Sunday, January 13, 2013

David icke commentary: Sandy hook

Sandy Hook was a blatantly staged event with endless inconsistences and countless contradictions and now we have the classic false flag calling card - an 'active-shooter' drill was happening at a nearby school at the same time
'Training drills' that mirrored the real events at the time they were happening or immediately before were the case with 9/11, the 7/7 London bombings, the Madrid train bombing, the Oslo bomb ... on and on it goes.

These 'drills' are used as a cover for rogue elements within the military, intelligence and law enforcement to carry out killings and terrorist attacks that are blamed on a target enemy to bring about fundamental change in society.

It is the technique that I dubbed long ago Problem-Reaction-Solution (PRS). Create the problem, get people to demand that 'something must be done' and then offer the solution - which are changes in society that advance your agenda for mass human control.

Look at how the world has been fundamentally changed by 9/11 and the 'enemy' thus created of 'Islamic terrorists'. In the case of Sandy Hook and other staged killings like Columbine, Aurora and Wisconsin the enemy is gun-ownership because before tyrannies make their final play through armed suppression they must disarm the population - this is what the Nazis did before rounding up the Jews who had been banned from owning guns or ammunition.

So as a result of Sandy Hook we have this coordinated and hysterical campaign for gun laws - they kill children in schools to create the biggest possible emotional reaction. It is after all Problem-Reaction-Solution. The laws they are pressing for now will only be the start because their plan is to take all guns.

Monumentally ignorant and arrogant buffoons like Michael Moore and CNN's Piers Morgan are leading these calls while lacking the brain power, research and expansion of perception to see they are being played like a stringed instrument. Or at least I hope that ignorance is the reason in Moore's case. With Morgan it goes without saying.

I wish there were no guns in the world, but there are and we have to deal with the world as it is and not as we would like it to be. We have the crystal clear evidence in Australia of what happens when the population is disarmed while the criminals can always get guns whether legal or otherwise (they are criminals after all).

Crime including gun crime and 'home invasions' have absolutely soared since Australia imposed gun laws and their false flag mass shootings like Port Arthur were used to justify it.

The lessons of history are there to see -disarming the population is followed by enslaving the population. American law enforcement is now armed - and more so every day - like the military. Hi-tech weaponry, armoured vehicles and even tanks are being transferred by the Pentagon to the police who are now a military operation in all but name. Will they be giving up their 'guns' and their tanks? Yeah, right.


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