a bit further into the tent.

It's just another erosion of our civil liberties to have this type of Orwellian intimidation flying above us monitoring everything we do and say...and yes folks they can loiter for days sometimes over any area the choose.  They can do that and a whole lot more, like the new generation of micro-drones made to look just like a mosquito.  Only this mosquito is rocked, stocked & over-clocked with high definition camera and digital audio recorder; and if it doesn't like what it sees and hears it has a tiny hypodermic needle with which to deliver whatever they desire into your blood stream.

Honestly, I think this ever growing drone air force we're witnessing represents the existence of a 'real' world counterpart to Skynet.  Just look at all the companies now developing ever smarter and diverse counterparts to the flying drones.  The military has an entire inventory of remote operator weapons and devices.  From the sophisticated IED hunting robots in Afghanistan, to crewless armed gunboats.  They have advanced remote control and telepresence capabilities which are advancing at a truly alarming rate.  This time there are more voices of dissent up on capitol hill, but as we are learning, nothing gets through the bubble.  The voices of dissent as few and feeble as they may be, are getting the same cold shoulder treatment Obama gave the 250,000 signature petition attempting to stop or stall the Monsanto protection act.  Nothing gets thru the bubble!

As it stands today, there are a dizzying array of drones being designed and built for a rapidly expanding client base.  The escalation of the militarization of civilian police departments has created one of the biggest.  More and more urban police departments are going commando complete with robotic backup. (wow, that's gonna be a tough image to get out of my head) and that just doesn't gel with my Adam-12 memory of what cops are supposed to look & act like.  To see the total militarization of society looming as it so obviously is just sends cold shivers up & down my spine.  Slick Willie just had a little slap & tickle in the oval office & it got him impeached (notice how it destroyed him forever?) but nowadays the Obamanation says he has the right to kill Americans on American soil, and we hardly blink an eye.  What's wrong with this picture?  What's  wrong with us for allowing it?  what bothers me the most about this scenario is that Obama doesn't need the authority, he has drones!  He may say he has the right, but I say all he has is the power and ability.

Because we didn't immediately revoke his power when he made that statement about being able to kill his own people, Obama is now secure in the knowledge that he may proceed with impunity and immunity toward fulfilling the goals and desires of the Agenda 21 bunch, and no, I'm not talking about real estate agents!  Google it !!!

When the Obama first was a faint blip on the political scene I'll admit I thought he might just be someone with the ability to do something good and constructive in this country.  I wondered if a man like that could help turn things around and point us all back towards spiritual unity.  The dream didn't last long, and died a brutal death when I saw the likes of Goldman-Sachs rush in to support this new and hopeful face.  When the likes of them openly support both candidates with words and donations, you just know the fix is in.

There is an old saying that we may start out to change the world, but the world ends up changing us, and boy has it ever.  I don't remember us being such a timid bunch as we are today.  Who knows, maybe back then I was drinking the matrix cool aide too, but it just seems to me Americans used to be made out of sterner stuff than this.  You sure wouldn't have any damn drones buzzing overhead when John Wayne was around...maybe that's why they waited till he died?  Any way you slice it, this Obama fellow is looking more and more like a raving, maniacal lunatic with each passing day.

Getting back to the Skynet angle for a minute; since they are gradually transitioning to an increasingly robotic military presence both at home and abroad, it wouldn't surprise me to see drone chemtrail sprayers not far off in the future, and I wonder if we will remain silent about that when it happens.  I hear a lot of folks saying stuff like, "What can I do, I'm just one person"  and "How do you fight back against a killer drone?"  Well, for starters you could collect and distribute fliers and articles & such then give them to people.  You could find someone with an airplane who is awake and pissed off enough to take you up drone hunting.  I'd like to see what kind of "dogfighting" skills those young Nintendo pilots have.  It's all together possible you might come up with some really creative ways to bring down drones, like jamming or intercepting the signal and wresting control to your joystick like the Iranians did not so long ago.  Bet that would get their attention.

The point here is that unless we the people do something pro-active our union will continue to be less and less perfect each day, until we awake one morning to find ourselves living in the land of the slaves & the home of the drones, and that is when you will know once & for all that the matrix has you.  I really have no solution for this problem other than to strike the root, until we bring it down.  We really gotta start pushing the camel back out of the tent, or we're gonna be up to our eyelids in dung before we know it.

Does anyone have the directions to Morph city?

                                 Until Next time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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