Saturday, January 12, 2013

'Savile spent every waking minute thinking about abuse': Official report reveals full scale of DJ's six decades of sex attacks across the whole of Britain
This record-breaking paedophile and child procurer for the rich and famous was the close friend of Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Margaret Thatcher, Denis Thatcher and others in her paedophile-infested administrations. Yet Operation Yewtree which is supposed to be investigating his crimes and accomplices has not interviewed a single royal or political figure - just arrested a few aging entertainers and media people to give the impression that they are doing a proper investigation.

They are not.

Yewtree is a gigantic smokescreen and cover-up of Savile's accomplices and clients to prevent what would be the collapse of the royal and political establishment. But some of us are not having it and the truth will come out.

When you read here the staggering scale of what he did over more than 50 years all over Britain and yet he was never charged with anything - does anyone think that this could have happened without protection from the highest levels of the royal and political establishment?


Do they think we are so stupid as to believe that the most prolific child abuser in British history could have been so close to royalty and a sitting prime minister without British Intelligence seriously checking him out and knowing what he was doing over decades? I mean, how long would it have taken them given the scale of his activities? Ten minutes? But then some at MI5 were no doubt on his client list.

How do you sleep at night Yewtree?

We must not let them get away with this - where are you mainstream media when it comes to the blatant royal and political connections to Savile?

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