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david Icke newsletter 13 Jan 2013: ALTERNATIVE MEDIA - THE NEXT STAGE ...

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The David Icke Newsletter, January 13th, 2013

Hello all ...
The alternative media which is almost entirely based on the Internet has made incredible strides in the last few years. When I started out on this road in 1990 alternative news was in its infancy, but today there are an incredible number of websites and writers exposing the global conspiracy in all its multiple forms.
This is fantastic - more the better, I say, with the proviso that I will outline later.
The effect on the mainstream corporate-owned media has been devastating with once major 'news' (propaganda) sources like CNN and their ilk losing a massive percentage of their former audience and many newspapers struggling to even survive.
News diversity is vital to any society with claims to be free and I regret the passing of those local independent newspapers for which the Internet has proved fatal. But the cabal corporations have seized so much of the media in the last more than 50 years that even most local papers and radio stations are owned by the corporate giants.
This has happened in North America as it has in Britain and throughout the world. I worked in news on a local radio station in Birmingham in the 1970s which was then owned as a single entity, but the corporations have long taken over and everything is centralised with multiple stations controlled from a central point - even down to the choice of music or the 'playlist'.
This has been systematically done to destroy diversity which is the global Cabal equivalent of garlic to a vampire. When you are seeking to control the masses through the manipulation of their perception of reality the control of what they see and hear is absolutely crucial. It's the bottom line. Everything else depends upon it.
Diversity of information sources means diversity of potential perception as people decide which version of something is the most credible to them. If they are getting only one constantly recurring version of an event, be it a war, terrorist attack or financial collapse then the chances are that at least most people will believe this mono-narrative in the absence of an alternative explanation.
Watch corporate-controlled 'news' like Fox and MSNBC or government-controlled sources like the BBC and you will see basically the same angle taken with the same stories and events. The BBC doesn't question the government version of anything that really matters and rarely do any of them.
They take the US government's account of 9/11 to be the truth when it came from the very same people that gave us non-existent 'weapons of mass destruction' in Iraq which was proved to be a whopping lie to justify the invasion of an entire people and the slaughter of so many.
Real journalism would have been demanding resignations and prosecutions, but the lambs and lapdogs on the corporate payroll just carry on as if nothing has happened and the political mass murderers are allowed to go on unquestioned and unchecked to deliver their next lie and the next and the next.
'Mr President, I'm from CNN - can I ask you a question please sir, thank you sir?'

The BBC doesn't question the Big Lie about human-caused global warming because government policy says that the lie is true. It doesn't question 9/11 or the official justification of mass murder and conquest in Libya or the support for professional thugs and killers called 'Syrian rebels' or the demonisation of Iran to prepare people to accept yet another war.
When it comes to reporting events in Israel and Palestine the BBC is virtually the London branch of Mossad - just as it is a subsidiary of British Intelligence if you go deep in the shadows where the BBC interlocks with the secret society and satanic networks as all major media operations do.
The BBC and corporate news in general worldwide report any Israeli bombardment of defenceless Palestinians with state-of-the-art American-supplied weaponry as only retaliation for attacks by Palestinians on Israel. Given the difference in hardware this is like reporting that spraying machine gun bullets in all directions is only retaliation to attacks by a bloke with a peashooter.
A detailed investigation by Greg Philo and Mike Berry of the Glasgow Media Group in their book More Bad News from Israel documents the systematic BBC bias in favour of Israel which is imposing a military occupation of Palestine in flagrant and arrogant disregard for international law.
Had Iran done a fraction in total of what Israel does in a week there would be international calls to send the boys in to 'protect the civilian population' and the BBC and the other media prostitutes would be cheering them on.
But this is Israel ... shhhhhhhhhh!

Israeli attack on Gaza, the most populated piece of land on earth ....
... Israeli attack on Gaza, the most populated piece of land on earth ....
... Palestinian rocket damage in Israel.
The media line that 'Israel has a right to defend itself' is, as one writer put it, like justifying lethal force for vandalism. Yes, some Israelis have been killed by direct hits and that is terrible. The taking of all human life is to be condemned. But multiple thousands are killed in Gaza by Israel's hi-tech killing machine and the vast majority are civilians and children who have fired nothing at anyone.
The BBC's so-called 'flagship' (at half-mast) radio news programme Today did not report the deaths of five Palestinian teenagers by the Israeli army in November 2012 because the editor Dominic Groves said: 'Even in the space of a three hour programme it is not always possible to cover every development in a story — especially one as long running and complex as the one in the Middle East.'
Complex? Five kids were killed by the Israeli army. What on earth is complex about that?
But when a 16-year-old Israeli was killed by a Palestinian rocket the same Today programme gave it prominent coverage. This systematic bias is the norm not the exception in the mainstream media across the whole swathe of daily events.
The Israeli war criminals could never have got away with their abominations for so long without the BBC and the corporate media telling only its side of the story (lies, lies and more lies) while labelling Palestinians on the other end of this military onslaught - this systematic genocide - as the terrorists.
But then the Rothschild networks own Israel and America and Britain and Canada and NATO and, and, and - AND they own the corporate media and the BBC. Therefore the public is given the version of the Israel-Palestinian conflict that suits what the Rothschilds and company want people to believe.

We had the same yawningly predictable response from government and media (same thing) to the speech this week of President Assad presenting proposals to end the bloody violence that is reported to have killed tens of thousands in Syria.
Assad said that he would agree to changes in the political process with a referendum, elections and an amnesty, but the truly appalling British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, who dare not breathe without consulting those in the shadows, condemned Assad as a hypocrite and the corporate media followed in the same vein.
This is how it works: the Cabal decides on the next country it wants to acquire; Cabal governments are then ordered to fund, arm and train mercenary 'rebels' to launch attacks against the target regime; nothing is said at this point until the regime retaliates to these attacks and this is when Cabal governments and media cry in unison 'He's attacking his own people - we must protect civilians'; they then send in NATO when they think they can get away with it to bomb into the Great Beyond the very same civilians they claim to be protecting.
This is precisely what happened in Libya and is in the midst of happening in Syria if they are allowed to impose a repeat performance and none of it would be possible without the subjugation, control and submission of almost all mainstream 'journalism'.

Not only in the 'West', either. It was reported this week that Mr Mendacious himself, Al Gore, the front man for the Global Warming scam, had made $100 million from the sale of his little-watched Current TV to the Qatar-based 'Arab' station Al-Jazeera which was funded into existence by Qatar dictator Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Al-Thani.
The Emir is better known in my house as Sheikh bin Doing Whatever US 'kin Says after being the conduit for the funding and arming of US-NATO 'rebels' in Libya and Syria and with his Al-Jazeera plaything supporting the official story while claiming to represent the interests of the Arabic people.
The acquisition will now allow Al-Jazeera to greatly increase its presence in America and expand its propaganda for the Cabal while hiding behind its manufactured and thoroughly underserved image of Muslim bias. It tells Arab viewers what they want to hear so the Emir and his US masters can manipulate their perception of what is really happening in North Africa and the Middle East. First you get their attention and trust and then you can twist the truth and still be believed.

Emir Sheikh bin Doing Whatever US 'kin Says, seen here smoking a knife, was a hero to the Libyan 'rebels' who were themselves being played like a stringed instrument.
Controlling the media is nothing like as hard as it would at first appear. The key is corporate ownership or, in the case of the BBC and other state broadcasters, direct government control. The news policy in terms of bias, suppression and propaganda for the Cabal agenda then filters down from the top.
Editors and news executives are appointed by the owners on the basis of their compliance to their dictates and they in turn appoint other compliant people as producers and 'journalists'. Some genuine journalists do slip through, but they still have to get their stories past the editorial filter before they can appear in the paper or on radio and television news programmes.
Every day before papers are completed or bulletins broadcast there is the editorial 'conference' in which those in charge decide what stories will be included and what 'treatment' will be given to them. The collective media decided that the 'treatment' for Colonel Gaddafi and President Assad was to be that of evil men killing their own people and there was no way that any alternative view or information would be allowed to cloud the issue.
'Journalists' just love their black and white scenarios because it makes their lives so much easier than if they have to give both sides of the story and challenge official propaganda with evidence to the contrary. The phrase 'you are either with us or with the terrorists', delivered by Boy Bush and repeated by Hillary Clinton, has a journalistic equivalent - you are either with us or you won't be in tomorrow's paper or on tonight's ten o'clock news.

'Journalists' are despatched to cover stories as a matter of course with the angle they must take decided before they have even left the office to talk to people involved or see what is going on. I have been told by reporters interviewing me that they will get as many positive points in the article as they can but if they make me look too good it won't get in the paper.
Then there is outright censorship even at the local level. I did an event near my home on the Isle of Wight as a technical run-through for Wembley last year and on an island of just 23 miles by 13, and in the light of what I was saying, this was a local news story by any journalistic criteria. But both the local newspaper and the main radio station ignored it completely because both are controlled by the network of Freemasons and others known as the 'Island Mafia'.
They hate me with a vengeance for exposing their activities and so never mind little things like journalism and serving the community - give Icke and his views no publicity.

The BBC has always been a government-controlled organisation since its earliest days under Director General Lord Reith in the 1920s, but never more so than since the revelations about the mass paedophilia of one of its 'stars', the 'entertainer' Jimmy Savile. Many at the BBC covered up what he was doing for decades and a report exposing Savile was pulled by the editor (BBC management) of its current affairs show, Newsnight.
Soon after all this was revealed in late 2012 Newsnight ran an interview with a man called Steve Messham who claimed to have been sexually abused as a child by a leading Conservative Party political figure. The broadcast part of the interview did not name the man, but others on the social media speculated that it was former Conservative Party Treasurer and close Thatcher aide Lord McAlpine.
The BBC then bizarrely agreed a £185,000 libel settlement with McAlpine despite not naming him and this has justified still more editorial suppression at the BBC. The corporation has always been a poodle in the begging position but now it is lying on its back with its legs in the air.
But you don't need to be a state broadcaster to follow government policy - or the policy of those that control the governments. Corporate news in America and around the world has its own structure of dictated bias and censorship because of the network of Cabal secret societies and satanic rings that infiltrate both governments and corporate media.
They try to obscure this fact by playing off one arm of the media against another as with Fox News and MSNBC in the United States. This is Fox News, owned by Cabal asset Rupert Murdoch, and MSNBC, owned by Cabal asset NBCUniversal Media (General Electric, or GE, and Comcast).

They play the game of pseudo-diversity and choice by having MSNBC support the Democrats and Fox News the Republicans. This means that both are blatantly biased towards their designated party while claiming to be organisations involved in some way with 'news'
You see MSNBC presenters like Rachael Maddow and Fox News hitman Bill O'Reilly launching into each other's stations and parties to give the impression of political debate and diversity with Maddow's intellectual heart-on-the-sleeve, woman-of-the-people approach contrasting with O'Reilly's nightly portrayal of a right-wing bigot and warmonger who would triple the toilet roll order at the very thought of going to a battlefield himself.
But it's all a game, all a smokescreen, and people like Maddow and O'Reilly are quite clueless enough about the world they are 'reporting' to be completely oblivious of the way they are being used. The money is good, though, with O'Reilly earning an estimated $20 million a year for talking absolute tosh. But, you see, it's the Cabal's tosh and so he is richly rewarded.

The classic diversion to obscure the real bias - against truth itself.
This hilariously-dubbed 'political debate' and 'diversity' is nothing of sort, of course. MSNBC and Fox will argue over irrelevant detail, rhetoric and smokescreens, but when it comes to the pillars of the Cabal agenda they all speak as one:
Are political parties different? Yes, of course, what do you think we are arguing about every night? Is there a conspiracy that connects parties, banks, corporations and corporate media? What? Of course not - you're a crazy conspiracy theorist. Is the official, nonsensical and contradictory official story of 9/11 true? Yes, of course - you are not a crazy conspiracy nut are you? And so on and so on.
This is how the media deception plays out. At the very least of the least there are endless contradictions and holes in the official story of 9/11 and yet the mainstream media worldwide has hardly produced a single major article or documentary pointing this out. What are the chances of that if the policy is not deliberate and media organisations connected to same hidden web?
Stewart and Maher.

It is the same with political 'comedians' in the United States, most notably the ludicrous Jon Stewart and the (in my personal experience) very unpleasant piece of work, Bill Maher, who seems to be someone rather ill at ease in his own body.
These two, and others like them on massive corporate salaries, are also there to perpetuate the illusion of free expression and accountability for the political classes. Stewart is all jokey, blokey, and 'look at those idiots', but when he interviews leading political figures and mass killers like Barack 'Where's My Drone' Obama and Tony 'Who Can I Bomb Next' Blair he's like a babe in arms, cooing and chuckling and bringing up wind.
Not coincidentally, Stewart and Maher are vehement opponents of anyone questioning the official lies about 9/11. They would not last a week if they were otherwise and used their public platform to demand answers for all the contradictions that they choose not to see.
So when anyone is appointed to present a major corporate media political show you know by definition that they are considered safe to the Cabal because they are either in on the plot (the very, very few) or too ignorant and uninformed to have any idea what is really going on with national and world events (the overwhelming majority).
Thus Piers Morgan is appointed to present CNN's former Larry King Live while Lou Dobbs is removed by CNN for challenging on air the Cabal conspiracy to impose a North America Union and end the sovereignty (most of that illusory now, anyway) of the United States, Canada and Mexico.
Mention of Morgan brings me to what they call in the broadcast media a 'segway', or a 'seamless transition from one thing to another.' In this case it is the transition from the mainstream media to the alternative media via the now famous confrontation this week between Piers Morgan and radio show host Alex Jones on CNN over gun control.
So much has been said about this in the last few days, many contrasting views have been expressed and everyone has a right to their opinions on what they saw. I would only say that I understand the frustrations of seeing your country fall into tyranny and knowing the real reason why guns are being targeted while a media lightweight like Piers Morgan, the personification of the arrogance of ignorance, is supporting this major goal of a Cabal that he has no idea even exists.
But we have to stay calm because once you lose your cool you lose most of the audience that needs to know what the likes of Morgan won't tell them. Arrogant, ignorant people like Morgan have to be dismantled by calm, rational facts and argument because that is the way to most effectively undress their bullying bravado and get the point across.
There are a stream of things with which I and Ben Shapiro at Breitbart News would fundamentally disagree, but he exposed Morgan's bullying bias and shocking hypocrisy this week by staying calm and dealing only with facts. You can see that interview after this article.
Staying calm is going to be vital for everyone in the face of what is planned and not only those in the alternative media. There will be so many reasons not to be calm in the next few years, but we must not bow to that because the first thing that happens when people lose it is they stop thinking straight.
We must meet the challenges with calmness of mind and expansion of Consciousness and not emotion - that is what the Cabal wants and seeks constantly to trigger. Humanity is largely controlled by the manipulation of emotion.

Are we going to think straighter with this going on inside? ...
... Or this?

I am not applying this to Alex Jones, but to all of us. It is going to be very important to breathe slowly and not panic no matter what the provocation because that's the way we are going to get through to the other side of this with the Control System no more. If we submit to fury or panic we have already lost.
There is a great deal about the alternative media that is excellent and provides essential balance for the staggering scale of bias and mendacity spewed out by the corporate and state media, but there is also much about the 'alternative' that reminds me of the mainstream version.
I shake my head often when I see 'alternative' writers condemning the 'sheeple' for believing what the system tells them while they are promoting Christianity and patriotism - both of which are Cabal creations to enslave the minds and perceptions of the people. It's the same with all religions.
How is believing a minister preaching fairy tales from a pulpit any different from believing a president speaking from a lectern? Or the rolling 'news' hack speaking to a camera? I don't see the difference myself. They all involve blindly and unquestioningly accepting lies as truth and falsehood as reality.
By patriotism I don't mean loving the land where you live, but buying the fake history, fake morality and fake superiority that goes with it and therefore a fake sense of who you are and where you come from. The conspiracy is founded on the hijacking and programming of human perception and it doesn't care which belief system limits your sense of self and reality so long as at least one does.

And that applies to everyone - 'alternative' media very much included.
The so-called alternative media spans an enormous spectrum of view and opinion from only barely perceivable from the 'norm' to, in my case, a total re-evaluation of reality itself which questions and overturns virtually every pillar of experienced human perception.
This is why from where I am standing I see much of the alternative media as little different from the despised mainstream version. I am abused, laughed at and dismissed by great swathes of the alternative media in exactly the same way that mainstream hacks have done for decades.
Why? Because what I am saying is way beyond what mainstream and most alternative writers choose to believe is either happening or possible. People can be very ill at ease with 'different' and instant abuse and dismissal invariably follow. Boxes come in all shapes and sizes - some even as big as the 'alternative' Jesse Ventura whose closed mind and modus operandi are no different to CNN, Fox or the BBC.
Ventura and his Time Warner team from the thoroughly miss-named truTV sought to do me as much damage as possible last year with their manipulation and outrageous lies. This gave me both confirmation that I must be seriously on the right track and showed me that 'alternative' people like Ventura are as bone-brained and disingenuous as any mainstream tabloid hack. The basis of his attack was that reptilian entities cannot exist because 'Jesse Ventura hasn't seen one.'
Oh, okay, I suppose we'd better just go home then. The oracle of all existence has spoken.

Exactly, mate, exactly.

Former Minnesota governor Ventura has become a poster boy for the Christian Patriot wing of the conspiracy research arena for his Time Warner (very alternative) show, Conspiracy Theory. Ventura is a blueprint John Wayne wannabe - the tough, no-nonsense testosterone junky real American man fighting for justice. Or, at least that is his self-image.
Wayne Wannabes play the tough, but fair good guys with a heart of gold. They are fighting the bad guys in their own minds for the 'best country in the world'. John Wayne is the personification of a blueprint that Christian Patriots have been following since they first plundered the lands of North America and shipped in the slaves from Africa.
Ironically, the descendants of many of those slaves that were imprisoned and worked to death by advocates of Christianity and patriotism have themselves since been subjugated by both.
John Wayne was an actor who never saw a gun fired in combat and yet became a war hero and cowboy hero by playing those same parts over and over. It was all an act, an illusion, and that's appropriate, I guess, because the blueprint he spawned - or exploited - is equally illusory.
There are many wonderful people in America and have been throughout its history. I have been fortunate to meet a large number over the years, but John Wayne America is the prison of prisons for those that buy into it.
The Wayne blueprint can still be seen in the perception of American troops fighting the bad guys in faraway lands for the good of all when they are really there to plunder countries and resources and pepper-bomb civilians for the Cabal that seeks to destroy America, John Wayne or otherwise. Support the troops - they fight for good, for God and America.

Oh yes, God and America. These are indivisible in the mind of the Christian Patriot and to the John Wayne blueprint. God blessed America and made it what it is. Was this the same God that made Jews his Chosen People? Is he schizophrenic or just a two-timer?
A really extreme Christian Patriot conspiracy guy told me once that the 'Indians' were only looking after the lands of America until God was ready to give them to his chosen white people. We were talking next to a massive white cross on a farm in Arizona and I said that I didn't know which would be my biggest nightmare - a world run by the Illuminati families or a world run by people like him.
The Christian Patriot mentality, which dominates a significant percentage of the alternative media in the United States, is imprisoned by its belief systems every bit as much as those that are dubbed the 'sheeple'. Yes, many can see that there is some sort of conspiracy going on to destroy the America they have known - or think they have - but they still perceive this mostly in terms of left/liberal = bad and right/conservative = good.
Those who have gone beyond this to see that there is a one party state masquerading as political choice are still enslaved by the Biblical version of all possibility and they are going to change nothing substantially for the better until these prisons of the mind are dismantled and the blind followers of Christianity and all religions realise they have been had.
The eagle that Patriots look up to as a symbol of God's own country is really a phoenix, a symbol used by secret societies and satanic groups for thousands of years. Freemasonic historian Manly P Hall wrote in his epic, Secrets of All Ages:
'European mysticism was not dead at the time the United States of America was founded. The hand of the mysteries controlled in the establishment of the new government for the signature of the mysteries may still be seen on the Great Seal of the United States of America. Careful analysis of the seal discloses a mass of occult and Masonic symbols, chief among them the so-called American eagle ... the American eagle upon the Great Seal is but a conventionalized phoenix ...'

The stars on the American flag are satanic pentagrams as are those on the flag of the European Union. The Founding Fathers who framed the US Constitution were absolutely dominated by Freemasons answering ultimately to the Mother Lodge in London and another American hero of the time, Benjamin Franklin, was a practicing Satanist and close friend and associate of the very British Establishment from which the 'Fathers' were seeking freedom.
It was a sleight of hand to replace overt control of the United States by a foreign power with covert control. This takeover of America was described by high occult initiate Sir Francis Bacon in his book, The New Atlantis, published in the 17th century, and it was planned for a very long time while Native Americans were still living their former life oblivious of what was to come.
Christian Patriot hero Thomas Jefferson is widely quoted for his advocacy of freedom and yet he owned some 200 black slaves. The United States Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, speaks grandly about it being self-evident that all men [not women?] are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights such as 'Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness'.
I am not sure that this would have been very self-evident to black slaves and Native Americans. The United States was founded from the start on hypocritical bullshit and this schism of hypocrisy has delivered the same distortion of perception through to this day that equates bombing cities of civilians with protecting them and mass murder by unmanned drones with fighting for justice and freedom.
The American Establishment has been so skilled at delivering hypocrisy and bullshit as morality and truth because no doubt they learned from the experts, the British Establishment - the global home of hypocrisy and bullshit (see 'British Empire').

The closed-minded section of the alternative media may be one step ahead of the mainstream in that it recognises that some sort of conspiracy is going on, but it is still light years off the pace when it comes to understanding the nature and depth of this conspiracy. And that is where it will stay until minds are opened and concrete belief systems dispensed with.
So many times I have been dismissed when detailing provable facts about illusory 'physical' reality because 'he doesn't believe in Jesus'. This is the criteria for deciding the credibility of absolutely everything to these people and they are the same ones who say that the 'sheeple' must wake up.
Mainstream 'science' is another of the boing-boing polarities that is played off against religion to instigate a fraudulent 'debate' over whether black (creation by God) or white (creation by cosmic coincidence) is the explanation of reality and where 'we' came from. Give people two equally false possibilities and whichever one they choose their perception is lassoed.
Mainstream 'science' is just another religion, another bricks-and-mortar belief system designed to hold back the waters of true understanding. Anything with 'mainstream' in front of it is going to be that way - science, media, medicine, all of them - because this is why they exist.

'Hey, buddy, religion, patriotism, science ... which one do you want?'

There is now emerging an alternative to the alternative that doesn't conform to religious, scientific or cultural belief systems and norms but looks at everything on its merits. It constantly asks the key questions: Does what I am hearing and seeing make sense of reality and the world? What is the evidence to support what is being said and written? And does this feel right to me?
Information and intuitive knowing are the guiding forces, not preconceived idea to which everything must conform or be discarded. This approach to seeking greater understanding is open-minded, free-minded and therefore so much more clear-minded.
It is unfettered and unrestrained in where it will go and what it will investigate by religious, political, scientific or nationalistic and cultural belief. It can see that there are other forces at work beyond those that we can see and that here lies the real story of why the world is as it is.
Irony of ironies, religious and other ancient texts describe these very forces in compellingly similar terms with names like demons (Christianity); Jinn (Islam); Archons (Gnostics); and Flyers (Central America), but most religious advocates are so focussed on their own little dot that they don't widen their vision to see the endless cross-references.
Christians will talk about the serpent manipulating Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden because that is in the Bible and so it must be true. But when I speak of reptilian entities manipulating human society the same people just dismiss, ridicule and condemn. Myopia is the camouflage of contradiction.
Many of those that don't believe in religion respond the same way because their deeply limited understanding of reality cannot grasp how such things are possible, but if they would only open their minds and do some research they would see how simple it is to explain and what sense it makes of the world.

I wrote in a newsletter just before Christmas that we had reached the end of the beginning of the human awakening and the same is true of the alternative media which it has largely spawned. If things do not keep moving they solidify and coagulate into a new establishment and this is what is happening with much of the alternative media.
It's religious, scientific, political and cultural belief systems will not allow it to move on into areas and understandings where those belief systems can no longer survive under the scrutiny and discernment of an open mind and a truly seeking soul.
There are so many wonders to see and so many answers to find for those willing to go there and it is these people who will take the alternative media forward from here in the knowledge that, as the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates is quoted as saying: 'Wisdom is knowing how little we know'.

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