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David Icke newsletter: 6/1/2013:: GET OFF THE BLOODY PHONE - PLEASE!

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The David Icke Newsletter, January 6th, 2013

If people find this image shocking well that's good because this is big-time serious for those who care about their children's health and their own. We are talking about what I call 'the silent holocaust' and if people don't awaken to it now the consequences are going to be truly catastrophic.
Hello all ...
I have been warning for years about the electromagnetic 'sea' of pollution and distortion in which billions live their lives and now comes an excellent documentary by British television presenter James Russell that looks in detail at this very issue.
I have posted the video at the bottom of this article but here I want to put the whole subject into an even wider context of human suppression and control. It would be bad enough if what is happening was the result of crass stupidity and irresponsibility. But, deep in the shadows, the electromagnetic war on human 'physical', mental and emotional health is cold, callous and deliberate.
The Shadow People know full well the devastating effect of what they are doing because they have set out to ensure precisely that effect as part of the assimilation of the human population into the Orwellian nightmare. Many of their ignorant foot soldiers who serve the dragon have no clue what they are doing to the world, themselves and their own children - and that includes the vast majority of parents.
But ignorance is no longer an excuse for criminal irresponsibility because the truth is out there. It is just that most people are looking the other way because they don't want to face it. They are going to realise eventually that ignorance, whether genuine or engineered, is only 'bliss' for a while. Then reality goes rat-a-tat-tat.
That time is now and we have seen nothing yet because of what has already gone before.
The suppression of knowledge about the true nature of reality and the human body means that the clear and obvious link between cause and effect has been hidden by sheer lack of understanding - not least among most doctors and scientists who are largely clueless about the human organism.
They and most of the global population see the body as flesh and blood, solid and 'physical'. But this is illusory in the sense that the body is a hologram and only appears to be 'solid' because of the way we decode waveform and electromagnetic information fields into holographic illusion.
The body - as with all 'physical' reality - exists in the form that we perceive only in a few cubic centimetres at the back of the brain when energetic information delivered by the five senses and the subconscious mind is constructed into the 'world' that we think we see.
Even the 'physical' brain is an illusory hologram made manifest from the information field that is the real 'brain'. 'Physical' reality only appears to exist when we decode it into being - this is why some more enlightened scientists over the years have postulated that the world that we think we see only exists when it is observed.
That is true although decoded is far more accurate because the act of observing is the act of decoding waveform and electromagnetic information into holographic reality.
Holograms are information fields projected from waveform information fields - everything is a different expression and frequency of energy. The difference between a wall and a river is only the frequency of the energy fields and their encoded information in the same way that a computer programmer uses different information codes to construct a scene on the screen.
The base form of the human body is a waveform information field and the decoding process plays this out as electrical/electromagnetic information and on through to the digital and holographic. These different levels of being interact with each other and either harmonise or cause mutual distortion and disruption. All life has an electromagnetic level of being and so everything is affected by disruptive electromagnetic fields.
If the waveform or electromagnetic level is distorted then so is the hologram which is only a projection of the waveform/electromagnetic fields. And so we come back with that background to the electromagnetic 'sea' of pollution and distortion in which billions now live their lives worldwide.
I have shaken my head so many times when 'experts' have dismissed a connection between people living close to power lines or nuclear power stations and clusters of people with cancers well beyond the norm for the general population.
Many of these 'experts' are ignorant idiots and others, even worse, are professional liars selling what passes for their soul for the corporate shilling. Profits for the energy, communication, biotech and pharmaceutical corporations are far more important for the system's programmed personnel than human health and suffering, although deeper in the rabbit hole this is about far more than money as I will explain shortly.
The connection between power lines, cell phone communication towers and the devastation of human health is so simple and obvious it is pathetic. The lines and towers give off very powerful electromagnetic fields which disrupt and distort the human electromagnetic field. This, in turn, passes on the damage to the body hologram because one is an expression of the other.
Result: a far greater ratio of people with cancers, often leukaemia, and other 'physical', mental and emotional disease. Blood flowing through arteries and veins is the holographic version of the meridian lines of energy - what the Chinese and acupuncture call 'chi' - and so when those flows of energy are damaged by powerful electromagnetic fields then so is the blood and leukaemia can follow.
James Russell's film, Resonance - Beings of Frequency, documents the dramatic transformation of the human electromagnetic environment in a ridiculously short time through cell phones, cell phone transmitter-receiver and other communication towers, wireless phones in the home, the wireless internet (now widely used in schools), computers, microwave ovens, radar, satellites and satellite TV, 'green' light bulbs and so on.
Now smart meters are being introduced and are designed to add yet another electromagnetic field in every home and business - eventually worldwide. At the same time incandescent light bulbs are being systematically banned to force useless and radiation-generating 'green' light bulbs on the population.
I say without question after more than two decades of research that all this is absolutely not by accident, but by design. What is happening is much bigger than just greedy and irresponsible corporations sacrificing human health for maximum profit.
At the core of the core this is less about profit and more about mass murder.
The human electromagnetic field is being bombarded by ever-increasing sources of technological electromagnetism and the result is a disaster for 'physical', mental and emotional health. This is not rocket science - just blatant and oh so predictable cause and effect.
James Russell personally funded his film and it is such a pleasure to see someone willing to get off their arse to do something they believe to be right. Anyone can do that, but so few ever do which is why the crazies have prevailed this far.
The film opens with a statistic to set the scene for the scale of change that has taken place in our electromagnetic environment in little more than 25 years. In the mid-1980s less than three-per-cent of people were using cell phones. Now, especially in the so-called 'developed world' (I beg to differ), the figure is closer to 100 per cent with billions of phones in use.
This is happening when people have no idea of the long-term consequences (although surely a village idiot could have a good shot at it). Well, actually, it would be more accurate so say that the population, medical 'professionals' and most personnel in the cell phone industry have no idea. Those truly behind what is happening know only too well what the consequences will be and for many already are. These consequences are what all this is really about.
Cell phones communicate in the microwave band of the electromagnetic spectrum - the same as microwave ovens that further irradiate already irradiated 'food'. Would anyone think it was safe to put a microwave oven to their head?
Well that in principle is what people do when they hold a cell phone to their ear and I even see everyone from supermarket staff to taxi drivers and business people with cell phone devices permanently attached to their ear the entire working day.
Such is the power of cognitive dissonance - a state of holding two or more conflicting beliefs at the same time. In this case I am putting microwaves to my brain and microwaves are extremely dangerous, but I won't be harmed.
In fact, look at that statement in relation to my 'coldly calculated' theme with all this. You want to create a mobile communications network which involves people putting your technology to their heads and you think that using one of the most dangerous sections of the electromagnetic spectrum is the best way to do it.
Can some people be that stupid? Yes, of course, but the entire combination of global governments, corporations, medicine, science and 'safety' regulators?? All of these professions do stupid, but are we saying that somewhere within that entirety it wasn't known what the potential consequences would be? No way.
We are like electromagnetic 'fish' swimming in an electromagnetic sea. What happens to the sea happens to the fish. How do you target all fish at the same time? You target the sea. How do you target all humans at the same time? Exactly. There are four major goals behind the electromagnetic field conspiracy:
* One is to demolish human health as part of the planned mass population cull and this is being done in association with genetically-modified food, fluoride in drinking water, cocktails of chemical food additives, pharmaceutical drugs and a long, long list of other attacks on health and the immune system.
* The second is to synchronise or 'entrain' brainwave activity with electromagnetic communication fields so that thoughts and perceptions can be fed directly into the human mind, individually and collectively.
* The third is to create such an electromagnetic distortion of the human body and the Earth's energy 'sea' that we become isolated in five-sense reality, disconnected from an influence from expanded states of awareness, and all thought, perception and 'insight' (yeah, right) is delivered by the overt and covert information sources of the system.
* And the fourth goal is to change the Earth's atmosphere and electromagnetic state to make it more compatible with the other-dimensional entities that are ultimately behind it all. This would allow them to stay in our reality for far longer instead of having to work mostly through middle men and women - the 'elite' bloodline families that currently serve their masters within human society.
The attack on human health speaks for itself - when you put a cell phone to your ear you immediately start to heat up that side of the brain and the longer the call continues the hotter it gets. Experiments led by Dr Nora D Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse in the United States, revealed that the brain is adversely affected at microwave levels well below the official and ludicrous 'safe limits'.
Look at these images and I rest my case.
Shockingly to me so many parents are so ignorant of the risks that the average age of children now being given cell phones is just eight years old. Yet children are far more in danger from cell phones that even adults.
'Safe' limits on everything from radiation to food additives are not set on the basis of safety for human health. They are set at a level that allows the corporate world - controlled by the same networks as the governments setting the limits - to do almost whatever they like.
The corporations and their lobbyists tell governments the limit they can live with and still peddle their wares and governments set the limits just above that. If new technology is ready to be introduced that would breach the limits, well, that's no problem. Governments simply raise the limit to make it legal.
As a more awake scientist said in James Russell's film: if you want to make sure that no one ever breaks the speed limit then you set it at 1,000 miles an hour.
The alleged safety of mobile phones is measured by something called SAR - the Specific Absorption Rate - which claims to identify how much electromagnetic energy is absorbed by the human body in terms of the heating effect.
The SAR limit is absolute bollocks in terms of safety and yet many of the most popular mobile phones are right on the SAR maximum. This is clearly going to be lethal for large numbers of people because of what I am about to say.
The SAR limit is set by using the 'SAM phantom head', an artificial 'skull' based on the average head characteristics of 10,000 people, but not just any people. This is important because the bigger and thicker the skull the more protection is given to the brain from mobile phone radiation.
The SAM head is based on 'randomly' selected (sure, okay) US military personnel who, as James Russell points out in his film, will have rather bigger and thicker skulls than an eight-year-old. The SAR 'safety' rating does not take this in too account and the brains of children using mobile phones are being subjected to radiation levels way beyond even the insane official SARS limit every time they use a phone.
And how many did 'Santa' bring this year alone?
'Safety' standards are overseen (it says here) by the industry-biased International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), or, more appropriately in my view, ICTWERP. This organisation and the terms 'useless' and 'irrelevant' are interchangeable. It does not take into account all the potential effects on the brain and human body of invasive electromagnetic fields and only concentrates on the heating effect - even then supporting limits that are demonstrably lethal.
Another mobile phone 'safety and protection' organisation is the UK-based Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR). Putting the word 'research' in its name is a bit like those brutal African tyrants and dictators who rule through violence and terror and yet call themselves a 'democratic front'.
The name is for show and to give a false perception of reality and so it is with the MTHR which is jointly funded by the cell phone industry and the UK government which are basically the same thing. MTHR funded a notoriously-rigged 'scientific' study designed from start to finish to cover up the blatant cause and effect between cell phone masts and phones and damage to human health.
So many 'scientists' are nothing of the sort. They are just souls for sale to anyone who wants to fund them on the basis that the outcome of the research is agreed before it even begins. It is clearly no coincidence that industry-funded 'research' into cell phone dangers tend to say they are safe while genuinely independent studies say the opposite.
We are only now beginning to see the long-term effects of mobile phone use because cancers can take ten years or more to form and cell phone use only really became widespread in the 1990s. Most alleged 'studies' don't take this timescale into account and so they must by definition reach flawed conclusions.
Certainly the industry is aware of this because they have started to add some guidelines and warnings in the small print with future legal action in mind.
Dr. Lennart Hardell, professor in oncology and cancer epidemiology at the University Hospital in Orebro, Sweden, headed the most comprehensive research so far on the connection between mobile phones and cancer. The study involved 2,000 people with brain cancer and when their level of cell phone use was taken into account it was clear that these phones significantly increase the risk of brain tumours. Using a mobile phone close to the brain is nothing more than slow-burn suicide.
But the health effects go much deeper even than this and those multiple goals on the conspiracy wish list are focussed on the same target - the pineal gland in the centre of the brain. Mess that up and the crazies hit the jackpot. It's no surprise then that the pineal gland is under attack from all directions including fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste - which causes calcification - and from a whole gamut of electromagnetic forces.
The pineal is a major gland of the endocrine system and works with the pituitary gland, also in the brain, to form what is known as the 'Third Eye' which opens perception to realms beyond the five senses. The Control System wants none of that because the very foundation of its manipulation of perception and so behaviour is to isolate human awareness in five-sense reality.
The pine cone-shaped pineal gland, often called 'the seat of the soul', can connect us with higher dimensions of infinite reality because it is a prime receiver-transmitter. The wider the frequency band that it can connect with the wider our range of spiritual and intuitive awareness. The Control System's aim is therefore to close this doorway to infinite forever.
Now ... how effectively do you think the pineal gland can transmit and receive when fluoride has done its work?
Those in the shadows driving the direction of human society had precisely this in mind when they manipulated this waste product from the aluminium industry into drinking water and toothpaste through the outrageous lie that is was good for teeth.
Another of the pineal gland's contributions to expanded awareness is that it secretes dimethyltryptamine or DMT which opens the mind to the greater consciousness. Psychoactive potions such as ayahuasca and magic mushrooms contain DMT and the consequences for human perception of a dysfunctional pineal gland are therefore obvious. It slams the door on expanded perception.
There are other widespread consequences for pineal gland dysfunction and these include a serious threat to health and even life itself. The pineal communicates with the pituitary and other glands of the endocrine system - the main ones are the hypothalamus, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals and reproductive glands. The heart, too, has a massively important glandular function.
This system of glands influences almost every cell, organ, and body process and regulates mood, growth, tissue, metabolism, sexual function and reproduction through the secretion of chemical messengers that we call hormones. The endocrine glands are designed to work in harmony with the nervous system.
They also interact directly with the chakra vortex system that connects the holographic self with deeper levels of energetic being. Malfunctioning endocrine glands become malfunctioning chakras and vice-versa.
Imagine the potential for chaos and carnage throughout the body of these glands misfiring. This is what can happen when the pineal gland is targeted electromagnetically and the knock-on effect throws the whole system into disarray.
The same is true of circadian rhythms, the natural daily cycles of the body in living organisms which regulate sleep patterns, hormone production, brain wave activity, cell regeneration and the day-night cycle. Once again serious illness can ensue if these rhythms are significantly disrupted. Jet lag is an example of what happens when circadian rhythms are scrambled.
The circadian cycles.

The pineal gland is little bigger than a grain of rice but its importance to life, awareness and health is fundamental. Crucially, the pineal synthesises and secretes the hormone, melatonin, but only when it's dark. This is part of the circadian pattern.
The pineal is extremely light-sensitive and the less light there is the more it will produce melatonin which is vital to many functions including mopping up cancer cells during sleep. This is why it is important to sleep in a room that is as dark as you can make it.
Sleeping with the light on, even a night light, or in the light of a street lamp outside, seriously inhibits melatonin production and studies have revealed the increased chance of cancer for those who work nights and sleep during the day when it is almost impossible to reproduce the darkness of night time. No night-time sleep, no significant melatonin. Night working also disrupts circadian rhythms in general for obvious reasons.
Nightshift work is said to increase breast cancer by 50 per cent. The average woman with breast cancer has only one tenth of the melatonin for a woman of her age and men with with prostate cancer have less than half the normal levels of melatonin- the same with autistic children.
Sleeping with the light on is seriously not recommended.
It is at night when the brain repairs cell damage and replaces the half a billion cells lost each day. Melatonin is central to this and it is an extremely powerful antioxidant that deals with millions of free radicals - electrons left over in the repair process - which attack healthy cells. These attacks can lead to cancer and melatonin is essential to preventing this happening.
Melatonin is a natural anti-cancer and anti-aging agent and when melatonin levels fall it can lead the immune deficiency, sleep disturbance and heart problems among much else. All balance is like walking a tightrope and the human body is no different. Just a slight disturbance and you and your pole are heading for disaster.
What is happening with technologically-generated electromagnetic fields is not a slight disturbance of the prevailing order, but something never seen in known human history. It is an insane experiment with human life itself - but really it is not even an experiment for those deep in the shadows. It is all coldly calculated as part of their planned cull of billions - yes, billions - of people.
Melatonin production is crucial to life and health, but even sleeping in the dark may not be sufficient if you are being influenced by electromagnetic fields generated by the gathering tidal wave of technological sources. The reason is this: To the pineal gland 'light' or darkness are electromagnetic triggers. It is the frequency difference between light and dark that activates the production or non-production of melatonin.
'Light' and 'dark' are different states of electromagnetism and this is what switches melatonin secretion on and off and not what we perceive as the visual difference between 'light' or 'no light'. This is highly relevant because technologically-produced electromagnetism can therefore trick the pineal gland into believing it is still daytime even in the dead of night and when this happens melatonin production remains dormant.
Studies have confirmed that this is indeed the case, including those with animals and insects. Electromagnetic fields can block the production of melatonin.
'What time is it?'
The Earth and the human Body-Mind are supposed to be in harmony through their comparable frequencies. The planet's electromagnetic resonance is known as Schumann Cavity Resonance after the man who discovered it, the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann. The 'cavity' refers to the electromagnetic environment between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere in the upper atmosphere.
Schumann resonance occupies the extremely low frequency or ELF range between 6 and 8 Hertz - the same as human brain activity and all biological systems. They come together at 7.83 Hertz which is the frequency of Schumann resonance and human alpha waves broadcast by the brain in states of meditation, relaxation and creativity - these waves also regulate anxiety, stress and the immune system.
This must be so because every part of a hologram is a smaller version of the whole. The Earth is a mini-universe and the human body is a mini-Earth/universe. You would expect in that case for the planet and the body to be in resonant harmony and there are other reasons for this, too.
This frequency of 7.83 Hz is the mutual resonance of biological life with dolphins, for instance, generating sound waves of 7.83 Hz. Dr. Herbert K├Ânig, Schumann's successor at Munich University, established that the dominant brain wave of mammals is between 6 and 8 Hz.
There is a prevailing frequency order that connects life into one unified frequency field and through this medium communication is possible between species in the form of information or thought waves and fields. The Control System, which manipulates through distorting the natural order, is targeting this harmonic unity through the manipulation of the Earth's electromagnetic field.
Schumann Resonance operates like a tuning fork to 'entrain' all biological life in a common and harmonious oscillation. Entrainment is when a dominant frequency causes others to vibrate in sympathetic harmony. If you pluck two or three violin strings to play a certain note while another is playing a different note or nothing at all then the strength of the majority will entrain the other to vibrate the same way.
The entrainment of brain activity by external stimulus is the same and the phenomenon is called the Frequency Following Response (FFR).The brain can be entrained by frequencies generated by technology, including music if the rhythm is constant and powerful enough. Entrainment then opens the door to access and influence human thought and perception.
This is what is happening with the now maze of electromagnetic receiver-transmitter technology infesting human society and increasing by the day. They are building a frequency prison step-by-step and crucial to hijacking the human mind is to disconnect the brain and body from their default setting - harmony with the planet's electromagnetic resonance.
Studies highlighted in James Russell's film confirm that that Schumann resonance is being swamped by the electromagnetic fog or soup now generated by technology. The human frequency starts to wander like a little boy lost once this happens with a whole range of interconnected consequences can follow on multiple levels of mind, body and emotion.
Physicist Wolfgang Ludwig said: 'Measuring Schumann resonance in or around a city has become impossible. Electromagnetic pollution from cell phones has forced us to make measurements at sea.'
People have quickly shown physical, mental and emotional effects when they have been technologically disconnected from Schumann resonance to test for consequences. As one media report said:
Professor R. Wever from the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology in Erling-Andechs ... built an underground bunker which completely screened out magnetic fields [Schumann resonance] and housed student volunteers for four weeks in this hermetically sealed environment.
Wever noted that the student's circadian rhythms diverged and that they suffered emotional distress and migraine headaches. Symptoms disappeared after a brief exposure to 7.8 Hz. Similar complaints were reported by the first astronauts and cosmonauts, who, out in space, were also deprived of Schumann waves.
French virologist Luc Montagnier was joint winner of the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 2008 for identifying the HIV virus, but even more ground-breaking was his 'discovery' that DNA communicates through extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves at a frequency of ... 7.83 Hz.
I challenge the fact that he actually was the first to discover this connection because others outside the scientific mainstream were aware of this much earlier and I discussed this very phenomenon of DNA communication in my 2003 book, Infinite Love is the Only Truth - Everything Else Is Illusion. This was years before Montagnier announced his findings and others had been aware of the process even long before that.
Montagnier was, however, the first mainstream scientist to make these claims publicly and that is significant in itself given that the collective perception of establishment 'science' would comfortably fit in a box the size of a pea. His findings were predictably dismissed by many of this ilk, but they remain true all the same.
This means that technologically-generated electromagnetic fields that disrupt the frequency communications of DNA can distort the human genetic structure causing mutation and even blocking the continuation of human life replication. This is precisely what the crazies are seeking to do.
Bird, insects, animals and humans have a compass that interacts with the Earth's magnetic fields and central to this process is the cryptochrome molecule which again regulates circadian rhythms and the day-night melatonin cycle.
Cryptochromes also allow a number of species, including humans, to sense and navigate magnetic fields - a fact confirmed by ground-breaking research with robins by Thorsten Ritz, professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California. Cryptochromes are the reason that birds and mammals like whales can migrate vast distances and then return without a map in sight.
Cryptochromes also give bees and other insects similar navigational gifts and you will be aware that bee populations have been devastated around the world - not least in the United States - by something known as Colony Collapse Disorder. To emphasise the significance of this: it is estimated that bees pollinate 70 per cent of the human food supply as well as other plant life.
We have also had many apparently inexplicable cases of whales and dolphins dying en masse after beaching themselves. It is clear to me from looking at the evidence and that all these phenomena are connected with electromagnetic disruption of their navigation systems.
Beached whales in Australia.

Physics professor Thorsten Ritz exposed birds to radio frequency fields to test the effect on their navigational abilities. The results showed that not only did the fields disrupt migration patterns but this happened at very low intensities - well below the official 'safe' public exposure limits. This has been shown to be the case with other animals and insects, too.
A long list of species dependent on their magnetic 'compass' have been in steep decline including birds, butterflies and, of course, bees. Colony collapse disorder is just a fancy name for adult bees going away and not coming back and so leaving the colony unable to function.
Dr Jochen Kuhn of Koblenz-Landau University in Germany tested the hypothesis that human technology was to blame and the findings confirmed the theme so clearly. Dr Kuhn put a mobile 'dect' phone that so many people have at home these days into four beehives with another four acting as the control group without a phone.
A dect phone is a mini version of a mobile phone mast in the way it operates with the phone interacting with its 'base station'. These masts are now everywhere in anything like an urban environment and they are increasing all the time to appear in even more isolated locations.
Dr Kuhn found that the bees in the four hives without the phones returned normally, but hardly any returned to the phone hives. The findings could not have been more compelling.
Cryptochromes in humans work in the same way as bird and insects. They allow for the instinctive navigation of the planet's electromagnetic field - or what we call a 'sense of direction'. When magnets have been attached to peoples' heads in experiment this sense is disrupted.
Mobile phone and other electromagnetic communication masts now infest society and are placed on blocks of flats, schools, colleges, office blocks, housing estates, cinemas, health clinics and sports venues by councils and companies selling the space at the expense of the health and lives of those for whom they must have utter contempt. The jails are full of people for crimes that don't come even close to this slow-burn mass murder.
In one English village of only 18 houses located near a phone mast there have been multiple cases of the same symptoms and diseases including breast and other cancers, fertility problems and severe headaches. Seventy per cent of people in the village are estimated to have suffered from a range of similar effects. Cancer clusters around phone masts in general are becoming ever more common as is depression and other emotional imbalance.
The same is true of the debilitating illness known as electrosensitivity caused by the growing barrage of electromagnetic fields. The symptoms include insomnia, vertigo, headache, seizures, endocrine dysfunction (often affecting the thyroid), internal bleeding and cancer. Some have to live in near isolation from electromagnetic technology because of the effect on their health.
All this is happening with no credible official research into the consequences of demolishing the natural electromagnetic order in less than 25 years and nor is there any credible protection from those consequences. Electromagnetic energy has increased millions of times in such a short period. A document by the former Radiological Protection Board said that the radiation environment has increased by many millions of times from just 50 years and that increase is getting faster every day.
We are even struggling now to find a control population for scientific analysis to measure the effects accurately because even if you don't have a mobile phone or live near a mast you are still being subjected to technological electromagnetism in some form. How could you have proved that smoking causes cancer if everyone smoked?
And remember that mobile phones only appeared in the 1980s and in any number in the 1990s. Where we are is not where they intend to stay. They want to push on and on with more phones and masts every day, week and year.
What I have been describing here is a major part of the planned mass cull of the global population which Control System documents demand is reduced from the current more than seven billion to anything between half and one billion. They are doing this with genetically-modified food, chemical additives in food and drink, fluoride in drinking water, chemtrail metals and poisons sprayed in the sky, vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, euthanasia for the elderly (death panels and 'pathways'), war, economic deprivation and hunger, the list goes on and on.
But prime among them is radiation. I have detailed this in many of my books over the years and the nuclear disaster at Fukushima was no accident as I said in Remember Who You Are. It is an enormous contribution to further irradiating the Earth's electromagnetic 'sea' within which humans live their lives and sources of electromagnetic disruption increase by the hour.
These include the HAARP network based in Alaska which is irradiating the ionosphere in the upper atmosphere with immensely powerful radio waves and bouncing them back to Earth to further irradiate what? The very electromagnetic 'cavity' between the ground and the ionosphere within which Schumann cavity resonance occurs.
Then we have other communication networks like the GWEN system in the United States with masts 200 miles apart communicating with each other and creating a fantastic electromagnetic field that hugs the ground right across the United States. The TETRA system of communication used by law enforcement and emergency services is another unseen killer.
And that's the beauty to the Control System of electromagnetic distortion - it does its work in the realms which, to humans, are the silent unseen.
I have taken so much ridicule over the last quarter of a century, but I don't care. My quest is for the truth not popularity and I have continued to speak out no matter what because I knew that the themes of what I have uncovered are true - fantastic and unthinkable as they may appear to be.
Now at last very large numbers of people are opening their eyes to see the truth in the face of the mounting evidence of world events and personal experience. That truth, that reality, is this:
Humanity is controlled by the manipulation of a fake perception of self and the world by a non-human force that takes many forms but in its base form is simply energy in a state of distortion and low level spiritual awareness. By that I mean it is in a state of dementia from a spiritual point of view, but still very clever technologically and in terms of manipulating reality.
Think the mad professor - the nut job who knows how things work. That describes this hidden force to a tee.
It operates beyond human sight (virtually all existence is beyond human sight) and manipulates human perception and society through direct mind possession and a network of families that own and control Big Government, Big Banking, Big Business, Big Biotech, Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Oil, Big Energy, Big Media - you get the picture.
These are the families serving the agenda of their other-dimensional masters by passing the laws and imposing the technology that is dismantling the electromagnetic order and the frequency connection between Earth and inhabitants. The hidden manipulators are seeking to so change the planet's electromagnetic field that the forces beyond human sight can be seen and 'live among us'.
They are beings of energy and they need the Earth's electromagnetic field to be far more compatible with their frequencies before they can come here anything more than briefly. Compatibility for them means non-compatibility for humans and that is what is happening before our eyes and within our natural processes.
The only humans they wish to survive are those specially mutated to cope with the new electromagnetic order and they would work as slaves for the crazies. Can't be true? Well, yes it is and we need to come at this from that understanding if we are going to see what is really going on and what we must do to throw a spanner in their works. As Morpheus put it in The Matrix: 'I didn't say it would be easy, Neo. I just said it would be the truth.'
There are simple things that people can do immediately to mitigate the effect and that includes ditching the mobile phone and only using landlines - especially the so-called dect phones at home that can easily be replaced by landlines. Anything wireless presents the most serious danger, including the wireless Internet and the wireless fields that communicate with smart meters (which need to be vehemently resisted and refused).
If you don't think you can live without a mobile then at least use it as sparingly as possible for only short conversations and save any long chats for landlines. When you do use a mobile never put it to your ear and only use the speaker as far away as possible. And never, never, never let a mobile phone near a child.
Any switched-on mobile is not good, but by far the greatest danger comes from putting them to your ear. I have a mobile for absolute emergencies when there is no other way to make contact with someone in the timescale necessary. But 99.999 per cent of the time it is in a drawer and not switched on.
I only text when I do use it except for extremely rare calls of no more than one a month at most which are always via the speaker and very, very short. There is little that can't wait for a landline.
If you live close to a phone mast and you can move then do so; challenge the placing of masts on schools and other buildings, and those located near homes. Challenge the use of Wi-Fi in schools which is bathing children in technological electromagnetism all day and only use the wired Internet whenever you can.
There is much that can be done and your life and those of your loved ones could well depend upon it. That is how serious this is.

Resonance - Beings of Frequency
James Russell's documentary film.
It is worth noting the section at just after 46 minutes to hear what is happening in the normally unheard levels as a result of phone masts even hundreds of metres away. A mobile phone is tested in the same way at around 54 minutes.

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